The Salisbury Review’s Future?

I will not mince words, the Salisbury Review is dangerously short of money, so short we are obliged to ask our readers ,who have always been very generous in the past, for help.

How much do we need? If every subscriber was to donate £15 we will be able to carry on, expand our readership (which is essential for financial survival) and ensure that in a few years the magazine is handed on to young, equally enthusiastic hands.

We don’t waste money. Thanks to a small legacy and subscriptions and donations from loyal readers we have been able to manage for the last five years. But where other magazines operate out of large offices on big advertising and distribution budgets, there are only four of us; working from home, writing, hiring journalists and artists, setting the magazine, travelling to interviews, doing the accounts and keeping the web page up to date and in digital repair.

If you donate you will, in these least of conservative times, be paying for a political morale booster and an entertaining read, as well as helping to keep free speech alive. The Salisbury Review is well known for its outspoken views on subjects many are frightened to talk about, let alone print, so nothing would please the left more, enraged at us still being here after 35 years, than to hear our voice had fallen silent.

The Editor