Toothless in Southsea

14th June 2016 1

I seem to find social pathology everywhere I look, even in Winchester. Perhaps it is ubiquitous or perhaps it is me: one tends, after all, to see what one is disposed to remark. We were staying overnight in Winchester, my wife and I, to catch the ferry next day from Portsmouth to Caen. We went for a walk, Winchester still … [Read on]

The Koran: God’s unchangeable, direct words?

13th June 2016 19

Islam is a religion of peace, OK, that’s what we are told. It has nothing to do with beheadings in the desert, murders in Paris or the downing of planes. Peston on Sunday last night, 12th June, lined up people to discuss the most recent massacre in Orlando, Texas, the worst shooting in modern US history, and they hardly mentioned … [Read on]

Brexit; Notes from the Berlin Bunker

12th June 2016 1

It is on the night of the European Referendum. In a bunker dug deep below a banana straightening factory in East Prussia Hitler learns that exit polls show the ungrateful British, who like curved bananas, are going to leave Europe.

Roger Scruton, founding editor of The Salisbury Review, honoured with a knighthood.

11th June 2016 3

We are delighted to learn that Roger Scruton, the founding editor of The Salisbury Review, has been honoured with a knighthood in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list. ‘Roger Scruton was the Editor for the first eighteen years. During the eighties The Review became known in underground circles in Eastern Europe and a regular column gave dissidents behind the wire the opportunity … [Read on]

Brexit the NHS and TTIP; Tea for two but not for you.

11th June 2016 0

The EU and the US are conducting secret negotiations – in which the European Parliament will have no say – to allow US and European companies to sue national governments if they allow state run organisations such as the NHS to interfere with their profits. This means that if a US company tenders to take over an NHS hospital and can show … [Read on]

Brexit. Remain’s phoney tax returns

10th June 2016 0

In last night’s TV debate Nicola Sturgeon said of EU migrants “they actually pay in more than they take out.” This is an oft repeated assertion by Remainers that no-one so far as I know has ever questioned. It is based on a 2014 study by some economists at University College, London. They found that EU migrants made a net … [Read on]

Gabriel Hershman; Life in the Bulgarian gulag shows the indomitability of the human will.

8th June 2016 0

Some years ago I interviewed a Bulgarian survivor of State Security, Georgi Saraivanov. He spent nine years in prison, beginning in 1953. Altogether, he was kept in chains for seven months awaiting execution. He said the pain from being chained was beyond description. (His sentence was eventually commuted to 20 years’ imprisonment.) He told me he still kept those chains dangling … [Read on]

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