Panic or Pandemic ?

Here we go again. NHS risks being overwhelmed: Lockdown, Christmas cancelled.  

Most sane people would, I think, agree that lockdowns are counterproductive (though a real plague, like the Black Death, might alter the picture), since the costs vastly outweigh the benefits, that the NHS is not ‘fit for purpose’, and that there should be open honest discussion about alternative ways of dealing with pandemics like Covid-19. However, the dilemma remains. Although ‘Save the NHS from being overwhelmed’ cannot be the only consideration this Christmas, for all the obvious reasons, nor can any responsible government allow the NHS to collapse.  

But does the latest libertarian conspiracy theory help us frame an alternative strategy? Proponents of ‘Big Pharma’ hold that vaccines and other expensive drug treatments merely serve the purpose of generating profits for the global pharmaceutical industry, while information about natural cures is suppressed. This dovetails neatly with the theory that Covid-19 itself is a fake pandemic manufactured to enable the global liberal elite, the deep state, to deprive us of our freedoms. Reports that hospitals’ intensive care units have been overwhelmed, or that doctors and nurses are exhausted, or that thousands have died of Covid-19, have been fabricated throughout the pandemic. Fake data. Fake statistics. Fake scientists. Fake vaccines. Fake hospitals. Fake victims.

So, just as vaccines, booster vaccines and promised polyvalent vaccines, are furnishing us with the semblance of an escape route, we have a concerted anti-vaccine campaign mounted by those whose reasonable mistrust of the establishment, which we all share, has developed into such hysterical levels of loathing and hatred that all sense of balance has been warped. Any evidence from any source or website will do, so long as it buttresses the establishment conspiracy narrative. All mainstream science and medicine forms part of the conspiracy and can therefore be rejected as fake.    

But will the anti-vaccine ‘Covid-19 is a conspiracy’ movement contribute to the preservation of our liberties? More likely, it will have precisely the opposite result.

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2 Comments on Panic or Pandemic ?

  1. World’s Biggest And Most Successful Alliance Ever!
    Across Earth, there has arisen a massive and extraordinarily solid alliance of elected politicians of all ilks, civil servants, deep state operatives, hospital admins, virus scientists, mainstream media platforms, undertakers, and doctors and nurses -which is pretending there is a fake virus infecting people and causing illnesses.

    Let’s find out how they are doing it, and use their methods to stop the baseless hysteria that human-produced carbon dioxide is causing the climate to change, stop the immigration terror, reverse the dumb-downs in the education systems, and transform white violent criminals and violent anti-Western Muslims and blacks into productive, law-abiding contributing citizens of the West.

    • You forgot to mention the Archons, the Babylonian Brotherhood, and the Saturn-Moon Matrix. Otherwise, I am impressed by how closely your analysis parallels that of David Icke.