Is Trump right to proclaim that there was widespread voter fraud?

From the research I have done, I am left in no doubt the answer is ‘yes’. Despite most media organisations declaring Biden the winner, now that the FBI and the Justice Department are officially involved, who will become President must remain in dispute.

The Trump team have a major problem: to find all the evidence and then fight multiple court cases in various states across the country and finally at the Supreme Court level will take many months, if not years. Just collating the evidence from highly sophisticated nationwide computer manipulation to low level postman scams is a mammoth job. In the meantime, with the media proclaiming the winner, any judges overturning an election result of such importance will fear for their lives.

The left know this. Research suggests that they have been planning an electoral coup all the way back to the Obama administration. The election of Trump in 2016 was an error that they vowed would never again be repeated.’

Biden, in his demented state alluded to this by mistake on live television.

We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.’

How right he was! A man who couldn’t get more than 30 people to turn up at his rallies suddenly has the most votes of any US president and more than Obama.

Biden was probably talking about a computer system called ‘Hammer and Scorecard.’’ General McInerney, (retired 3rd highest Air Force commander with 35 years’ experience) explains in an interview on YouTube that ScoreCard is a signals intelligence collection program developed by the National Security Agency and NASA. Created after 9/11 to collect information on foreign terrorists, it was used illegally by the Obama regime, the CIA and Democrats to collect voting information on every American citizen. As one senior democrat said, ‘The President (Obama) has put in place a kind of database that no one has ever seen before on every single American citizen.’ (Project HAMR). ‘And whoever runs for President on the democratic ticket has to deal with that.’

General McInerney went on to allege: ‘‘The Obama administration took this system and they put in an application called ‘Scorecard’ in this Signals Intelligence programme. Scorecard changes votes at a certain point in the voting stream. Obama used this in the 2012 election in Florida and both Obama and Biden are very familiar with it. They used it in the primaries and Bernie lost to Biden.’ (And presumably to Clinton). ‘All results can be changed very quickly with this programme. We know when the Obama administration left, they took it out of the CIA using some undercover method to get it out. We know where it is. We know it is active tonight. It is being used by the Democratic National Committee using false IP’s.’

Days in advance of the election McInerney predicted things would look good for President Trump for a certain number of hours and then they would change. What actually happened is that five states run by Democrats where Trump was in the lead, shut down and went offline for three or four hours in the middle of the night. When they reopened hundreds of thousands of votes had been added for Biden. In one case,150,000 straight votes were added just for Biden – but not a single vote for either of the three other candidates. (There were two other candidates besides Trump)

This is, as many observers both in articles and on the internet have declared, statistically impossible. People familiar with the system say that not only does this particular system change three per cent of votes overall but it comes up with an algorithm to change votes exactly where they are needed.

This might account for Trump being 650,000 votes in front in Pennsylvania with 80 per cent of the vote counted only to end up losing by a few thousand votes. Pennsylvania with its massive twenty electoral college votes was crucial. If the polls had been correct and Biden was ahead nationally by say six per cent such fiddling would not have been needed but after Trump won Florida (a state that always seems to call the winner), something drastic needed to be done and this is when, it would appear, HAMR went into action.

The CIA has vehemently denied any of this is true, saying HAMR is a myth created by a hoaxer who has taken the US government for ride before.

However, it is not only HAMR that is allegedly interfering with computers that is the problem. The whole electoral security system in many states seems to be filled with holes. It appears extraordinarily easy to hack and computer ‘glitches’ are to be found all over the place. In one county, 6000 votes were given to Biden in error turning a 66 percent majority for Trump into a 66 percent majority for Biden. As one observer remarked, ‘It is interesting how every ‘glitch’ always seems to go in one direction.’

It also helps to have almost all ‘big tech’ on the side of one party. There is an hour long film full of technical details about electoral system logins called ‘Interview with Source on Electronic vote fraud’ – hardly a scintillating title.

While it has been available all week to watch on YouTube, a few days ago, a security warning : ‘Sign in to confirm your age. This video may be inappropriate for some users’ suddenly appeared. As if children would be harmed by watching an hour long film on computer logs! The people they certainly don’t want watching it are interested adults.

Russell Ramland owns a company called ‘Allied Security Operations.’ He specialises in cyber security with employees who came out of ‘3 letter agencies’. Many were disenchanted with what they saw in the Obama administration. They usually work commercially but some years ago started to investigate pro bono what was happening with elections. It seems to be a recurrent pattern where private groups investigate what should be done federally.

They started because when some concerned citizens brought a number of computer logs from the ‘blue wave’ Dallas 2018 election for them to analyse. ‘The more these cyber guys looked at the logs, the more they said, ‘Wow, how can this possibly be!’ On the back of what they found, Allied Security funded a major investigation themselves for the last two years.

They found that since the 2002, ‘Help Americans Vote Act,’ US private companies have been given billions of dollars to run elections for each state with almost no supervision or few requirements for transparency. The resulting system is a patchy infrastructure heavily exposed to the internet.

It is said that these systems are ‘air-gapped’. (Air-gapped means having no direct connection to the internet or to any other computer that is connected to the internet) but that is a myth. With most states completely failing to understand how exposed their voting systems are, security standards are often dispensed with. This problem is made worse by the waiving of state laws.

Many states store their data on a server in Frankfurt run by a bankrupt Barcelona company with nobody appearing to know who the owners are. These foreign owned companies are the last ones to control the ‘unofficial votes’ but it is unofficial votes that become official votes.

Allied Security Operations found that there are at least a dozen ‘entry points’ where people can enter the system – almost anywhere – in a car outside a voting station, somebody inside the counting area, even a foreign company overseas. Not only can votes be switched at many points but audit trail can be changed or erased so that a forensic investigation will find no trace of a change.

The only way to catch this is in real time and even the operator of the election system can change votes undetected. The software is so porous that almost anyone can hack the system. Russell Ramsland (Allied Security) proved this by getting a man with only a mobile phone to sit outside a voting station and within three minutes he was able to enter the system.

This is of course, without bogus voter rolls, vote harvesting, failed postal deliveries, theft of fraudulent ballot papers and dead people voting. But this is not what concerned Ramsland most. It was what happened once the votes hit the ‘Central Counting Tabulation System’ and went on the server that really alarmed him. ‘Actors’ as he called them, can remove votes to a ‘remote computing capability’ which then compiles and distributes the votes in a new way and then uploads them back to the original computer.

When he looked at the Dallas 2018  election, the log showed all sorts of warning signs – just as in an aeroplane warning that something is wrong.  1741 times the computer warned of a ‘time-stamp mismatch’, meaning that a vote had been tampered within two dates – in this case up to 48 hours after it had been originally entered.  1027 times over three days, the computer warned that ‘votes exceed ballots.’ 

In other words, there are now more votes than people who cast those votes – and each of these warnings were for a collection of votes – 50, 100 or more votes per computer warning. Multiplied by the 1027 times this occurred, it is a vast number.  160 times over two different dates, the computer warned. ‘Precinct already updated.’ 96 times ‘Replaced’ was warned. 12 times ‘Collect audit data failed.’

There were hundreds of other code warnings stretching from the day before the election, through election day, to the day after. The audit logs showed serious interference in an election nicknamed ‘The Blue (Democratic) Wave’. At first they thought that it could just be bad software so they compared Dallas with San Antonio which uses the same software. They did this because Dallas was the important Republican Ted Cruz race whereas San Antonio was blue already so there would be little need for tampering.

Compared to the 1027 warnings in the Republican contest that votes had exceeded registered voters, they found zero instances where this happened in San Antonio – conclusive evidence of serious tampering and not of a software malfunction.  Twice on election day the entire database in Dallas was wiped out and reloaded. This did not happen in San Antonio.

Much of this is well known. As far back as 2007 the Everest Report was published: over an inch and a half thick, it documented all the companies involved in elections and their resulting vulnerabilities. Another report in 2016 followed as well as testimony to the House in September 2020. Operators at the county level and above can go in and change votes and source code.

Films show vote tellers in Detroit wearing Biden/Harris caps cheering when the GOP (Republican) observers and lawyers were removed from the counting room – and the election administrator is a rabid anti-Trumper, how is easy is it have confidence in the integrity of the system? Additionally it is alleged at least one of the biggest companies, Dominion, has publicly given money to the Democrats.

The system was so porous that anyone with any IT ability did and could enter the system. Allied Security proved that they could get into all databases, including the final ones owned by the bankrupt Barcelona company and stored in Frankfurt. And so, it is alleged, can a company called NGP Van. This is a company like Cambridge Analytica which is supposed to use data to analyse voter intentions. The only difference is that this company is owned by the Democratic party – and has been found to not just be taking data from the system – but it is said – is actually putting things into the system. It is alleged that various IT people told Ramsland (Allied Security) that they had seen NGP Van ‘playing’ in these databases.

Also a form of malware called Qsnatch has been found operating in US voting systems. It can change files, pretend to be someone else, steal files and passwords, execute arbitrary changes by remotely accessing a computer- enabling complete external control of the computer whilst no one knows it is happening.

Proof of hacking in action has been shown before. The Kentucky 2018 Governor’s race was a blueprint of what would happen to Trump on election night. Trump had a huge lead in five key states controlled by Democrat governors. 80 per cent or more of the votes had been counted and this is when Trump called victory. All five states went offline for three or more hours simultaneously. When they came back online, much had been reversed.

Like the results in Kentucky these were unbelievable and amazing. In an election where every other Republican won their races by 250,000 votes, the governor lost his race by a neat little amount of 5000 votes after 1.4m votes had been cast. There is a clip on CNN which shows in real time, votes being added to the Democrat and taken away from the Republican – but because this was a ‘fraudulent’ change, the real numbers still remained on TV at the same time as the fake ones. This was catching cyber vote fraud in action.

Despite all sorts of evidence that hundreds of thousands of votes (estimates were of the order of 250,000 votes) had been changed in both Kentucky and the Dallas, Texas election, all the results stood. Detailed evidence presented to both the FBI and the Justice department has been ignored – and is as always – time was the issue. Once someone has been installed in a governor’s mansion for half a year, it becomes increasingly difficult to get anyone to do anything.

In part two, I will look at on the ground ways that smaller scale but equally illegal fraud occurs – dead voters, phantom voters, duplicate voters, missing ballots, harvesting, intimidation, flooding everyone with ballot papers, fraudulent counters and postmen and many other methods. Sadly all seem to be done by one party intent on winning American elections by fraud because the population actually does not want their socialist and totalitarian policies.

America still more than any other country is a nation of capitalists, small government, gas guzzling, free speech, gun toting individuals who do not want foreign wars, climate change, wokeness or socialism.

’Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.’ Josef Stalin


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65 Comments on Is Trump right to proclaim that there was widespread voter fraud?

  1. Well, now the supreme court of the United States has finally told us what most of us already knew, that all these claims about voted fraud are right up there along with the birther nonsense, the ignorant rantings of an insane petulant child. And of course the equally ignorant and insane catherine blaiklock, to add to her delusions over climate change.

    This is the supreme court fully loaded in favour of republicans, scandalously with 3 appointees of a disgraced, impeached, crook, pervert and sex offender. And yet has told the pathetic man to get lost.

    I think the editor here needs to consider some sort of discretion when publishing material from such an unreliable source which had no basis in reality, never mind any evidence, to avoid similar humiliation in future.

    • No Human.

      You are dead wrong in your statement.

      What is determined “within law” is not necessarily what is the truth, not necessarily what is the fact, not necessarily what is the reality of a situation.

      Your statement is wrong, your statement is anti-factual, your statement is contrary to reality.

      You are dead wrong in this matter.

      Just to make it clear Human:

      You are dead wrong about this.

      • Ah right, well then logically it’s a waste of time bringing these cases anyway, since even if proven it wouldn’t mean the elections were rigged. You are an ignorant tool, aren’t you?

  2. Instead of your silly videos you could do worse than watch this:

    This is the real effect of these stupid conspiracy theories. Real people in actual danger from real morons with the means to carry out their threats.

    You, blaiklock, plus raven and harry black are cowardly and despicable conduits for this sort of thing, goading people from thousands of miles away. The fact that you seem to think it’s all true, when trump and his henchmen know it isn’t and have calculated exactly what will happen, makes it even more tragic.

    The editor of this disgusting rag, which has previously published racist and homophobic content, needs to face up to potentially having blood on his hands along with the three of you, when and if people start being killed.

    • Ideas do have consequences but murder is not the logical consequence of biological anthropology (e.g racial variations in IQ & criminality), critical comment on the medical & social negatives of the gay lifestyle (e.g. felching, chemsex), serious questions about the Biden postal vote (e.g. Tony Thomas, “The Vote-Switching Ghost in the Machine,” Quadrant Onlinem 14 November 2020).

    • Erm, how you can possibly think that illiterate nonsense has any basis in reality is a complete mystery. I’m starting to think this is an insane asylum.

      It’s well known that trump told his supporters to vote in person regardless of the virus danger, while the democrats encouraged postal votes, which were prohibited from being counted until the polls closed by the republicans.

      To try to say that this idiotic and utterly irrelevant pseudo-statistical approach is proof of anything just shows how pig thick you are.

      Dare I say, Biden won, get over it?

      • Human, from what you say here, it appears that descriptive statistics and reasoning within statistical frameworks are outside your range of legitimate operations.

        Also, pigs are alright.

        And the use of insults and denigrations based on the pig is a terrible thing.

        • No, I always got ‘A’s in maths. You? I can just recognise baseless bullshit when I see it.

          Nobody believes any if this stuff has any basis in reality. They’re just trying to make the feeble-minded angry. You and raven seem to have fallen for it.

          You’re right, pigs alright. You’re just thick, and pigs aren’t.

          • Human, over these many decades, and on four or so continents, I have worked with many persons who did very well in their exams at school, including at Masters and PhD levels at the highest-level universities, and who could not apply the examined techniques to Reality.

            My sincere suggestion to you is to consider that your unexamined desires and your non-empirical cherished beliefs are obstacles to your seeing things as they actually are.

            I wish you well, as you confront these obstacles and their underlying causes, and overcome them, all in good time.

      • Dear Human,
        There is considerable evidence, if not yet proof, of electoral fraud taking place during the Presidential election in the USA. The evidence is in various forms including statistical, HUMINT, and digital. The analytics used over the last decade to legitimately target marginal states and counties. appear to have been used during this election as a means of directing illicit interference in the voting to key states/counties to provide the greatest effect. The statistics show the contrast in the voting patterns of an expected Democrat win state, such as California, and a marginal state such as Pennsylvania.
        All of us in the west, whatever our personal poliics should be concerned by the suspicion of electoral fraud in the USA.
        The dog that didn’t bark remains the at best shoddy journalism, at worst active ignorance of the mainstream media.

        • Yes, and even if Biden is inaugurated -not necessarily so, at this point for EC reasons- there is high probability that the fraud will be proven in the months following, and the USA will face a very challenging set of problems about what to do to establish a legitimate presidency.

          And the 90% of the mainstream media that is knowingly and/or deludedly Leftist/Big Statist/anti-Westernist will simply switch into ever-higher gears of anti-empiricism and hysteria.

          The USA will come out of it all OK -but it will be a terrible spectacle, and will provide many lessons for the Rest of the West, esp the Anglosphere.

  3. Let’s see.

    What’s the Left up to now?

    There’s ballot fraud in the USA.

    And the Australian Left is trying to emasculate the SAS.

    While in Great Briain, there’s “Government by Girlfriend”.

    Far worse to come though.

    • Harry Black:

      Even in mere material terms, it’s amazing how bad things are getting already.

      By 2030, it will be illegal to buy a car that actually works.

      By 2023 (leaked date) or soon after (official date to be announced), it will be illegal to heat your house with a boiler that actually works.

      Pretty soon I expect to hear announcements banning coats that actually keep the cold out in Winter (made by evil exploiters of Scandinavian fluffy animals), and hats that actually keep your head cool in Summer (made by evil exploiters of Panamanian slave labour).

      • Good points PJR.

        For a decade or so now, the great cry across the white West (by ordinary white Westerners) has been that:

        “Nothing Works Any More!”

        And yet there are many, many more kinds, dimensions and degrees of “It Just Does Not Work” are still to be revealed and discovered.

        Among white Westerners, the new anti-empiricism, indeed the rejection of Reality, combined with the loss of confidence in/loss of connection with their spiritual home, has brought on many changes.

        As suicide does, of course.

        (The lyricsof the theme song to a US TV sit-com set during the Korean War sets that point out quite well.)

  4. Trump’s legal team yesterday gave a press conference to outline the evidence they will present. Rudi Giuliani and Sidney Powell were the main speakers Particularly noteworthy was the contribution of Sidney Powell who talked at length about Dominion. The software Dominion produced was developed for Hugo Chavez in Venezuela to ensure that he never lost a vote. Madero has used it too. It has also been used in other countries to make sure election results went the ‘right’ way. That it has been in use in US elections is mind-blowing. It should be nowhere near elections in major Western democracies.

    Dominion Voting’s offices in Toronto were on the same floor of an office building as a hard-left organisation called Tides which has a link to George Soros. Both offices have now been vacated apparently. As an aside, Soros’ close associate in the UK as mentioned by Trumps’ lawyer Sidney Powell, is one Lord Malloch-Brown who was foreign office minister under Gordon Brown.

    This gets dirtier and dirtier. It is FAR from over. The evidence when presented in court will shake the World.

    I hope Rudi Giuliani and Sidney Powell have adequate protection. They surely will.

  5. This could still happen:

    The Electoral College, armed with rectified, valid vote tallies, and cognisant of the very clever fraudulence implemented by the Dems and their Deep State agents/operatives, elects Trump.

    But Trump soon steps aside and Pence ascends to the top job with Nikki Haley as Veep.

    And Trump, out of office, orchestrates a yuuuge multi-media campaign and continues with his in-person rallies.

    The leftist media, faced with a cool, calm, collected Pence/Haly Admin implementing Trumpist policies and with Trump pulling the Left’s chain from his media/rally perch, go even sillier -far, far sillier- than they currently are.

    Be good for the world, obviously, all ’round.

    (And Mr J -Biden’s intellectual capacities are declining very fast, such is clear. If Biden were to be inaugurated President, the 80% scenario is that he will be stepped aside and Harris placed at the top within a very short while -fact, even before the inauguration. Biden’s mind has fizzled -he is an ex-parrot.)

  6. Since you label President Elect Joe Biden “demented” without any medical authority at all it must be fair game to speculate on your mental state.

    You are completely mentally retarded and have absolutely no grasp on reality. Look forward to trump’s complete humiliation in the courts and 12-16 years of Biden/Harris.

    Enjoy, you stupid, stupid individual.

  7. Interesting article. Thank you.

    Moreover, we know from experience of UK elections that postal voting is open to fraud, because there’s no way of knowing that the “X” wasn’t added, after the paper was signed, by somebody other than the signer. How much effect has that had in the USA?

    As an aside, it’s amusing (in a horrific way) to notice how the BBC screamed at Trump for claiming victory before all the votes had been counted, and then fawned on Biden for claiming victory before all the votes had been counted. In fact, foreign interference (by the BBC) has probably played a significant part in the US election. If Biden paid the BBC adequately for its help, we could abolish the licence fee.

  8. The threat to the well-being of the striving classes of the West is now present and clear.

    Clear, at least, to observers whose abilities to see reality and whose capabilities for judgment have not been fully corrupted by the marxist-inspired propaganda to which they have been subjected, for decades, in the education systems and in the mainstream media, and by message from the criminal justice system and how that institution increasingly waves-though, actually endorses, violent criminality and parasitism.

    Too many ordinary white people fail to comprehend-

    -stupidly, deludedly-

    -that the vast majority of denizens of the press/media, and the education institutions, and their allies in the civil/public services of the West, and many members of the elites in finance/banking, high tech, and the legal systems, and even high-level private investors and Big Business managers-

    -do not regard as essential to their larger purposes the rights, the livelihoods, and the lives of the striving white classes.

    The Trump Phenomenon gave expression to the concerns and values of the white striving classes, and also to those non-whites who can see the boons and benefits made available for all persons of colours, all races, and all creeds when Western peoples work diligently within Western-style fee enterprise as it supported by Western governance systems and their component values and institutions.

    Remember that when the German Nationalist Socialist Party rose to power and then wielded power evilly, it remained in effective alliance with the Big Manufacturing Families/Groups and did not attempt to confiscate their wealth.

    Look at the ultra-wealthy groups with whom the contemporary Western Left political parties today are in effective alliance -just a bit different from whom the NAZIs used, but recognisable.


    Ye Western Striving Classes!


  9. I m giving up on the SR if this sort if nonsense goes on. Not one reputable newspaper in Britain has taken this stance. Trump is playing with American lives in pursuit of his political ambitions. I hope the Supreme Court will be brought in to adjudicate now on any credible evidence so far adduced, and if, as I suspect, there is none, will charge him with inciting civil unrest and force the transition to allow Biden to tackle The CV crisis.. I used to be a Trump supporter.
    This bizarre situation cannot be allowed to continue.

    • Hear, hear! Of course, the election may have been rigged. But then again, Trump may just have lost it, his erratic and sometimes bizarre behaviour rubbing too many up the wrong way. Even Farage is advising Trump to concede gracefully. Any theory can be confirmed on the internet. Just search for the evidence that supports it and ignore everything else. Why not the QAnon conspiracy theory, which I understand Steve Bannon subscribes to, according to which leading Democrats are cannibalistic paedophiles? Where do we draw the line?

      • Here is a line that is well-drawn:

        There are technical steps prescribed by US laws that must be taken before a candidate for president can be correctly regarded as president-elect.

        Those steps have not yet been completed.

        Also note:

        The political situation in the USA is not only defined by Trump’s persona.

        The challenge facing the USA, and the Rest of the West, is that the ultra-elites in all sectors of society, esp in the Anglosphere, no longer regard the daily efforts and rights of the white, law-abiding, striving classes as essential components of the elites’ success in remaining elites, and their ability to consume the power and money that goes with being a member of an ultra-elite.

      • Alistair Miller:

        I certainly draw the line at believing that Mr Biden is a cannibal and a paedophile. He might be one or the other, but surely nobody can be both.

        But I’d rather have a cannibalistic paedophile as POTUS than Mr Biden or Ms Harris, because the victims of a cannibalistic paedophile aren’t likely to be very numerous, while the victims of the leftist policies of Biden and Harris are likely to be not only all Americans, but all humans.

        If there’s any possible way of keeping Mr Biden and Ms Harris out of power, it needs to be tried. Even if there’s a risk of civil war in the USA, it still has to be tried, because otherwise the updated version of Marxism-Leninism knows as Bidenism-Harrisism will destroy us all.

          • @PJR

            Have I any “rational arguments”? Hilarious. As I said, if you think any of this bullshit literally asserted only by trump has any basis in reality you must be mentally retarded. I expect you believe his Obama birther lies too. What about the 9/11 insider conspiracy theory? Oh, but that would have had to be the republicans, so perhaps not. We know the idiot blaiklock thinks climate change isn’t real and co2 levels are “dangerously low”. What insight! Flat Earth? The queen’s a lizard? You people are basically pathetic morons.

          • Mr G (alias Andrew):

            In the post to which you replied as “Mr H”, I didn’t assert anything that has been asserted by Donald Trump. I asserted things that he ought to have asserted, but hasn’t.

            Thank you for responding with your usual gentlemanly attitude.

    • William Hosking:

      1. Which British newspapers do you consider reputable? I regard all our dailies and weeklies as being pretty thoroughly infected with cultural Marxism, and therefore not reputable.

      2. “… playing with American lives… the CV crisis…” This is the rhetoric of the left. There’s no reason to think that the Chinese Flu is so dangerous as to require a shutdown of the US economy, but every reason to think that an economic shutdown will kill millions and ruin the lives of tens of millions of others.

      3. I may be wrong, but I got the impression that SCOTUS considered only appeals from other courts. If I’m not wrong, the idea that SCOTUS should intervene instantly is unconstitutional, and even if I am wrong about that, the idea that SCOTUS (a court, not a prosecutor) should charge Trump with “inciting civil unrest” (or anything else) is almost as bizarre as a typical Trump tweet.

      • 1. Well I suppose the Times and the DT for a start.

        2 All the media – I mean ALL the media seem to agree that things are not improving, But I agree that lockdowns are going to damage our eco omu

        3, I was short-cutting the process as some “courts” will be referred to the SC in order to stop this circus. Someone has to tell Trump finally to shut up and let normal life resume.

        • William Hosking:

          1. I admit that I haven’t read The Times for a few years. But surely the Daily Telegraph is just another leftie propaganda sheet nowadays? Can you imagine them publishing articles by a latter-day Michael Wharton?

          2. I don’t read “ALL the media”. I mostly read, and look up the sources of evidence if provided. My provisional conclusion is that COVID-19 is much less dangerous than is being widely asserted, because the people who widely assert the danger have axes to grind. I also notice (as I wrote here in March or April) that the BBC doom-mongers have yet to find one of their innumerable beloved “celebrities” who has died *of* COVID-19, and only three or four who have died *with* it. Even my beloved Marianne Faithfull recovered! (The BBC gleefully reported her admission to intensive care, but not her recovery.)

          3. I predict that normal life post-Trump will soon become much worse for decent people in the USA and elsewhere than normal life pre-Trump and during-Trump ever was. A Biden/Harris government will do to the USA what a Corbyn/Abbott government would have done to the UK. The danger is so great that even undemocratic measures may be required to avert it.

    • I wonder if it’s even ethical to watch utterly thick people be led down the garden path like this. I have to wonder just what thought processes, if any, are going on in what passes for their brains.

  10. This is some of the most comprehensive investigative work I’ve seen, thanks. It reveals not just what is probably the greatest fraud against Western democracy ever, but also the total and calamitous failure of our MSM ‘journalists’ to do their job. We should all be praying for Donald Trump, surely the greatest and most principled anti-politician of our lifetimes.

  11. Dear Catherine,
    That is brilliant work, I am hugely impressed with the details and the sources, it confirms everything that I suspected from my rather more scattergun reading. We must hope that President Trump wins in the courts. Otherwise very dark forces will have won.
    Yours Aye
    PS: I was very sorry to read about the death of your father, he was as my good friends in Ulster would say “Some maun!”

  12. Catherine Blaiklock appears to have been doing something called “Investigative Journalism” and has done so very well. When one thinks of the thousands of journalists employed by the BBC, CNN, Daily Telegraph, NYT etc, one has to think deeply about just what they do all day, because it certainly isn’t journalism. Afterall, pretty much any gin-soaked, slow-witted stumblebum can state “nothing to see here.”

    Mind you, at least we now know the entire global mainstream media has no interest in the truth, no interest in democracy and no interest in journalism. These purported journalists are political activists; nothing more and nothing less.

    I predict a riot, which will be bad news for the Lefties who tend not not to belong to gun clubs or hunt deer – or indeed tyrants promoting a tyrannical government.

    Kudos to Catherine, we can all see how much intensive research she has done for this hugely important article.

    • Paul Weston:

      Can you think of an alternative to civil war in the USA? If it’s inevitable, it will be better for it to happen sooner rather than later, while there’s still a chance of the decent people winning.

      But I hope you can think of an alternative to many millions of deaths, because I can’t.

      • The lawyers might just sort this out. If not though, I think the people will take matters into their own hands. I don’t imagine millions of people will be killed though. It won’t be two armies fronting up and I cannot imagine the National Guard taking a side against patriotic Americans. If anything, the Left would buckle very quickly. They are little children who know not what they do. When the magnitude of what they HAVE done finally dawns on them though, they will have little stomach for the fight.

        If the patriots take it lying down however, I think it would be unlikely for a Republican to ever take power again in the United Socialist States of America.

        I made a video about this the other day, which can be seen here:

        • Mr Weston’s video talk is excellent in its own way.

          Two points must be added and emphasised:

          1. Not all members of the Left, and certainly not all those who direct the Left from the shadows, are naive idealists who know not what they do.

          The most influential power-people who organise and mobilise the Left understand what they are doing in destroying Western institutions -they want to be the Big Bosses in the Big State, and they want to control the details of the daily lives of ordinary folk, which is most of us.

          2. Almost all political parties in the West, and the people who are influential in those parties, are engaged in appeasing Islamists who reside in the West and who would not exist in the West without Islam firmly planted in the West, which is, to say the obvious, peopled by Muslims.

          Islamists, as supported by their supporting Muslims, which is to say almost all Muslims, are working quietly and with great focus to take full advantage of the institutional breakdowns brought upon the West by the Leftist power-peoples.

        • Paul Weston:

          The problem with hoping that the lawyers will sort it out is that the lawyers are (at best) victims of decades of bad education and (at worst) enthusiastic cultural Marxists.

          You have hopes of the National Guard, but to what extent have they been infiltrated and taken over?

          But let’s not despair: the shock troops of the left are the rioters and looters, but they tend not to turn out when it’s cold or it’s raining. And the better kind of Americans tend to be better armed. Perhaps the second American Civil War can be decided quickly and without many deaths.

        • Paul Weston (again):

          “I made a video about this the other day, which can be seen here:

          It’s a very good video. And you have Wodehouse on one of your bookshelves, which is always a good sign.

          But why do you (and so many other conservatively-inclined people) worship at the altar of democracy?

          Democracy destroyed the Athenian Empire. Democracy elevated the Gracchi and Caius Marius to tyrranise over Rome. And (worst of all) Democracy has given the UK Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron, May and Johnson as its Prime Ministers.

          In Scotland, neither William the Lion nor Robert the Bruce knew anything of democracy. In England, neither did Henry V or Elizabeth I.

          Perhaps we don’t need democracy, we need monarchs.

          • Greetings PJR.

            I believe, for democracy to work well enough, we require a properly educated citizenry, at least 10% of the most productive of whom devote a great deal of their time, over their life-spans, in expanding, improving and nurturing their intellectual-emotional systems and furnishing their intellectual-emotional systems with information and conceptual frameworks that equip them to comprehend the matters that their society -and its political, legal, policing and internal security, spiritual, economic systems, and its geopolitical and military strength and status in world affairs sets that society up for.

            Yes, 10% of the citizenry spending, oh, 10 to 20 hours a week, doing all that, and then fighting for what is God and Right, in their local branch of a right-wing, or at the least leftist political party that is on offer -that would help.

            And I’m not against monarchs of the wise, non-power-mongering variety -but they must not attempt to dominate that 10% of the productive, informed anti-leftist citizenry.

            The Left, the Ungrateful, the Ignorant, the Uneducable, the Nett Consumers, the Destroyers, the Rebels Without Causes Beyond Their Own Celebrity, the Constitutionally Violent, will always be with us -it’s just that those sectors of the populace must always be fought against, daily and in perpetuity.

  13. To Donald Trump, President USA.


    Appoint Special Prosecutors to investigate:

    1. Election fraud

    2. Corruption in several aspects of Biden family activities to do with major money goings-on.

    Then if Biden wins, let him -or Harris, should Biden not make it to The Inauguration- fire those Special Prosecutors for all the USA, and all the world, to see.


    Note to by-standers:

    Democrat corruption, Democrat misdeeds, Democrat criminality, Democrats anti-Westernism, must be exposed and eradicated.

    Ditto as these matters apply to the mainstream media, the education systems, the civil/public services/Deep States, and various ultra-elites throughout the West.

  14. Formidable, Madame Blaiklock, most formidable.

    And yes, fraud by Democrats operatives is the most likely explanation for all this.

    Now, the thought that has been on mind since Nov 4 is how could it be that the combined forces of the RNC and Team Trump were not able to get ahead of the Democrats on this one.

    Esp as Dem ballot fraud is always the game the Dems play.

    What happened to anti-Dem intel?

      • Thank you for this Catherine.

        You are extremely thorough in your research.

        Separately, I do not predict a Trump win -as it does seem the fix is definitely in, as arranged by the Deep State and sections of the ultra-elites in Big Tech and in the finance/banking/investment communities.

        But were he to win, I’d be concerned about Trump’s health. The Left media, as puppeteered by the Deep State/ultra-elite/anti-Westernist alliance, would massively ramp up its lyin’ and its cheatin’ and its fabricatin’ in its attacks on him.

        Esp if the GOP retains the Senate, a post-presidency Team Trump would greatly advance Trumpism -ie saving the US striving classes, and by extension the West, from the perfidious alliance of some of the West’s ultra-elites and the marxist-inspired Others.

        And without Presidential tasks, Trump would be an extraordinary Guiding General in that war.

        Best, Harry.

    • Harry
      Trump has been predicting this steal since March. He was prepared, is revealing multiple frauds as we write, and won’t be giving up any time soon. I strongly suspect he sees this fight as inevitable and essential, because only by winning this legal battle and totally exposing leftist corruption and growing control of the US state and the electoral process in the courts can he make both America and western democracy great again. I urge posters to recall Trump’s huge experience of fighting legal battles, and also to see how events are unfolding in real time by using, the greatest and most popular site for free thinking and truth still surviving on the internet.

      • Yes Nick, Team Trump will fight smart and hard.

        One scenario I favour:

        The voting fraud is exposed and Trump becomes president-elect.

        But he resigns and Pence ascends to top job, with Nikki Haley as V-P who provides cover on two Identity fronts in addition to being far being superior in capabilities to Kamala Harris, Stacey, and all other Dem women politicians of all and any/many colours.

        Meanwhile, Trump, released from the work of the presidency, goes full-out for MAGA -orchestrating and starring in never-ending multi-media campaigns and in-person rallies and other means to get around the anti-Westernist/ marxist/greenist forces in the media and in the education systems.

        And Pence-Haley clean-out the worst of the anti-MAGA Deep State people in the public sector and constrain the anti-Westernist Big Tech elites.

        Might happen.