Theodore Dalrymple; Beached Whales in Bermuda Shorts

1st April 2016 2

I caught an early flight recently and therefore stayed overnight at the airport hotel. Catching the lift to leave in the morning, the doors opened to reveal two beached human whales within. They gave the lie to the lift’s warning notice that it could fit eight people. That might have been true some years ago, but not now. The beached … [Read on]

Theodore Dalrymple; Will Children be taken into care for eating a Chocolate Biscuit ?

28th March 2016 0

A ten year-old girl called Charlotte was widely reported in the press as having bested Andrew Neill during a television programme recently. In a discussion about the government’s proposals to ban unhealthy food from schools, Neill asked her whether she knew what the nanny state was. Little Charlotte replied by reading something from a page in front of her. She … [Read on]

Jane Kelly; The Church of England Clergy conducts its own Palmyra

5th March 2016 0

Attended a meeting for hospital Chaplaincy volunteers today, 1/3/16. Inside the small community hospital I asked for directions to the chapel. To my surprise it no longer exists, or rather it has been renamed. All hospital chapels in this health trust are now called, ‘The Sanctuary.’ This is to avoid any direct association with Christianity. Inside the ‘Sanctuary,’ a name … [Read on]

REFERENDUM WATCH: The Molehill Summit

2nd March 2016 0

My father, living in a more robust, less politically correct age than ours, was fond of repeating this adage from his youth: ‘If ifs and ands made pots and pans there’d be no need for tinkers’ hands’. That’s the deal David Cameron has made with the EU at the end of the summit in Brussels on Friday 19th February. He … [Read on]

Theodore Dalrymple. Fag ends flock together

28th February 2016 0

I know because the other day I went litter-picking round our local hospital. Among the most frequently encountered items were used car-park tickets. It would be an interesting experiment to compare the rate at which they were discarded before and after they were inscribed with the registration numbers of the cars on the tickets. In my career as a volunteer … [Read on]

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