Jane Kelly; The Church of England Clergy conducts its own Palmyra

5th March 2016 0

Attended a meeting for hospital Chaplaincy volunteers today, 1/3/16. Inside the small community hospital I asked for directions to the chapel. To my surprise it no longer exists, or rather it has been renamed. All hospital chapels in this health trust are now called, ‘The Sanctuary.’ This is to avoid any direct association with Christianity. Inside the ‘Sanctuary,’ a name … [Read on]

REFERENDUM WATCH: The Molehill Summit

2nd March 2016 0

My father, living in a more robust, less politically correct age than ours, was fond of repeating this adage from his youth: ‘If ifs and ands made pots and pans there’d be no need for tinkers’ hands’. That’s the deal David Cameron has made with the EU at the end of the summit in Brussels on Friday 19th February. He … [Read on]

Theodore Dalrymple. Fag ends flock together

28th February 2016 0

I know because the other day I went litter-picking round our local hospital. Among the most frequently encountered items were used car-park tickets. It would be an interesting experiment to compare the rate at which they were discarded before and after they were inscribed with the registration numbers of the cars on the tickets. In my career as a volunteer … [Read on]

Jane Kelly. Open your veins

28th February 2016 0

Story so far; Ambitious young man, rather strangely a fan of Margaret Thatcher, working for a conservative campaigning group, throws himself under a train, aged twenty one. Everyone is saddened. Another campaigning Tory is accused of bullying him, causing the suicide. The cruel bully is duly kicked out of his political party and his job, dismissed in ignominy. The dead … [Read on]


28th February 2016 0

You might be forgiven for thinking that if we vote to leave the EU in June, it will happen. Of course we expect some foot stamping in Brussels, but within a year Britain would be out of the EU, trading on its own, restricting immigration, even talking about withdrawing from the International Court of Human Rights – not an EU … [Read on]

Jane Kelly; Who is this nonentity called Simon Cowell?

24th February 2016 0

Awoke early, 0:4:56 am and caught a bit of a BBC schools broadcast. The jolly voices of Scots seven year olds in a programme about journalism, entered my ear as they took part in an interview with Scottish news reporter, James Cook. He is about to start as the new BBC LA correspondent. The children were asked to think of … [Read on]

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