More Christmas Cheer

14th December 2014 0

We should pay closer attention to the words people use, for they often reveal hinterlands of thought, or at least of assumptions. Reading my local paper recently, I noticed what a policeman said about an attack carried out by a man with a hammer on a garage mechanic. The man was annoyed, apparently, that the owner of a local garage … [Read on]

Ghost Trains

13th December 2014 0

‘Tis the season of goodwill again and with similar regularity the railways decide to interrupt their service. Ten percent of rail transport on the busiest passenger lines, even the rail line to Gatwick airport, will be removed over Christmas for repairs. Most of us think this might be the busiest time of year, but according to the railways, only a … [Read on]

Battery Farms for the Working Classes

10th December 2014 0

The sense of floating timelessness I get when I roam around the lovely Oxford streets fades fast if I take a bus to the other end of the town, a journey of about three miles. Seeing Temple Cowley, once a pretty village, is like waking up to a punch in the head. In contrast to the city of dreaming spires, … [Read on]

White Van Man

9th December 2014 0

The apparel oft proclaims the man, said Polonius, full of the wisdom of the obvious. But these days the vehicle just as oft proclaims the driver: bright red, for example, for the aggressive, apple green for the tasteless, black for the serious or the depressed. As for the drivers of white vans, they have become a political category, white van … [Read on]

Eastern Europeans – easy target?

8th December 2014 0

All the hullabaloo about Eastern European immigrants makes me a bit uneasy. The United Kingdom is a very overcrowded island but it’s the big cities that are the most overcrowded of all. My gripe is that Eastern Europeans have become an easy target, the kind of folk for whom the average bloke can freely fulminate against without repercussions. The principle … [Read on]

Oxford – Where Muslim Eyes are Smiling

5th December 2014 0

Leaving the State of London to live in England again has advantages and niggling annoyances; I miss my Oyster card so much, never realising before how well it facilitated daily travel. The milling, mustering hoards of London are able to get about with alacrity, and fairly cheaply. Here in Oxford we are still living in the age of cash. I … [Read on]

Oh come all ye gayful

5th December 2014 0

I attended my first Oxford debate yesterday, 4th December 2014 in the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin in what is called, ‘The High.’ It was advertised under the heading, ‘Vision,’ with the none too pithy banner, ‘What Does the Church of England Offer the Next Generation? What is the good news it brings to society today? What God … [Read on]

The White Van Man of the Apocalypse

30th November 2014 0

I don’t know what it is about modern Britain but so many people in the public eye seem to be — invariably — loathsome in the extreme. The word has become rather clichéd but it fits so well. Loathsome gangster Frankie Fraser dies, a man who pulled people’s teeth out with pliers. Cue loathsome “tributes” and doubtless a loathsomely ostentatious … [Read on]

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