Race Industry reports record output figures

15th November 2015 1

‘British Muslims report big rise in Islamophobia’ said the headlines of an article in the Guardian for 12 November. From the headline, I thought I would read that there had been an increase in the number of vicious attacks on Muslims qua Muslims, or at least of acts of physical desecration. Not a bit of it. What I read instead … [Read on]

Eight years for a kinky love affair

13th November 2015 0

Eight years is a long time to go to jail. That kind of sentence is only given for very severe crimes, whilst the courts seek lower sentences and non custodial punishments for offences such as shop lifting, burglary and fraud, which previously carried a stiff sentence. To get that long a stretch from a British court these days you need … [Read on]

Worshipping at the altar of stupidity

13th November 2015 0

We’ve all got used to public figures being taken to Room 101, thrashed and sent forth to apologise profusely for whatever heinous words they have foolishly uttered. On November 4th Tory MP for Montgomeryshire Glyn Davies blocked a local member of the Liberal Democrats who asked him to oppose the tax credit cuts. After being contacted by a journalist, Mr … [Read on]

“When boys be talkin’ ‘bout their bitches”

12th November 2015 0

A bishop has praised the pop star Lily Allen for her feminist songs and claimed that misogyny is “still very evident” in the Church of England. The Rt Rev’d Martyn Snow, our youngest bishop, said Allen’s lyrics on the single Hard Out Here “poignantly” capture society’s sexist double standards. He commends the song to his thirteen-year-old daughter. The edifying ditty … [Read on]

New Tax

5th November 2015 0

If you are upgrading your house in any way, or thinking of moving beware, a new stealth tax is in action. A friend who was trying to sell recently found that her bathroom and flu, had not been subject to mysterious ‘building regulations’ when she installed them ten years ago. She had planning permission and a qualified, registered builder but … [Read on]

‘Why such a short term in prison?

5th November 2015 0

A jailed terrorist who wrote a letter from a British prison proclaiming jihadis as heroes is trying to avoid deportation from the UK on human rights grounds. Internet jihadi Younes Tsouli, 31 – who was once described as Al Qaeda’s most influential cyber-terrorist – was jailed for 16 years in 2007 for distributing bomb-making instructions as well as beheading videos … [Read on]

Church of England has a Theological Vasectomy

2nd November 2015 0

Many of us church goers will have had our breakfast spoilt on the 1st of November ,Eve of the Feast of All Souls, by newspaper headlines such as, ‘Preaching to people will put them off God, Church warns members.’ It seems the Church of England is to signal to congregations that speaking openly about their faith will most likely put … [Read on]

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