Skin Creams: A whiter shade of racism

The latest manifestation of the collective soul searching induced by the Black Lives Matter movement, which has revealed the Western world to be built on

and all whites to be racists, is the move from cosmetics firms to reassess their product lines and marketing strategies.

So, we hear from the BBC News website in a report by Lora Jones [] that Unilever is to rename its ‘Fair & Lovely’ skin cream after criticism that it promoted ‘negative stereotypes around dark skin tones’.

Thousands have signed petitions highlighting the ‘internalised racism’ and ‘anti-blackness sentiments’ which such products convey. In response, Unilever acknowledged that its branding suggested ‘a singular ideal of beauty’.

All references to ‘whitening’ or ‘lightening’ on its products will henceforth be removed. But for some, this did not go far enough. For ‘writer and activist’ Poorna Bell, a mere re-branding exercise would be insufficient ‘to make reparations for the untold mental and emotional damage done by colourism’.

But wait a minute. Don’t sun lotions and tanning products boast that they will produce a bronzed skin, a glowing golden tan? One lotion, I see, promises to ‘prolong your sun-kissed glow’; another to ‘deliver an instant golden tan’ that can be washed off. What of the negative stereotype thereby conveyed of those of us who have naturally pale skins, whose skins do not tan easily in the sun? What of the mental and emotional damage done to us?

Don’t suntan lotions unquestionably promote ‘a singular ideal of beauty’? Don’t they promote ‘anti-whiteness’ sentiments? Aren’t they ‘intrinsically racist’? All references to tanning, bronzing, golden glows etc should henceforth be removed from sun lotions. Let the campaign commence.

Alternatively, I shall seek reparations from the dark-skinned boy at school who once described me as a ‘paleface’ – and use the proceeds to undergo a perma-tan spray job. 

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6 Comments on Skin Creams: A whiter shade of racism

  1. Indeed, it’s curious that sunless tanning lotions which die your skin to make it look darker are permitted, whereas theatrical make up that makes your skin look darker counts as ‘blackface’ and is condemned as racist. So as things stand there’s nothing to stop you from liberally applying the instant tan lotion the day before that all important ‘diversity quotas apply’ interview with the BBC.
    Would have made a good comedy subject for the Little Britain pair before they got banned.

  2. Time for this:

    All whites, esp white males, to replaced-

    -in the mainstream media, in the civil services at all levels, from local councils up, in elective politics, in the criminal justice systems, in prisons, in the education systems, in the military, in businesses of all kinds.

    Yes, in all Western countries, in all institutions, it is time to make way for non-whites and Muslims from everywhere and anywhere to run the place.

    Let’s run that experiment eh.

    Why stop short with appeasement?

    Just surrender, that’s the ticket.

    • It will still not be enough. The sin is too, too great, you see. A sin as great as ours can only be redeemed by the mass miscegenation of our women so that we and die out as a distinct people. And if by some chance we still survive, well, our vibrant and by no means low-IQ replacers have been taught to hate us because of our “racism, so there’s always genocide. But either way, the post European racial utopia is a-coming. Apparently.

      • Don’t worry, they’ll still be human beings. Obviously most decent, civilised people will look forward to the time when people with your odious views are all gone.

  3. Mad times indeed. We have passed through the looking glass and find that words no longer have any meaning, merely whatever the current Humpty Dumpty fashion dictates.

    What I found most interesting is that these skin lightening products are bought by folks with dark skins…the product is there to fill a gap in the market because the demand for it was there. It was not forced on them by nasty whitey.

    Why do we not have even one company or institution with the sense to call this nonsense what it is? Why must they capitulate to each and every demand no matter how outrageous? Do they think they will be left alone?

    • When no human worth or meaning is attached to a people, then that people becomes invisible amid the noisy clamour of other groups claiming rights and powers. There is cost attached to trespassing against that people one more time, and then again and again. If one must abuse or spit upon those who object, that is easily done by dehumanising them … in effect, assassinating their reputation as a proxy for the real thing.

      This is where we are today. An article appeared at ConHome yesterday calling on the government to import Commonwealth servicemen who, supposedly, cannot currently immigrate to the land of the English people. Not one of the respondees below the line asks the question: “But what about the English? When are we finally going to start thing about them.” White Lives Don’t Matter Politically to any of these people.