Eddie Large RIP

3rd April 2020 0

Sad to hear of the passing of comedian Eddie Large, the fat funny one of comedy duo Little and Large, and pleasantly surprised to find two pieces on them in the Telegraph, both affectionate. They weren’t the world’s greatest comedians, but they entertained the ten to fifteen million viewers who tuned in to watch their shows on Saturday nights in … [Read on]

Diary of the Chinese Pestilence

2nd April 2020 0

Day 15   April 1st        The Chinese Virus is affecting the Brains of Old Ladies. Hospital death toll up by 563 to 2,352 – 31% up on yesterday. The original plan for today was a portrait group this afternoon, and the first of a series of ‘2020 Climate Change Seminars,’ tonight in the local church hall, under such headings as, ‘Climate … [Read on]

After Covid 19: A police state?

1st April 2020 10

Never in the field of human conflict…has the emotional tail wagged the economic and political dog so vigorously. Regardless of how we got where we are, I really wonder why we are here, how we are going to get out of it and what it means for the future. I must preface this with an acknowledgement that Covid-19 is a … [Read on]

Diary of the Chinese Pestilence

31st March 2020 3

Day 14.         Of the unrepentant Chinese Virus          Monday March 30th 2020 1,228 deaths in the UK so far, 260 on Saturday alone. The big question is, how did we manage before the word ‘vulnerable’ and terms, ‘front line’ and ‘Underlying conditions,’ came into modern parlance? They are now about every second word heard from the BBC. ‘Go on, it’ll do … [Read on]

Do Conservatives have an absolute right to be conservative?

29th March 2020 3

Judging from the debate raging in the conservative media, it is conservative political principles that are being tested unlike any other in the current crisis. Socialists and modern ‘social justice’ liberals have little problem with big government and totalitarian society. But framing the current emergency measures in terms of loss of individual liberty is, I think, not how conservatives ought … [Read on]

Can the Royal Family Read?

29th March 2020 4

Perusing my web browser newsfeeds, my eye was caught by the headline ‘Kate Middleton shows off her incredible book collection’, courtesy of Hello Magazine. Always happy to look at photos of easy-on-the-eye Kate Middleton, I turned to the article curious to discover what treasures had been collected by this somewhat unlikely bibliophile. Given that she had read the history of … [Read on]

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