Trump’s last hours

What a shameful end to the Trump presidency. Every decent Tory, every decent conservative, every decent patriot, will have to live down the scenes from the Capitol Building in Washington: its storming by a mob incited by a president who insists his ‘landslide victory’ was stolen, and was recently recorded telling Georgia’s Republican election chief to ‘find’ enough votes to overturn the election result. 

But equally discreditable are the attempts of ‘conservative’ libertarians to excuse it as an episode manufactured by the establishment to discredit Trump: by the fake media, the fake judiciary, the fake electoral officials who manufactured Biden’s fake victory, the fake Americans who voted Democrat, the fake military and police, the fake security guards of the Capitol building, the symbol of America’s fake democracy. Of course, the pistols of the plain-clothed FBI men drawn to protect senators were fake too. 

Every single lawsuit brought by Trump alleging electoral fraud has been thrown out by the judges, including Trump-appointed judges, with two lawsuits even rejected by the Trump-appointed (majority) Supreme Court. Fake judges? Fake law? 

If the democratic system is so rotten that it must be pulled down, and the avenues of rational debate and persuasion are so muddied that they are useless, then all we are left with is mobs battling it out on the streets, and rival demagogues, puffed up with narcissism and paranoia, trading multiple conspiracy theories. 

It may well be that the liberal establishment is ultimately to blame, having propagated its own grand conspiracy theory founded on half-baked deconstructive cultural Marxism, and fuelled by the moral righteousness of a decadent elite class, which believes that so long as it preaches white guilt in public, it is relieved of all social and moral obligations in private, and can continue to enjoy its wealth and privilege without restraint.  

But rabble rousing on the street cannot be the answer. Nor can smashing our democratic institutions. 

Putin and Xi Jinping must be laughing their heads off

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149 Comments on Trump’s last hours

  1. Trump told his supporters to be peaceful, and after some of them stopped being peaceful he told them to go home. What more is required of him?

    Besides, if a few people wandering around Congress carrying lecterns and photographing each other counts as an insurrection or a riot, we need much stronger words to describe the activities of BLM last year. But Congressmen and Senators who persistently endorse BLM aren’t being impeached. Why?

    I notice that the death of Ashli Babbitt hasn’t led to any rioting or looting, so perhaps Trump supporters are more peaceful than BLM supporters?

    I’m grateful to Alistair Miller for writing an interesting article, and to our sainted Editor for publishing it. I’m not going to cancel my subscription just because I read something I disagree with.

    PS: Thanks for the “click to edit” feature!

  2. I am amazed at This article about Trump. Most of us have taken a middle way. The riot was dreadful, but it was not “incited” by Trump. It may well have been antifa and other imposters who carried it out, yes, and maybe some right wing loonies. But it was not the majority oif peaceful Trump supporters who attended the rally. And 99% of Trump’s basic supporters areagainst the impeachment. If Salisbury Reviedw is going to print such ignorant and un properly researched articles I shall have to cancel my subscription.

  3. Dear Myles.

    What gun licence? That option to a historic and watered-down fundamental freedom was stolen from me and 57,000 law abiding British gun-owners in 1997 by the Blair creature. Fortunately, I am allowed to legally hold pistols & revolvers in France and is why patriotic Americans defend their 2nd amendment against iron-willed tyrants like Nancy Pelosi, ‘Chuck’ Schumer, and all the privileged statist elites in their wish to ban guns from world society but will always retain their own private fully armed body-guards.

  4. I don’t know whether the writer is related to Polly Filler or not, but he is definitely lost….

    The Guardian is over to the left.

  5. I agree with all the commentators who hated this article. I hated it too. Every line of it could be picked together. There is enough evidence of fraud to last the entire next presidency in lawsuits but no judge wants to do it because they are human and do not want to cause a riot.

  6. Is “Alistair Miller” a nom de plume of James O’Brien? Anymore articles like this and that is the end of my subscription. I can read the “Guardian” for free.

  7. Oh, by the way Myles, I recall in private correspondence between you and me some time ago that you were opposed to legal civilian ownership of firearms; some ‘salt’!

  8. Dear Myles Harris.

    You are quite right to point out that we are now all serving a life sentence in an electronic prison for which there is no escape except for a return to 19th and early 20th century society and warfare where electronics played no significant part. There is a somewhat trashy novel – ‘One Second After’ – that portrays a scenario of an atomic pulse bomb attack on America that kills no one or destroys anything except every electronic device and exposes the fragility of society that has come to rely on that technology. all possibility of monetary transactions, all transport, distribution of food, electricity supply, and all electronic communications are ‘fried’. No forces of law enforcement can operate and, within a day or so, individual self protection and survival are the only safeguard against attack from the desperate and the criminal. ‘Cyber warfare’ has made the Hydrogen bomb obsolete and perhaps old fashioned shot-and shell with guerrilla ground armies is the future that will temporarily kill the electronic jailer. Perhaps Thomas Jefferson’s comment “The tree of liberty must be refreshed form time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants” is the inevitable fate of humankind. The first step might be, as you say, if you have the salt to tear down a mobile phone mast. In France, many speed cameras were burned to a cinder by brave Gillet Jaunes in protest to the arbitrary and stupid reduction from 90 to 80kph on open roads. Where is the line crossed from criminal behaviour to resistance against tyranny?

  9. Is it Salisbury Review or Guardian?? A complete nonsense from a so-called right wing paper.

    And irony is that you name this website after one of the greatest and most libertarian British PM in history, Lord Salisbury. And the editors should know what did he think about democracy? If they dont know I repeat it here: Democracy is socialism, it is the tyranny of the majority over the competent minority, it is the destruction of property right. He was completely right and the we can see that in western democracies Capitalism is fading day by day and replaced by socialism. Big welfare states steal from us and increase their power and control and more benefit consumers are supporting them.

    So, writing a rubbish article about the beauty of democracy in a website called itself Salisbury review turns his body in grave!

  10. Editor Harris, thank you for your reply. I ask you to elaborate on the points you make: What relevant reading would assist me/others? Yes, let’s drop Marx: What are your suggestions for analysing and discussing the kinds and degrees of “government/Big State” control of economic activity, freedom of expression and movement, and other matters pertinent to human flourishing. If you do not regard these issues as relevant, please make the case. Are you saying that digital media is the main/only relevant matter that I/we should now be concerned about? Are you saying that mass tourism by Westerners to less-developed precincts is the main cause of emigration to the West by people originating in less developed parts? Editor Harris, you know many relevant things about many relevant things. Perhaps consider how SR content can be further refined to better inform, indeed educate, those of us whom you see clinging to outmoded concepts and concerns, and guide us to more relevant territory. Thank you again and sincerely, Harry Black.

  11. Dear Myles Harris.

    I agree with Peter Hitchens that Margaret Thatcher was not a conservative but a liberal-capitalist whose battle was, rightly so, with overly powerful and politically motivated unions that had all but gained control of government from Edward Heath. Her privatising the monopoly for the telephone that a state institution (Post Office) held along with the ‘Gas Board’ for kitchen appliances was welcomed but sacrificing so much of manufacturing for the ‘service industry’ disenfranchised and ruined too many lives and we might not now be buying so much manufactured goods from a communist tyranny. She also expanded and centralised the state which is hardly the policy of a conservative. Her infatuation with the EEC was a fundamental error for which she woke up too late to the inevitability of Germany and France furthering the ‘project’. Had she recognised the inevitability of ‘the Project’ and cleaned the stables at the Foreign Office with Enoch Powell installed as Foreign Secretary early in her premiership, Britain’s departure from the budding empire in Brussels might have been possible during her tenure, despite Heseltine, Clarke, and Howe, along with Northern Ireland freed from Sinn-Fien/IRA terrorists. As to the Franco-Prussian war, it gave birth to the German state that fostered Karl Marx whose unworkable utopian ideas contributed to the most catastrophic wars in history and ended Britain and its Empire as the world’s premier power. Hardly a footnote in history!

  12. Awesome Welles and others. I welcome articles such as Alistair Millar’s, such a change from the boring hymnals to the 1970’s political revolution of the right. Mrs T, God bless her, is dead and 1970 half a century ago. Mr Black and others might be celebrating the Franco Prussian war for all its relevance to now.

      • You never saw it coming did you ? To start with you can’t have a mobile and keep your freedom..the loss is absolute. Accept the modern technical world and its chains….you can’t cause serious immigration problems to other countries by your cultural and physical pollution by mass tourism. The very fact of digital media means total censorship -because you can only write here on a medium you will never have control of . You are permitted to air conventional thoughts because you / we are safety valves for the resentments of those who no longer control their own lives. But the very paper we write is not ours. Smell the coffee and forget about an old fool who lived many years ago called Marx. Forget about Trump a paper doll, would you have the salt to tear down a mobile mast ?

        • The safety valve you speak of is, in form and function, actually a feedback loop. It covers all opinion, however passionately it is held and however independent its holders consider themselves, that derives foundationally from the same Judaic-Christian-humanist-liberal canon as Establishment opinion. You know you have arrived in the badlands of the nationalism (in the foundational, not populist sense of the term) when the feed keeps running straight and true away from the Establishment quarter.

        • Marx , yawn, died a long time ago, but Marxism is alive and doing well. Have you heard of Gramsci and the march through the institutions? It’s happening now. Myles, you’ve lost the plot and I’ll give this site a miss from now on. I had high hopes for the SR after Spectator went sour.
          There are two things spoiling this site – Werdna and you.
          Goodbye Harry Black. I enjoyed reading your comments and those of a couple of others.

          • Have I heard of Gramsci Indeed I have! a very old hymn from the tattered book of defunct conservatism. These ideas are old and overworked . The right wants something new, and it is not getting it

          • Myles you have no model of Man to propose. You are, at best, a reactionary against the utopian, and thereby a philosophical recidivist (as I have surely told you before). Reaction is a feedback loop because it wants only to return to the same order from which came the ills which belabour it. This is the tragedy of the traditionalism and conservatism which you profess, namely that you have no fundamental disagreement with Judaism, Christianity, humanism, and the Enlightenment model. That totality’s fundamental creative assumptions … the core principles of liberalism … will quite mechanically re-assert their dominion over reactionaries like yourself; for it (liberalism) embeds in them and and in us all, and transmits itself in Time through us all; and it does this not just as an enculturating power, as if culture is human-independent, but as an elemental and inescapable creator of the human personality.

            To break definitively with that is possible but requires a foundational change in men, and the only … ONLY … creative candidate with a systemic potential (in its case, to unconceal Man in his existent truth and thereby re-order his world) is the nationalism of the people’s life and land, natural right and interests which ethnic nationalism. Everything else is just playing at revolution.

            Now, if you are going to respond to this comment kindly do so with some substance, and not with more shallow dismissal. Thank you.

  13. Before you leap to judgment about the President, I suggest you find Mark Levin’s radio program from today (Wednesday 14th January). He lays out the timeline of events, from Trump’s speech to the beginning of the violence. To blame the President just doesn’t jive with the events and how long it took people to get from the Elipse to the Capitol. And the Capitol police were warned by the FBI and DOD, offered help and refused it. You can also read the transcipt of the President’s speech – I found it at ABC NEws – there is not one – NOT ONE – mention of violence, incitement to violence, nothing to encourage or suggest, or even seem to encourage or suggest, that anyone behave violently.

  14. Dear Andrew Guthrie.

    I’m sure that the peoples of those eastern european countries that were ‘liberated’ by the Soviet Red Army in 1944/5 also witnessed fair elections (read Anne Applebaum’s book – ‘Iron Curtain: the crushing of eastern europe 1944-1956) and technology has come a long way since then to influence voters and to rig elections. One only has to remember the method used by the elite in Brussels to further their ‘project’ for a federal europe by rehashing or renaming a rejected power-grab and presenting it for a second referendum vote in order to get the ‘right’ answer culminating in a clause in the Lisbon Treaty to eradicate referendums for further advancement of their ‘project’. The most successful fraudsters are those who convince their victims that they have made a wise decision much as Bernie Madoff did to investors with his ponzi fraud. When the entire establishment of a country is a sworn enemy of a legitimately elected president and has used every ‘legal’ and political trick over his entire presidency of four years to unseat him, cover-up of re-election fraud must, surely, be seriously considered.

  15. The current antics of the Big Statists and their naive idealist puppets in all streams of media provide entertainment for anti-Trumpists, and divert attention from the destruction inflicted by BLM, Antifa, affirmative action, and associated. But the likely scenario is that post-President Trump will be a highly effective leader of MAGA -and will inspire anti-Big State forces elsewhere in the West. And anti-marxist politicians across the West will now be readying their new strategies to push back the Big Statists. Trump paved the path. (Conjectures about the person who shot Ashli Babbit centre on an officer appointed under affirmative action injunctions. This is why there is a black-out on the matter.)

  16. Chicken or egg?

    Dear Harry.

    The scenario you describe is with us and the ease with which the government in Britain has side-stepped a supine parliament to wield power over us with a gendarmerie to enforce it with an iron fist is testament to the illusion that we have lived under for too long. The fury in the relentless attack on Trump in the U.S. is for his challenging the plan by a privileged few and their jackals in pursuing a policy for complete control of what we think, what we say, and what we can do dressed up as ‘equality’. Is this happening as Aldous Huxley described in his fable of the future or has it been a model for those who might have recognised it as the obvious route to complete control of a population though individualism replacing the family, state care of children, conditioned satisfaction for one’s station in life, ‘community sex’, free abortion, state issued ‘recreational drugs’, and constant consumption of trashy goods. Many of those aspects in the novel are now accepted and practised as liberating and the only aspect Huxley leaves unclear is who owns the production of goods and one must assume that it is the state but, as we know, that model failed wherever it was practised; however, present day China would fulfil his scenario nicely. The policy to eradicate criminality by making it a mental disorder must be a necessary element to achieving Huxley’s vision and is sold to us as the only successful way to deal with the criminal. I cling onto the hope that the desire in the human spirit for freedom to determine one’s own path in life and to take responsibility for mistakes and misfortune along the way will never be extinguished but we witness every day just how easy it is with the power of and dissemination of information to mould minds to not only accept slavery but to welcome it just as the inhabitants in Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’.

  17. Dear Thomas Dusek.

    I don’t hate the left, but I do fear them. A Liberal-left hegemony in Britain and the U.S. has quashed a conservative view of life – the attempted and successful ‘canceling’ of Roger Scruton is an example – and the gloves are off as it were. Tyrants of any colour are not defeated by reason and a more robust attitude must be employed if a free society is to survive. If the tyrant has captured the democratic machinery and the avenues of dissension have been closed off what other means are left to redress the situation? Those in Eastern Europe who suffered under Soviet tyranny had no means to resist in any meaningful way and it was only the economic collapse of that hated empire that gave any hope of change. The seemingly unlikely economic collapse of China and its western investors is a worrying new tyranny that might just fulfil Obrien’s chilling vision – “imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever”.

  18. Alistair, man up ad watch this video of Japanese journalist Masako Ganaha who found a couple of videos from the scene in the Capitol Building when Ashli Babbitt was murdered. You tell me why you think Trump supporters are responsible for the rioting, if you can (you won’t be able to, of course):

    • Trump supporters are responsible because trump addressed the crowd of trump supporters, and told them to go to the capitol and use strength to take back what was stolen from them. This woman doesn’t present a very coherent case. There was no need to enrage the trump supporters, trump has been doing it for years, at his rallies and so on. Now get back under your rock.

      • Well I don’t bloody live under a rock. Read the President’s speech at the Elipse – transcripts are available at ABC News – there is not one mention of violence – not one. The peaceful people, which was most of them, were livid at1) the fraudulent election and 2) that their so-called Representatives of both houses were paying no attention to what Americans wanted. And not all of those people were Trump supporters. Were you as upset at the violence in Portland, Seattle, Baltimore, DC, Philadephia Minneapolis this past summer? Your outrage is selective.

  19. Dear Awesome Welles.

    Well said. We witnessed how much energy and political chicanery was employed to thwart Brexit and to imagine that didn’t happen – with knobs on – to get rid of Trump, one has to be blinkered. I was a subscriber to The Spectator for more than 20 years but gave it up when Mathew D’Ancona became the editor who dumped all the best conservative-minded contributors and the magazine has never really recovered. Spiked on-line magazine has taken its place but it’s a pity that they and talkradio haven’t given David Starkey a voice; perhaps they would lose their backers.

  20. Oh dear. Is this the first stirrings of the Salisbury Review going the same way as The Spectator? The only shameful aspect of the events of the 6th are the circumstances which caused it: the complete corruption of states, officials, electors, media platforms and courts by a political ideology whose pure hatred of Donald Trump has collectively sown the seeds of destruction for America. Do you honestly believe there was no collusion? No electoral fraud? No dereliction of duty on the part of Republican senators and the Supreme Court? No hypocrisy, double-standards or outright lies? If you do then you have no purpose in writing for a conservative magazine again, and indeed this magazine needs to reframe its priorities. This entire fiasco and the inevitable horrors which are to follow are the fault of one side: the fascist Left. Not only will Trump leave office with a glowing resume of achievement, but his star is shining brighter now than it ever has and support for him grows larger every day.

    Hang your head in shame, Miller. You’ve got this one totally wrong.

    • Awesome Welles. I welcome articles such as Alistair Millar’s, such a change from the boring hymnals to the 1970’s political revolution of the right. Mrs T, God bless her, is dead and 1970 half a century ago. Mr Black and others might be celebrating the Franco Prussian war for all its relevance to now

  21. Whatever happened to civilised debate? This is a bar room brawl. Reminds me of David Niven’s story of the Hungarian-born director Michael Curtiz, who had not quite mastered the idioms of English: Curtiz to David Niven and Errol Flynn: ‘You lousy bums, you and your stinking language, you think I know fuck nothing, well let me tell you— I know FUCK ALL!’ That’s about the level of it.

      • I’m not a member of the hating left or the hating right. I’m a Conservative. I can take out a liberal or a socialist at a hundred yards with a rifle (no telescopic sight), but I don’t particularly want to.
        What I’m saying is that anyone coming at this debate from outside would see two sides verbally beating the shit out of each other, both believing all truth is on their side and the other has been brainwashed. Now one side might be right. But there are no external criteria or procedures for adjudicating, none which both sides would recognise. Debate is pointless with the enemy. Now there is no longer even the ballot box to decide things. What’s left? Civil War? Dictatorship?
        Conservatives should be worried about this as much as liberals.

        • Firstly Tomas, there is no need for you to explain yourself just because an arrogant individual thinks he can order you to do so.

          As far as “both sides believing the other has been brainwashed” is concerned, one side here has seen a normal election carried out and a new president elected, as has happened every four years. The other side has been told repeatedly that the election was somehow rigged, and steadfastly believes it despite having no first hand knowledge, having no evidence or credible testimony, and having seen all of the legal recourse exhausted. I call the latter evidently brainwashing, the former merely recognition of reality.

          • And AG, one side has claimed, with no evidence, just asserted all the way to the very expensive fake “Mueller” investigation and then a fake impeachment, that Trump colluded with the Russians, and had Russians girls urinate on his bed, and such, and so forth. Also AG, the main matter before us now is the extraordinary assertion of power by the Barons of Big Tech in silencing people who question the dictates of the Big State. This is an extension of the same campaign of power-assertion over the past five years by the Barons of Big Media in demonising Trump and his supporters. Meanwhile, the people who made Trump’s presidency possible are law-abiding, striving, productive people who can see that the Big State -which includes Big Tech and Big Media- seek to enslave us all, in perpetuity. Trump’s supporters prefer not to be slaves. And they do not want the Big State to confiscate the products of their labours and transfer that hard-earned wealth to parasites from anywhere and everywhere. Naive idelaists think that everything should be all nicey-nice and fair and equal -and the Big Statists exploit the delusions of these naive idealists as cover, while they advance their project of total and final enslavement of people who seek to live productively. Just as we saw at Animal Farm, all those years ago. And of course, naive idealists do not recognise Actual Reality even when it knocks on their door and says: Good Morning, I’m Reality, Actually.

          • You are anything but Reality, oh deluded one. You can see some evidence … three hours of it, from Giuliani’s hearing before the Penn Republican senators … is you google YouTube Live: Giuliani at Pennsylvania election hearing. And you can get the story on Dominion via this link:


            Finally, if you want to know why this is happening I suggest you sit tight and google Bitchute Catherine Austin Fitts Full interview.

            Then you might have sufficient grasp of the world about you to comment from “reality”. Good luck.

        • What’s left, Thomas, is cleaving to the truth of who we are (that’s our ethnic group and our race) and the complete morality of our self-assertion. In my experience Conservatives, as vestigial liberals, can’t manage that, though they can manage to smile meekly while we are taken out of existence. Your role, as a white man, is to defend us with rather more vigour and insight than Conservatives can manage.

  22. As an aside, I’m sick of hearing self-justifying plod commenting on talkradio (I stopped listening to BBC Radio 4 some time ago) telling us that the police are only carrying out the law. The police in 1930s/’40s Germany only carried out the law. The police in East Germany only carried out the law. The police in the Soviet Union only carried out the law. The police in occupied France and the Channel Islands only carried out the law. To begin with, many of the ‘laws’ referred to are not law but ‘guidelines’ that gives plod no right to ‘enforce’. Even so, those recent ‘laws’ which they can enforce are so transient – I hope -, arbitrary, and often unreasonable and unjustified in many cases are open for plod to make a discretionary decision on whether to take action or not. Gone are the days when a police constable would recognise no ill intent or a transgression so minor as to warrant a simple friendly reminder. Now we have a ‘gendarmerie’ ready to ‘take the knee’ for favoured political miscreants and carrying clanking restraint hardware about them to be used on a dangerous elderly woman rescuing her 90+ year-old mother from an inhuman and distressing isolation in a home and for another posing a threat to public health for sitting alone on a sea-front bench! My god! What has Britain descended into?

  23. Generally, one’s enemies are delighted to have one argue over incidentals, or be otherwise looking away from their lines of attack. Specifically, the Big Statists now are pleased to have pro-Western/pro-free-enterprise people arguing over Trump’s public behaviour. Note who contributes to such diversion. Such diverters might be in league with the enemy. Or they might just be acting out their naive idealism, addictively. Whatever, it is is best to focus one’s energies on the main matters.

  24. Dear Davis.

    You make an excellent analogy. Martin Luther, Donald Trump, and Nigel Farage stood up to a closed and cosseted state establishment and big-business interests who had disenfranchised not only their fellow citizens, of whom they thought too dim to rock their comfy boat, but sold their country from under them too. That comfy boat in Britain hit an unexpected reef in 2016 which took their boat more than four years to sink due to feverish attempts to man the pumps. Donald Trump has been destroyed but the people who voted for him have not gone away and one can only hope that a more skilful American patriot will take up the true meaning and cause that the founding fathers of the American Constitution had intended and will prevail.

  25. 500 years ago this month the establishment burned the books of Martin
    Luther outside the church of Great St. Mary’s. This was because,
    according to them, he “offended the ears of pious people”. Luther
    attacked the establishment in what was to them an “offensive and
    intolerant” manner and opened the door to free speech. This is much the
    same way that President Donald Trump attacked the comfortable, corrupt
    and anti- American establishment in the USA. “Offending the ears of
    pious people” the MSM, slebs, and the swamp. For speaking the truth,
    Luther was ex-communicated in much the same way that President Trump is being treated and his supporters victimised by their employers. Luther was intolerant and abrasive saying that in order to achieve change one needed to be “offensive”. Sound familiar?
    I am sure that President Donald Trump had no idea that the demonstrators would act in the violent manner they did and would have been very aware of the opprobrium that such actions would cause. Thus it is entirely disingenuous to claim that he “engineered” the violence when at best, all he did was encourage people to demonstrate.
    What is interesting is the disgusting manner in which President Donald Trump has been convicted and sentenced without trial – not even an enquiry.
    One holds no brief for violent whether they are BLM or Trump supporters but the actions of large tech companies and their clamp down on those that “offend the ears of pious people” are actions that the Kremlin and Peking take to serve the exact same purpose. They seem to forget that some 70million Americans voted for President Donald Trump and that their gratuitous and abusive actions will not be forgotten.

  26. Continuing waves of manufactured anti-Trump hysteria. Meanwhile, Team Biden is appointing appeasers and social workers to key foreign affairs, defence, and security roles.

    • He has also appointed a terrile racist female to run the Civil LIberties Divison of the Justice Department. She believes that blacks have melanin which makes them morally, spiritually and intellectully superior to whites, Asians, etc. That is only the beginnig of the qualities which should dis-qualify her for any positon in the American government. There will be more disasters to come.

  27. The Big Statists are now doing all possible to divert attention from their own internal conflicts, and to de-legitimise all opposition. And they are well-aided by self-righteous naive idealists who regard themselves as non-Big Statists.

  28. I note that some official writers (bloggers) in some mags/papers appear to be ill-informed on matters on which they opine, and/or are pushing a barrow of weak constitution, and/or are consciously/unconsciously working for forces that seek our final enslavement.

  29. Agreed.

    The smug chuckle at Alexander Lukashenko’s 98% polling in Belarus but have complete faith in an unlikely election result in America.

  30. This is not an article. It’s a rant. I can hardly be bothered to comment. My wife hears the word Conspiracy and mentally adds the word Theory to it. MI6 and CIA were founded on the knowledge that there are conspiracies – real ones. Creeping Marxism is real. The writer needs to research more.

    • I said it in the third from last paragraph. The question is whose hands did the events in Washington, incited by Trump, play into.

      • There was no incitement. Trump specifically told the crowd to be peaceful.

        What do you think about Antifa in the crowd, and the videos of Trump supporters shouting “Antifa, Antifa” and stopping them break windows? What do you think about Kamal-Harris telling Antifa-BLM not to stop their rioting, or Biden describing these enemies of humanity as a “movement”?

        You seem to have a complete misunderstanding of American politics, the uniparty in Washington, and the white American complaint. You have been swallowed up by Establishment thinking. What, then, can we do to free you from your prison of conformism and enable you to understand the world properly? How about you doing some research?

        • Of course he did not directly call for violence, but he came close:
          ‘Be there, will be wild!’
          ‘We will stop the steal. We’re going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, and we’re going to the Capitol…We’re going to try and give our Republicans, the weak ones…the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country.’
          I think his call to be peaceful came after the Capitol had been invaded.
          The other problem is that the allegations of election fraud have been rejected now by almost 60 courts, many headed by Trump-appointed judges. Are they all in the pay of the Chinese? Is there to be no due legal process? Are all judges fake?
          And is it not just conceivable (notwithstanding the biased media, the BLM double standards etc.) that Trump actually lost the election, his increasingly erratic and bizarre behaviour in recent months having alienated even Republican voters?

          • He specifically called for peaceful protest. Even before his speech he tweeted for respect for the police.

            But you don’t know this, do you? Because you only believe what you are told by the Establishment media.

            The refusal by 61 courts, out of 62, to hear the case does not bear on the evidence; which has not been presented. The refusals were all grounded in objections to standing or procedure. But, again, you are satisfied with the shallow and deceptive Establishment line.

            You don’t know anything. So what are you doing sounding off about it? Of course, you are expressing your prejudices, which are not yours at all really but have merely been imposed upon you by much cleverer others.

          • Alistair Miller: You are wasting your time. The other resident nutcases who comment here are so deeply entrenched in their conspiracy nonsense that no amount of rational explanation of objective reality, however much you try to add the odd sweetener about encroaching Marxism or China, is going to shake it. Such people never want to admit they’re wrong and will say literally anything to avoid it, no matter how ludicrous it is.

            However, I admire your effort here. There is hope for you, and us, yet.

          • Guessedworker: P.S. There is no evidence. If there had been it would have been presented. You are propagating a lie.

          • Werdna, what violence? You were not there. You do not acknowledge the role of Antifa agents provocateurs. You have simply swallowed the hating left’s line, because you are a hating leftist.

            What made you so morally twisted that you support the revolutionary neo-Marxist left? A disgrace to the human spirit.

          • Werdna, try to think free of the white-hatred which consumes you. Google “Youtube Live: Giuliani at Pennsylvania election hearing”, and you can enjoy 3 hours 20 mins of evidence.

    • Tell me: do you know of any conspiracy that’s been proven to have been carried out over continental U.S. land mass?

      For sure: election fraud takes place, but fraud enough to swing an election involving 160 million + votes, fraud which would have involved thousands of conspirators? No, honey.

      • Google “Epoch Times Who’s Stealing America?” Scroll to 55 min 40 sec, and listen to the passage from a lecture on the CCP’s role in the 2020 US election, given by a Chinese academic to a CCP audience. He explains that China has bought the American election with cooperation “from friends in Wall Street” and the Washington elites.

  31. What a ridiculous comment. There was massive fraud in part financed by Zuckerberg to the tune of nearly $500 m for “election officials and ballot boxes”. As far as I know no complaint has been adjudicated on the merits – they all fell foul of jurisdictional issues. It was better handled at the political level. But look what happened.

    The Capitol police were warned that Antifa would be part of the Trump rally dressed to look like Trump supporters – and they allowed them to walk in/smash their way in. Why? No doubt it will come out in the wash.

    So now there is President living on Chinese money and with dementia. Who knows how this will work out but probably not well.

    • So, you think Trump should have adjudicated on the election, not the judges?
      Apparently (according to ‘The American Conservative’) Zuckerberg donated about $350 million to the Center for Technology and Civic Life, which ‘worked to induce voter participation in carefully selected parts of states and municipalities’ by ‘offering election authorities money for putting voting drop-boxes in certain areas’. Whether this would have swung the election or not, I do not know, but ‘massive fraud’?
      More serious (again from ‘The American Conservative’) is the ‘virtually unbounded support for Biden in the mainstream media’ and the ‘censuring information detrimental to Biden during the campaign’. But then Trump overcame this obstacle when he was elected, and could easily have again, given his achievements, if only he had been able to behave in a slightly more presidential manner. In the end, people had just had enough of his erratic behaviour, his outbursts, his handling of the virus, his grotesque narcissism. The tragedy is that he ended up destroying himself.

      • You and I appear to be living on two different planets. While I can easily agree that Trump is not the smooth, diplomatic type and maybe that is to be regretted, what I see now is the world’s most powerful country about to be run by a President paid by China. How far this can be opposed in the US I don’t know – all to be played for.

        For over 4 years some powerful Democrats have been trying to stop Trump – agents inside his campaign, Russian collusion, Ukrainian collusion. All came to a head in a phoney election with a powerful combination of Wall Street and Silicon Valley. The propaganda now has it that there was nothing wrong with the election. Really!

        We are already a very weakened country because of the Chinese virus – but when we look across the Atlantic and see what is likely to engulf the US we should be very afraid.

          • Do you realise that Dominion is owned by a Chinese financial operation? Have you actually thought about any of the evidence for electoral fraud, or are you just an ideological right-hater and an sponge for any and all of the dictates from the US Establishment?

    • No problem! ‘Alistair’ is a bastardised Anglicised version of the original Scots ‘Alasdair’ anyway. It is supposedly more refined. Alister on the other hand is suggestive of the dark arts.

  32. Dear Alister Miller.

    Well said. The stated aim of Karl Marx was to remake man and produce ‘new man’. Only a megalomaniac would entertain such a hideous notion.

  33. It’s a dark day for freedom. Trump is naive in political strategy which the left has honed to a sharp edge and, as they now have so much power after their long-march since the 1960s. into state institutions and courting media/corporate interests, they are able to control events and influence the minds of those who do not question that which is fed to them and are deluded in voting for more ‘security’ AKA state power. China has perfected the economic/electronic dream solution for complete state control and provided a model of global power that the elite in the west has recognised and is well on it’s way to have complete control of your life .

  34. Editor Harris, are you OK with the kind of trash being posted below by Werdna -given your recently announced guidelines for comment word count?

    Quality is perhaps as important as quantity?

    Perhaps canvas views among bloggers?

    And really, while my comments were often lengthy, I never offered insults as crudely as does Werdna.

    My judgments of others’ weaknesses were always so well-framed and politely put.


  35. Well said. Of course, Salisbury Review itself added fuel to the fire by publishing a ridiculous article by Catherine Blaiklock pretending she’d done “research” that proved the election fraud. Something of which she and the editor should be completely ashamed, although I’m not holding my breath for any kind of retraction. The editor will doubtless defend publishing such fatuous tosh, and the climate change nonsense by the same deluded author, as “freedom of speech”. It’s not, of course. He doesn’t know the meaning of freedom of speech. Where does it end when it comes to propagation of ignorant, unsubstantiated nonsense?

    I’m relieved and impressed that the machinery and institutions of United States democracy have held firm and the properly elected new president will be inaugurated next week.

    I’m no longer worried about what damage trump will do, at least so long as somebody has the sense to sit on him for the next ten days. I expect him to flee from his legal problems, possibly to Hungary, or maybe Moscow or even Pyongyang perhaps. I am, though, worried about some of the brainless morons I’ve seen calling for public executions of such as Pelosi, Schumer, even Pence and Graham. They have absolutely no grasp on reality, have unrestrained anger and are armed. Some of the utterly bizarre ideas I’ve I’ve read on twitter recently have defied belief.

    Conservatives have a lot to answer for. No longer is socialism merely a more egalitarian way of organising society so that wealth is distributed more equally, it is now something to be genuinely feared. Some of the rhetoric on this site is breathtakingly stupid, and frankly borderline fascistic. And then you end up with somebody screaming “they’re going to turn us into a fucking socialist Republic”. Well if that’s what the people vote for, shouldn’t you accept it rather than try to kill the public servants charged with implementing their wishes?

    • I’m newish here. Do you propagate such ‘ignorant, unsubstantiated nonsense’ every day? If so, I fully understand the editor’s concerns about limiting forum hogs and bullies.

      • Good evening, Newish. I think your ire is aimed at our Scottish astrologer, Werdna (formerly Andrew) and I applaud your perspicacity in calling him a hog and a bully; but it would be helpful if you could attach a name to the person to whom you’re referring, especially since this august website doesn’t use the Disqus format.


    • There is a debate to be had about social democracy, the corporate state, a fairer society etc. But egalitarian socialism requires people to be reengineered so that their selfish egoistic acquisitive instincts are eliminated. Since these are integral to human nature, this can only be achieved through a totalitarian state in which individual wills are replaced by the collective will. Plato said it. Hegel said it. Marx followed on. The result? Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot etc. Yes, I’m afraid socialism has a lot to answer for.

      • Alistair Miller: we’ve just seen the American state, purely through the strength of its democratic institutions, resist the attempt by a despot to remain in power despite losing a proper election. I don’t think we need to worry about the onset of totalinarianism in this country if the Labour party are elected, whoever’s in charge of it, do we. Your article seemed to give a nod to the reality of what happened in the US, aren’t you slightly more concerned about the comments of people here who seem welded to the idea that trump wasn’t actually lying to them, and the utter nonsense that they still believe to be true? And, what similar people in the States might try next? Ultra right wing fascism actually IS attempting dictatorship, today, and you’re still banging on about a theoretical threat from socialism. Have a think about that.

        • Werdna – your political understanding is laughable. Mussolini was a Fascist, a Branch of National Socialism. In your child-like understanding that means Left-wing.
          So,what is this Ultra right wing fascism that is attempting dictatorship today?
          If the Labour party is elected we will be given Socialism, and given enough time that always leads to misery and Dictatorship. Name a successful Socialist country with happy people.
          This Left/Right thing. Please understand that there is no right wing except in the minds of Marxists. It is their imaginary enemy.
          The truth is that there are Socialists (the minority) and the rest – individuals who are not organised, with no plan to take over the world.
          Socialists tend to win because they are not individuals, but a bunch of organised groupthinkers who do what their leaders say.

          • Are you for real? There is no point in arguing with somebody who is detached from reality.

            You can Google “happy socialist country” yourself, but I got the following: “Forbes magazine’s most recent list of “The 10 Happiest Countries” are: Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada and Austria. MoneySmart lists the “10 Most Socialist Countries”: China, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, New Zealand and Belgium.11 Aug 2019”

            Quite an overlap.

            Which is the ultra right wing fascism that is attempting dictatorship today? Really? It’s been on all the news.

            I suggest that even a “childlike” understanding is better than a completely blinkered one. But as they say, you people always accuse others if what you yourself are guilty of. Now go away you silly individual.

          • Werdna, socialism has killed 90 million people since the October Revolution. It is anti-human. Why, then, do you argue for it?

            It is, by the way, common relation which makes peoples content. No people want their commonality disrupted by foreign ingress. Do they.

        • Trump is not a despot. BIden is an idiot and Harris is pulling his strings. The lib dems, the press and some Republicans have been after Trump since he first took office. He threatened their complacency, their entrenched policies and spoke to the fact that they were not acting in the best interests of America or Americans. Americans listened and voted accordinly. You don’t have to like the man to like the work.

  36. Most likely scenario now is Trump will mobilise anti-Big State/pro-free enterprise/pro- self-sufficiency voters on multi-media platforms and live rallies. The Left is frightened by this -which is why they are spraying vast quantities of fake/false/scare-mongering trash. Trump not in office is now a greater threat to the Left than Trump in office. GOP politicians will benefit from Trump’s MEGA-MAGA campaigning. And the RNC will act to reduce Leftist vote manufacturing.

    • Imagine my surprise (not) that it is this individual that still cannot see the reality staring every normal person in the face, and is actually doubling down on the stupid trump rhetoric. I mean, the phrase “the left… are spraying vast quantities of fake/false/scare-mongering trash” just shows how utterly deluded you have been. The left!?!?!? Are you sure? How about try reading the article and digesting some of the facts spelled out for you. Trump is only going one of three ways: prison, exile or self-inflicted death.

  37. Trump snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. He had the opportunity to harangue the demonstrators, and tell them, they had won by the fact of demonstrating and should now go home. But he did not. It is very likely this will be the defining moment of his presidency, when it will be seen as clear that he did not care about the constitution. As it is, he has enabled Democrats to cast themselves as protectors of a constitution which they above all want to transform beyond recognition, and now have the means to do so. How conservatives recover from this debacle is anybody’s guess.

          • Oh Myles, are you trying to exercise some pretendy authority in this madhouse? You allow racists, homophobes and conspiracy theorists to put forward half-baked unsubstantiated nonsense about stolen elections and so on, but you delete a light-hearted jibe at somebody who has added precisely fuck all to this discussion other than childish one word snipes. What a ridiculous buffoon you are. Now delete that, if you’re such a snowflake you find it too offensive.

          • Swearing and bad manners are the marks of a bully, if you have a case you do it on its merits. It’s tiresome dealing with bad manners

    • You know Trump’s tweet pleading with his supporters to stay peaceful and go home was almost immediately deleted by Twitter, right? And that the tiny group instigating the violence were carefully organised Antifa infiltrators and provocateurs? And that the Capitol police strangely unlocked the doors and escorted protestors inside? That Trump supporters booed the one person breaking a window and stopped him? That Trump was again tricked, as he was with the most fraudulent election in history? I don’t think you should kick a man when he’s been done down like this. Anyone wanting sources for these details should go as quickly as possible to the few remaining US sites still not silenced by the corporate communist takeover. Try ‘conspiracy’ news site Infowars, still online, which correctly predicted the leftist coup before Trump even assumed office.

      • All of the infiltrators identified so far have been verified trump supporters or qanon conspiracy theorists. You shouldn’t believe everything you read on parler.

        The rest of this is similar bullshit. Trump told them to go to the capitol and “show strength”, even suggested which senators should be the target of their anger. His son whipped them up even more. I hardly think any of them were going to be checking twitter in the middle of their riot, so deleting that is moot.

    • Maybe more than half of Americans believe the election was fraudulent, that Trump is being illegally removed from office, and that the villains have framed him as the illegal plotter. Few will ever trust the US state and electoral system again, nor believe anything by those saying no fraud or takeover has occurred. The ‘victorious’ US left, their Republican ‘pets’ (only about 6 stood up for Trump), and Congress itself have a gigantic headache: how to restore their reputations as honest and legitimate governors. Only a fully-public and impartial trial and investigation of all the evidence can prove or disprove Trump’s claims satisfactorily. Innocent people wrongly accused of huge crimes would welcome and even demand such an investigation to clear their names. Unfortunately, not one Leftist politician, commentator or celebrity has done so. That screams ‘guilty’ and also ‘f___ Trump’s America’, and it will ensure an ungivernable and unhappy and ‘Disunited States of America” until the truth of the 2020 election is revealed. But the corporate communists and their captive media, now busily cancelling all Trump supporters, ending both free speech and the land of the free itself, will never do that. Guilty!

      • Thank you for your comments.
        I’m un-subbing from the Salisbury Review – they won’t miss me and I won’t miss them.
        Telegram, Signal, Gab, 8kun itsel – use discernment, but at least remain open to the truth.

      • Nicholas=VictoryofthePeople: less than half of Americans believe that, only because they’ve been lied to about it repeatedly. None of them have any first hand knowledge at all. If there had been any evidence, the courts wouldn’t have thrown out 60+ cases.

        And as for innocent people being happy for an investigation, well, there hasn’t been a crime to investigate. The attorney general himself said so. Where sound you start? Should we investigate your sexual activity with underage boys? Sound you be happy with that? Of course not, because shit sticks, even if it’s fabricated shit.

        • Actually, little boy, according to Rabobank, who have the best record of any US polling organisation, 60% of the American population believe that the election was stolen. That is because there is massive evidence, laid out by Giuliani at various times.

          You are a malignant little nothing without an independent thought in your head. Aren’t you.

          • Well, let’s gloss over the fact you appear to fantasise about little boys. What a strange insult to use.

            The percentage of Americans who think that is nowhere near 60%. Not much a higher percentage even of republicans do. There doesn’t appear to be any trace of that poll to be found either. You’re making it up. Again. Even Ted Cruz only claimed 39%, and he’s been called out for exaggeration.

            In short, you’re a liar.

            On top of that, the only reason they believe it is because they’ve been lied to so often. They don’t have first hand knowledge.

        • I can’t describe you as a man. You appear much too much the pathetic middle-class Billy No Mates with no job, no education, no girlfriend, but a very great deal of psychological conflict.

          Rabobank say 60%, which includes 20% of Dem voters. Why don’t you research the evidence yourself and then you can join them. The 40% figure that Cruz quoted as from a different polling company. You don’t have to live in denial.

          • I can’t even describe you as human. Even the editor here is contemptuous of you, and that’s saying something. You are a poisonous, racist liar who invents facts and projects your own problems onto others. Your numbers here are absolute lies and, of course, none of us here can do our own “research”, we have to rely on objective local reports.

          • Werdna, I am an Englishman who loves his people, and happens to possess sufficient capacity and scholarship to make you look like the fool you are on any argumentational basis you like and at any level of abstraction.

            What are you? A white-hater who, naturally enough, cannot explain his pathological emotions. If you think you can give me one reason why your politics of anti-white racism is good for my people. Go ahead. Let’s all see how empty you are.

          • You are the racist. You don’t love people, you love your own dna. You have posted on here about your fear that your “racial purity” is under threat. You’re lying about having any kind of “scholarship”. I wonder if you’re connected to those racists in the psychology department at kcl.

          • You never said what a Dutch/Australian bank would know about election fraud in the US. You lied about that too, didn’t you? Everything you say is a lie.

    • Trump never ever went against the Constitution. The eminent liberal lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who did not vote for Trump, has pointed this out on many occasions. Please do feel free to go argue this with him.