Biting the hand that feeds you

12th June 2018 14

Author, Kazuo Ishiguro OBE FRSA FRSL, Order of the Rising Sun, Second Class, recent Nobel Prize winner, is now also a knight. ‘When I think back to when I arrived here,’ he told the BBC, ‘it was 1960. I was six years old…’ My hand moved towards the off button as I knew what was coming next; ‘after all the racism I’ve experienced, … [Read on]

Remigration anybody?

30th May 2018 20

Saturday’s Daily Mail contained a special report by Paul Bracchi detailing the activities of a dangerous and sinister new extremist group. Members of the group are typically young, white, middle class, well-educated, well-dressed and well-mannered. They don’t go on marches, shout abuse or espouse violence, preferring instead to engage in ‘study circles’. They are the members of Generation Identity (GI … [Read on]

12th April 2018 31

So we must have military action in Syria because Assad has allegedly gassed his citizens. Therefore, in accordance with universal humanitarian principles, we need to bomb some airbases. Of course, our universal principles of human rights aren’t in practice all that universal. There are some countries which appear to demand from us an overwhelming moral obligation to intervene. We must … [Read on]

Democratic Democracide – One year to Brexit?

7th April 2018 3

With one year to go until Brexit (should it come to pass), the disingenuousness of Remainers – establishment figures such as Adonis, Cable, Blair, Grieve etc – calling for a second referendum is shocking even to embittered cynics. So fanatically intent are they on serving their fundamentalist Europhile religion they are manoeuvring for an anti-democratic coup. Their choice of weapon? Democracy … [Read on]

The Queen’s Favourite Mag?

1st March 2018 0

I have a small confession to make: I have been telling folks around here that The Salisbury Review is ‘the Queen’s favourite magazine’. I didn’t mean to deceive, not at first. It started with just my mother-in-law. She had been gaining ascendancy over me lately. She was soundly winning the propaganda war for the heart and mind of my wife. … [Read on]

The Jack Tars of the Royal Navy and the abolition of slavery

5th January 2018 49

Professor Nigel Biggar, Regius professor of theology at Christ Church, was branded a racist, and bigot by an anti-racist group in Oxford, for daring to question the cultural orthodoxy in academia, with regard to colonialism and the British empire. All he said was that society should take a more nuanced view of the empire, and consider its pros and cons. … [Read on]

Is Kim going to retire with a bang ?

11th September 2017 2

This is not the first time an enemy of the West has developed a nuclear bomb, but it is the first time that it could be conceived of only as a last weapon of self defence. Here’s a sobering thought: without a satellite guidance system for his rockets, the most reliable means by which North Korea could hit a foreign … [Read on]

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