Twitter revives the ducking stool for unwoke witches

A fresh approach to Islamophobia

I’ve just received an email from Twitter showing a list of accusations against me, accusing me of violating Twitter rules and German law, via the ‘Network Enforcement Act. Alarming, especially when followed by a second one. I considered a new ‘Nuremberg Defence;’ ‘I was only trying to stop people following orders.’ Happily, Twitter acquitted me on all charges. Relief!  But the complaints showed how people are now pressured to think and speak according to the orders of Woke.

Immigration barrister Colin Yeo has just published a book, Welcome to Britain, with the blurb; ‘Britain thinks of itself as a welcoming country, but the reality has always been different. Migration is viewed benevolently when hypothetical, but heaven forbid anyone should actually try to migrate here.’ I tweeted him that I don’t understand why most Islamic migrants choose Britain rather than any of the fifty Muslim countries. I also asked for his solution to the inflatable boats leaving Calais. His answer was that he wouldn’t waste his time debating with an ‘Islamophobe.’

I know there are billions of good Muslims. In an art class after forgetting my lunch an Iranian woman offered me hers. The mostly wealthy English ladies present wouldn’t offer a crisp. I’ve had good experiences with Asians here and abroad, that doesn’t affect my question; great people; why not live among them? His attitude also ignores the fact that the Gulf States are among the very few countries which didn’t sign the 1951 UN Convention on refugees, which recognised migrant rights and the legal obligations towards them of signatory powers.

The Arab monarchies persistently refuse to adopt any legal obligations towards refugees.  Other Muslim countries do not seem keen on their co-religionists in distress; a whole girls’ football team taking refuge in Pakistan from Afghanistan, were recently put on a plane to England.

If that annoys you, according to the rules of Woke, you are a ‘Phobe.’ I was also on the criminal list for suggesting that we cannot have continuous mass migration and a welfare state. The figures won’t work out. The NHS was designed for a homogenous forty million. The UEA once bluntly explained that they weren’t taking refugees from Syria as they didn’t want extremism, or lower living standards. I don’t think they were reported.

The next tackle was over the forbidden theme of, what about the white working class?  Someone called Naveed tweeted that British Asians are excluded from higher education including medical schools. I wrote that a friend at the National Hospital for Neurology, told me that most of the young doctors were British Asian men. She’d never encountered a white working- class male or female. It may be factual but to write it is racist.

Then there was a bit of a change, coming from a ‘collective’ called Gentle/Radical, shortlisted for the Turner Prize which was advertised with the words: ‘All the nominees work closely and continuously with communities across the breadth of the UK to inspire social change through art. The collaborative practices also reflect the solidarity and community demonstrated in response to the pandemic.’ I suggested that it offered nothing to white working- class people, or what was once called, ‘The general public.’ For many, especially in artists’ collectives, you cannot say that as the word ‘white’ is ‘problematic,’ against orders.   

The last complaint followed a piece in the Metro newspaper which reported that 1.5 million Londoners remain unvaccinated. Most of them in Newham, Lambeth, Brent and Ealing. The paper didn’t identify any groups of course. A recent feature on BBC Radio 4 about ‘Spiritual abuse,’ managed not to say who they were talking about.

The clue was a mention of ‘Headgear being restricted so that women can’t go out.’ We know who is being talked about. The Newham immigrant population is 71%. It irked me that they are threatening everyone by refusing free vaccines, unavailable to people in their countries of origin, who are desperate to get them. Even suggesting foreign origins is verboten, indeed, under Woke, the word ‘foreign’ is taboo, sorry not allowed to say that either, even in referring to a ‘foreign body’ in someone’s eye.  

The final indictment was for saying that I was tired of Britain being traduced by people who’ve chosen to live here. As much a puzzle as why Muslims don’t want to live in Muslim countries, but expressing such conundrums veers too close to ideas which are strictly against orders. Break them and you will find yourself in the dock shamefaced before the court of public opinion, then it’s all down to the Twitter judges and the courage of people around you, whether you get the black cap or walk free.    

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26 Comments on Twitter revives the ducking stool for unwoke witches

  1. Re why do they come – In a moderately liberal country in the ME, in a public discussion concluding a public cultural event, a Muslim person said to the entire entire assembled audience that everyone knows that Muslims are freer to practice their religion in Europe that anywhere in the ME.

  2. I see the far left has nothing to do. But bring their bile onto the Salisbury Review website.
    ‘A Human Being’ seems to be a bit of a braggart. A stranger from the truth. Never mind.

  3. Certain persons with limited grasp of reality and associated limited vocab, are incapable of distinguishing “racism” from “race realism”.

    And these certain persons typically seek to feel virtuous by yelling Racist! at any opportunity, often with the intention to divert attention from the high comparative incidence of parasitism, uneducability, untrainability, violence and other criminality that is exhibited by protected racial/ethnic/”religious” groups.

    And this kind of (fake/false) virtue-seeking and its underlying anti-Europeanist ideology now permeates the mainstream media, Big Tech, social media, the education and legal systems, and now Big Biz generally. In consequence, many/most members of the host culture have simply given up trying to be productive, contributing, law-abiding citizens.

    With that, and with the now dominating superstitious beliefs about what causes the climate, the most likely scenario for the coming decade or so is a crumbling of all institutions, including the collapse of systems for the supply of food, energy, and other essentials).

    This crumbling will make life rather hard-going for naive idealists and their parasitic clients. And the rapid rise of violent criminality, among various non-white sectors, as increasingly very evident in the USA and in the UK, will visit much misery upon the vulnerable and the innocent, of all ages.

  4. Not much to fear from ‘Grandma’ and ‘A Human Being’! Readers can see the low level of intelligence and abuse, which is why I have not blocked them. The link in Perspectives is instructive. It confirms what Jane Kelly has written, but our three trolls are so blinded by their own dogma they can’t even add a row of figures.

    • Oh Myles, I’d wipe the floor with you in any measure of intelligence you care to nominate. You can’t even understand that “Grandma” and I appear to be have opposing views regarding the racist Kelly.

    • Well, it’s noble of you to allow these wretched, abusive, self-righteous pinkos to demonstrate their own stupidity because it shows a commitment to free speech. On the other hand, given that their remarks are a) thoughtless; b) repetitious; c) personal; d) inaccurate and e) to be be found all over a number of other outlets, it might be time to block them now. After all, they have demonstrated just who and what they are; no more evidence is needed.

      • He can’t. He’s tried before. Perhaps you could come up with a way it can be done? Some of the utter nonsense on this site, especially on race and climate, needs to be opposed.

  5. Note regarding:

    The person/s posting woke idiocies and using vile adjectives to describe those of non-woke ideology who use a realistic approach to the composition of social systems:

    Such persons might be simply rebels with pointless causes, out on a lark.

    Or indeed, they might be naive victims of the anti-Westernist propaganda that now thoroughly permeates the education systems and the MSM.

    Or they might be actual anti-Westernist agents -of which there are many varieties, home-grown and imported, and/or typing in from abroad.

    Whatever the case, such persons are enemies of human flourishing and should be treated as such, in my view.

  6. Some Pakistanis wish to live in England.
    I wish to live in England but not in Pakistan.
    Walthamstow in 1961 compared to 2021.
    Defending one’s native culture is not “excrement” and should not be a criminal offence, in England or in Pakistan.

  7. Most of the contributors here write toxic excrement and you have covered yourself in shit

  8. The immigrant population of Newham isn’t anywhere near 71%. That’s another lie guaranteed to get the furious racists riled. “Off to the Blackwall Tunnel we go!”.

  9. People who play in toxic sewers get covered in excrement, Jane. Please stop wasting your time in that evil place in favour of more articles for those of us who appreciate you.

  10. Oft asked question:

    “Why do Muslims want to live in the West, esp in the Anglosphere?”


    1. The West, esp the Anglosphere is where access to wealth, earned and unearned, is freely available to Muslims born outside the elite Muslim family circles.

    2. Muslims living in the West have far, far greater freedoms generally than Muslims living in Muslim countries.

    3. Muslims living in the West can more freely engage in violence and other criminality, without sanction, than Muslims living in Muslim countries

    4. Muslims living in the West are free to expand the membership and influence of Islamism in the West, esp in the English-speaking countries -all paid for by non-Muslim nett tax-payers.

  11. Well said, Jane. What is frequently overlooked is that Muslim men – and I cite the overwhelmingly male migrants – do not have access to liberated women in the Islamic world. They know relationships with our indigenous women are free from religious persecution, and more than that, if they manage to father a child, that they will have cast iron protection against deportation – even if they are convicted of serious crime.

    There is no answer to the Channel migration until the lawyers’ headlock is removed. Then we can repatriate.

  12. Well said, Jane. You make some very reasonable and valid points. And if Islam is so good, why do Muslims want to live in a non-Islamic state – let alone a nominally Christian one? I think the answer can only be that they enjoy the benefits of living in a liberal democracy under a generous welfare state. As you do rightly say, Jane, that system is in danger of creaking.

    NB. I was intrigued to read this blog post last night, before it suddenly disappeared!

    • I had to change it as I was wrong about someone who I thought had reported me & they hadn’t! Also I wanted to put in the stats on the UN protocol. I am glad you enjoyed the piece – onwards into the woke wars!

      • The “woke wars”? You sad, pathetic never-was. You’re reduced to writing your bile in the smallest echo chamber on the internet. “Tally ho chaps!”

          • You will have noticed, Jane, but courteously not remarked, that our opponents typically use stupid personal abuse rather than rational arguments or factual evidence. Those who speak of excrement should examine themselves.