Ofsted rears a generation of human hyenas

Getting older, the mores of one’s own country can start to look strange, if not inexplicable. Such was the effect of the case of Mandy Copper, a head teacher, as they are now called, at Wimbish School, Essex. She was attacked eighteen times by one pupil, despite her warnings that the un-identified child’s ‘needs’ were too complex for her small village school to cope with and pleas for help from her employers.

After the child, referred to in the Times as ‘They,’ arrived in 2018, for two years, Mandy, 47, was reportedly attacked, headbutted, spat at, throttled with her scarf, kicked in the torso, pulled from her chair by the hair and punched and kicked in the head until she was concussed, suffering severe bruising and hair loss. Last September, her husband who worked part time at the school, spoke of his horror at ‘having to watch’ as his wife, who is five foot two, was being attacked.

‘I could not intervene,’ he explained. ‘There are specialist staff with the necessary training who take over in these situations. They are taught specific grips and techniques that ensure no harm comes to a pupil.’ If they aren’t there, as a contemporary man he apparently felt it was correct to keep out of it. She had time off work after that attack, suffered nightmares but returned to the school, where the pupil attempted to stab her with a screwdriver and the police were called.

This story made me realise how far removed I am from current thinking. I pictured what I would do, also a middle-aged woman of five foot two, in that situation; living in daily fear of serious physical harm, my working life blighted by the sight of that child in my school, constant physical abuse without any support from my employers, the local authority, Ofsted, or anyone close to me.

It might be something like; a mighty kick to the juvenile testicles. If they’d recently descended, they’d go back up again at speed. As he folded, I’m assuming that ‘they’ are a ‘he,’ I’d follow up by grabbing the hair and dragging he/she/it over to the no doubt large and gleaming classroom windows.

They would be sealed shut for reasons of ‘health & safety,’ as according to contemporary thought, all children, students, old-folk and hospital patients will automatically throw themselves from any window negligently left open. With a mighty heave, worthy of any Bohemian reformer, I would defenestrate the pupil, leaving him bleeding on the playground beyond, if there was one that hadn’t been sold off for building.

‘Hold on, he, she, it’s not worth it! Apart from the moral problem pertaining to murder, especially to you as a vegan, and the possible distress to ‘parent, carer or guardian,’ what about the whacking prison sentence you’d get?’ I hear you cry. Of course, I might have only resorted to a pepper spray, but in defending myself in any way I would have been in deep trouble. Or would I?

In 2009, teacher Peter Harvey, 51, shouted at a teenager, ‘Die, die, die,’ and hit him with a 3kg (6.61b) dumbbell, fracturing his skull. He received a two-year community order at Nottingham Crown Court after pleading guilty to grievous bodily harm. The judge described him as ‘a decent man’ suffering from ‘depression, stress and a serious lack of confidence.’ In other words, a typical modern- day teacher.

It emerged during the four-day trial that pupils had been deliberately trying to provoke him in order to secretly film his reactions on a camcorder. The footage was to be passed around the school as a way of ‘humiliating’ him. The married father-of-two was banned from teaching which no doubt came as a great relief to him.

The judge and jury showed an almost subversive sympathy for a helpless teacher who like Mandy Copper had suffered years of abuse. In a list of incidents, the brother of a pupil he’d reprimanded had turned up at his house to threaten him. He was also assaulted by a pupil when he confronted him over the way he had treated a female teacher.

I started school in the 1960s when we still had a variety of teaching experience; those newly out of training college with ‘child centred’ ideas from the US. With them we spent our time picking the daisies, were rarely taught facts and never learned anything by rote. History and geography were jumbled into one and mainly learned through making papier mâché objects.  

But there were still a few ‘old-school’ male authority figures about who we feared. Corporal punishment was still legal, although not much used. The last case of it I remember was at my comprehensive in the 70s, when our well- liked art teacher who’d been goaded by one student for months, began banging the boy’s head on a desk. The pupil suffered no long- term effect, or it wasn’t noticeable, and there were no repercussions. As the offending boy was Asian if that happened now, that teacher would be imprisoned for ‘hate crime,’ and the boy would retain his contemptuous view of art and art teachers.

This abandonment of control over children in our schools is surely just one of many ways in which the public is now baffled by the attitudes of our state institutions. The majority of us just do not share the opinion of the BBC, civil service, the CofE, or academia, about marriage and family, the teaching and presentation of our history and heritage, immigration, ‘hate crime,’ and policing. Many of us are now asking how it was that a common sense which we all once shared, was somehow hurled out of the window and no one stepped forward to save it?

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10 Comments on Ofsted rears a generation of human hyenas

  1. “This story made me realise how far removed I am from current thinking ”
    This story made me realise how far removed we are from reality .

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments in your last paragraph Jane, perhaps why I subscribe to your most eminent journal, however also being a Times subscriber, I have access to the battleground that is the comments section of articles and it has become increasingly clear to me, that people with our viewpoint are becoming more and more a rarity and routinely dismissed due to our, let us us say ‘vintage’. My country has changed beyond all recognition, more than at any other time in our long history. We all know why, we all know it has been done in record time, we all know it has not been done with any democratic mandate and we all know that to object to it publicly (and increasingly privately) will bring opprobrium from a great height, cancellation of one’s livelihood and potentially imprisonment. The boiling frog indeed!

  3. I was a teacher in several quite different schools for 30 years and monitored all the changes in education and in society summarised in this final paragraph carefully. The process used was called by its devotees in the “race” area as “agenda-networking”. The technique depended on getting the gullible to agree to what seemed harmless and positive moral platitudes, and then using that as a basis for incremental regulation and indoctrination. This is how the “race, gender, class” egalitarianism of the mid-1960s US campus eventually morphed by successive actions into the “diversity, inclusion, equality” tyranny of the UK Equalities Commission and the general western woke tyranny lately accelerated by the mob nonsense based on the death of a black American petty-criminal. The full story has yet to be told, but more important are effective resistance and national recovery.

    • Yes, resistance and recovery. For that, strategy: Hundreds, thousands, millions of whites to self-organise, self-fund, self-mobilise. And keep it all going for ever and a day.
      Five immediate tasks/key points: One, to awaken sufficient whites to the reality that the destruction of the essentials of Western Civ is well advanced. Two, that therefore their physical safety, freedoms, and material and spiritual well-being are about to be taken from them. Three, that no saviour -or team of saviours- is coming. Four, to emphasize, it is up to the Ordinary People to self-organise. Five, sacrifice of one’s own time and one’s own money is a necessary component of the fight-back.

  4. An excellent article, thank you.

    The state-mandated worship of diversity and multiculturalism means that common sense is no longer common. And David Cameron’s well-meant inclusion by default of all pupils in the mainstream allows children with behaviourial problems to attend the wrong schools for them.

    • It was not David Cameron’s work. Inclusion of Special Needs children followed the Warnock Report of 1981. Mary Warnock later regretted the harm she had caused.

  5. An acquaintance of mine was shown the door, in the politest possible way, for no more than raising his voice and imposing an informal break time detention. This was to ensure that classwork was actually done. Apparently, some pupils complained, he was suspended and then given a substantial sum of money for joining in with a pretence that he was “ill”. Since then, he’s chosen to retire. He’d already forsaken the state sector, thanks to the rising tide of left wing lunacy; his last experience was in a private school. What, he sometimes asks me, do the parents imagine they’re paying for these days?

  6. Yes, here we are eh.

    Turns out, there is a mix of factors which, if engineered, is antithetical to human flourishing.

    This combo includes: Anti-factuality in most/all matters; denial of human differences in educability, trainability, productivity, rebelliousness, and propensity to violence; the insistence that individuals of parasitic and violent types are not responsible for their own behaviour; the use of Identity instead of Competence as qualification for power roles in all institutions; the elevation of resentment, grievance, and anger about one’s origins as grounds for legitimate sainthood and eliglibity for reparations; mixing in close-quarters in the schools people of all races, colours, creeds and abilities, ranges in openness to learning, and and differing acceptance of personal limitations; the anti-empirical demonisation of European, esp English, influence over the past 500 years; the malignity of avoiding/suppressing the facts of evolutionary biology and anthropology; and the replacement of the necessity for contributory citizenship with parsitic residency as the requirement for membership of Western forms of social organisation.

    Funny thing, but this mix is a bad mix -bad for human flourishing, and even bad for individual physical safety in daily life.

    • Other key factors from the past 16 months of Covid and also from climate alarmisn: the use of fear, selective use of statistics, propaganda and the suppression of well-informed alternative view.