Editorial Summer 2014

15th July 2014 0

Eighty million passengers pass through Heathrow each year. Planes take off and land on average every 91 seconds, 18 hours a day. They get bigger and faster. A super jumbo can now transport the population of a medieval town half way around the globe in 24 hours. In 25 years if you want speed and have the money a hypersonic … [Read on]

Sir Bert the Political Pygmy

11th July 2014 0

Researching an article about Mr Huhne recently, I was struck by how many public figures now use diminutives of their names. There have always been a few who have done so, of course, but now it is a mass phenomenon, like drunkenness in public. Chris himself does so. Still, one cannot imagine anyone referring to Gladstone as Bill, to Wellington … [Read on]

Is football pornography by other means?

5th July 2014 0

It isn’t been easy to avoid the World Cup, impossible if one takes the newspapers. Nor has the competition been entirely without interest: for example, how and why does a man like Luis Suarez become a serial biter of his opponents? Why does he not learn to keep his teeth to himself? I suppose the fact that he earns enough … [Read on]

Not for him the siren song of social injustice

25th June 2014 1

Arriving in one of Britain’s pleasanter provincial cities recently, I took a taxi from the station. The driver, I soon discovered, was Somali. He was delighted that I had been to Somalia – only the second such passenger he had ever had, he said. We talked of the good old days of the dictator, Siad Barre. He was too young … [Read on]

Is it because I’m black?

28th May 2014 0

Returning home from abroad recently, the airline temporarily lost my luggage and promised to deliver it to my house a little later. It did indeed try to do so, but it was at eight in the evening and I was out in a restaurant having dinner with my neighbours. The delivery man left my case at my next door neighbour … [Read on]

Gabriel Hershman is concerned about the effect Britain’s criminal underclass might have on law abiding, hard working Bulgarians

28th May 2014 0

Anyone reading the British tabloids in January 2014 could have been forgiven for imagining that the UK was about to be invaded by Romanians and Bulgarians. If you believed it then Sofia bus station should have resembled the evacuation before the Fall of Saigon in 1975: people fighting over seats, clinging to the top of the bus and even trying … [Read on]

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