Editorial Spring 2015

15th March 2015 0

There is only one question to be asked at the next election. Who is going to pay at least a fraction of Britain’s £1.4 trillion pound public debt? It is four times larger than it was in 1998 and rising vertically. Traditionally state debt is serviced by taxes or further borrowing. Yet while more people are being employed the computer … [Read on]

The religion which dare not speak its name

12th March 2015 0

Christians are frightened to reveal their religious beliefs to colleagues at work. When they do declare their faith whether in the office or on the shop floor, they are often mocked and presumed to be bigots. Their children are bullied in school. Many Christians now think their faith is being pushed out of its role as a cornerstone of life … [Read on]

The Anti Harridan Party. Jeremy for PM.

12th March 2015 0

As the General Election approaches UKIP seem to be fizzling out. This could be disappointing if you see them as the sole voice of the uneducated working class. All is not lost it seems because the vote for the educated, successful, middle-class equivalent of the party, epitomised by TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson is thriving. His nervous employer the BBC is … [Read on]

Cultural Differences

8th March 2015 0

In our newly bifocated culture we have Pakistani taxi drivers in the north of England informing parents if their daughters go out with friends after school, acting as spies controlling all the young women’s movements, and a culture among the English where parents, teachers and health-workers turn a blind eye and will not alert anyone even if they suspect serious … [Read on]

Has the Observer being penetrated by the BNP?

8th March 2015 0

Righteous indignation is one of the most delightful of emotions and that is why I buy the Guardian and Observer newspapers: they guarantee to stimulate me to that delightful frame of mind. This morning, for example, it was the Observer’s turn to reduce me to impotent rage. It contained a long article about ‘gender inequality’ in politics and society, dull … [Read on]

Is the Media overdosing on Sadism?

6th March 2015 0

Why did Mohammed Emwazi behead people? Expect no Western self-flagellation coming from me. He’s a sadist. Simple. Sadism robs me of sleep. It’s not that I’m especially caring person. In fact I would like to reciprocate it to its practitioners. It unnerves precisely because of this desire. And also because I fear torture: being locked in a confined space, tied … [Read on]

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