17th May 2019 46

At the request of several Muslim institutions, the government intends to strengthen the definition of “Islamophobia” so that in future it will read: “Islamophobia is rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness.” No it isn’t, and it could never be that. Here we have a fine example of what Wittgenstein described in his … [Read on]

St Brian Epstein: Canonised by the BBC

16th May 2019 8

I don’t normally listen to anything presented by Matthew Parris. I was inoculated against him some years ago. But the other day by accident I came in for the last quarter of an hour of an edition of his programme Great Lives when the subject was Brian Epstein, manager of The Beatles from 1961 until his death from a drugs overdose a few years … [Read on]

Mao’s Long March through today’s Tory Ranks

14th May 2019 12

Written by David Kurten & Niall McCrae In Alice and Wonderland, the Queen believed six impossible things before breakfast. We present just one conjecture, far-fetched at first glance, but based on evidence. The Conservative Party, as frequently observed, is no longer conservative. But it is worse than merely a liberal dilution of its former self. Our belief is that the … [Read on]

Dirty Thoughts

13th May 2019 2

There is no longer anyone pure enough in mind to present the Oscars 2019. Of all the actors in the world none can be trusted to have enough virtue to be worthy of the honour. In December Kevin Hart, an actor and comedian, was invited to do it, he seemed to fit the bill entirely as he is black, but … [Read on]

Ex Hippocrates

10th May 2019 14

If you live in London you will have seen the adverts on the underground for Babylon’s online GP service, ‘GP at Hand’. It offers what every patient (and government health minister) wants, instant access to a GP. Health Secretary Matt Hancock is an enthusiastic customer along with 40,000 other customers. All you have to do is to pick up your … [Read on]

Reputations: Diane Abbott

8th May 2019 13

The squeals of Labour protests over Question Time’s ‘unacceptable’ treatment of Diane Abbott will not surprise anyone who has followed her chequered often disastrous relationship with the media. ‘Diane Abbott has been subjected to a serious, often racist and sexist campaign of hate and abuse’ complained a Labour spokesman, who demanded an apology from the BBC and a full transcript … [Read on]

Degrees of Racism

6th May 2019 12

Once upon a time, English boys existed in England. Today they are classified simply as white males. The prevailing ethos maintains this sub-group of humanity is privileged by both their skin colour and their sex but, as should be obvious to those who deal in reality, this isn’t the case at all. Boys of all racial backgrounds are a declining … [Read on]

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