Jane Kelly; Why do Muslims have a thing about Guy Fawkes ?

9th April 2016 7

Aliyah Saleem, aged twenty was sitting in a public library when she opened a copy of ‘The God Delusion’ by Richard Dawkins. Nothing has been the same for her since. ‘Until that moment I didn’t know that anyone could be an atheist,’ she says. In the library and from the internet she discovered that there were many other things she … [Read on]

Myles Harris; God’s Sparking Plug

7th April 2016 2

God’s Sparking Plug By a curious coincidence a firing of the Great Sparking Plug at CERN, known to most of us as the Hadron Collider, after which scientists announced the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle, occurred on the third day of the month of the Olympics, which puts the lakeshore site on the same footing as Delphi, the sacred Pan … [Read on]

Victoria Sweetwater; Beating the Tattoo

3rd April 2016 2

At one time, children dreamed of being singers and footballers. Now they are more likely to say they want to become tattooists. At least it’s a more realistic goal but it hints of the kind of glamour afforded to tattooists by those that have grown up submersed in a subculture that saturates their lives, both online and off, with tattooing … [Read on]

Theodore Dalrymple; Women are more vulnerable than men; which is why men commit suicide three times more often ?

1st April 2016 3

Political correctness is like dry rot – or is it rising damp? It gets everywhere, for example into the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. I happened to look up an article in it the other day (on suicide), and was soon alerted to the presence of political correctness by the use of she as the impersonal pronoun. Baron d’Holbach, according to … [Read on]

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