Tea and Stoicism

21st October 2015 0

When two Englishmen meet, said Doctor Johnson, their first talk is of the weather. This may have been so in his day, but I suspect that these days they are more likely to talk of the Premier League, a much less stimulating and interesting subject. As for Englishwomen, I suspect their first talk is of pills, at least if my … [Read on]

Gaily Islam’s Garden Path with the General Synod

21st October 2015 0

Gaily Islam’s Garden Path with the General Synod ?   It’s just one triumph after another for the General Synod these days. Yesterday they passed regulations to allow women to be consecrated as bishops by the end of the year. Today, another showstopper: they have invited Fuad Nahdi a man with connections to Muslim terrorist organisations to be the first … [Read on]

Tiger Mums no take away liberal British education

7th October 2015 0

When I was young I used to be told not to speak to strangers in particular ‘strange men.’ Now for my own safety and that of others, I generally avoid talking to yummie mummies eating non gluten scones in organic coffee shops, and anyone who says they are a school teacher. Sometimes I listen in to the conversation of teachers, … [Read on]

The Acid Thrower’s Assistance Pack

1st October 2015 0

The headline to a story in the Times of 29 September caught my eye: ‘Acid attacker drove 300 miles for revenge but got the wrong man’ Apparently, then, there was a right man to have got with his acid attack. A painter and decorator called David Phillips drove from Cornwall to Sussex and threw acid in the face of a property developer called … [Read on]

More from the creeping fungus of the dyslexia industry

28th September 2015 2

I was once watching a programme about the survivors of Hiroshima, old people who were asked to draw pictures of their memories to commemorate the dropping of the second atomic bomb. They all drew remarkably well, or it seemed so to my eyes. ‘Jane, why can’t British people draw?’ asked a Japanese friend watching it with me. I knew what … [Read on]

Walking the Dog

21st September 2015 1

People always like to talk about their dogs: it is one subject about which they can be frank and unaffected, for no one enters a conversation about dogs who does not love them. My wife and I were walking the other day in Paris – down the Avenue Gambetta, to be precise – when we saw a man coming towards us who was playing … [Read on]

A Creature of the Saudi Night

21st September 2015 0

I happened to leave Bodrum, in Turkey, the day after a boat of migrants capsized nearby, drowning 22 of them (211 were saved). It is now a regular occurrence, apparently, hardly worthy any more of notice. I flew to Istanbul Airport, still (for now) called Ataturk, where I at once noticed an important difference from Bodrum. In Bodrum there had hardly been a Turkish … [Read on]

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