Should Enid Blyton be no-platformed ?

11th July 2019 23

Yesterday, I started reading Five Go to Smuggler’s Top, the Enid Blyton classic, to my youngest. He’s not a keen reader and I thought an undemanding ‘Famous Five’ adventure might help him get the bug, as it has done millions of children before him, and as it did for me as a child. I tried out four or five story … [Read on]

Snobs and Proles: Waterstones and Wetherspoon’s

8th July 2019 11

The ‘classless society’ espoused by Tony Blair is a meritocratic fallacy. In my local high street two national chains stand facing each other: Waterstone and Wetherspoon. One sells books and the other sells beer, but there is also a stark contrast in clientele. Wetherspoon provides a cheap and cheerful drinking and dining venue for thrifty commoners; Waterstone aims at readers … [Read on]

Is the PC jackboot about to be lifted off the face of English liberty ?

5th July 2019 9

Rejoice, lovers of liberty and Enlightenment values. On the 3rd July 2019, the Court of Appeal decreed that universities should not conflate beliefs with discrimination. Do not underestimate the importance of this judgment, at a time when so many scholars have been persecuted for thought crime. Noah Carl, a talented and conservatively-minded young man, was cast as a Nazi eugenicist … [Read on]

The liberal left has weakened us so much we are forced to take lessons from a dictator who launched a poisoned gas attack on Britain.

2nd July 2019 10

Nationalist strongman Vladimir Putin meets Lionel Barbour editor of the liberal globalist Financial Times. And as the venue is the heavily fortified palace of the Kremlin, Mr Barber is on his best behaviour: no interrupting or haranguing his host for his notorious breaches of the international rules-based order. ‘The liberal idea has become obsolete’ ran the subsequent FT headline, with … [Read on]

Trump raises America’s living standards, and the left hate him for it.

2nd July 2019 5

Why don’t they – I mean The Guardian, The Times, The Independent and the BBC – like Donald Trump? Rather, I mean why do they hate, detest, loathe and despise him so vehemently? There is only one reason for this: because Trump stands for everything they hate and he hates everything they stand for. Among the latter, we might mention welfarism, high taxes, regulations, constant … [Read on]

The left demands censorship of all white male writing ?

29th June 2019 16

It’s obvious; sexual identity is part of the fatal flaw of sexuality, at least according to Jean Paul Sartre. However, it maybe not so much sexual identity that’s part of the flaw but rather the genre and social structure imposed on it by the patriarchy, a.k.a white supremacy. No idea? Neither have I but its fun looking up the ‘Postmodern … [Read on]

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