Valentine’s Day (Sex) Massacre of Common Sense

14th February 2016 0

MP Jess Phillips drew our attention with her comments on the dismaying events in Cologne at New Year when about a thousand North African migrants launched a groping attack on female German revellers. While some of us lambasted the BBC and the German press to give out the truth of who the attackers were, she was keen to point out … [Read on]

French speling is wurse

9th February 2016 0

We laugh at the French Academy’s tinkering with French orthography to make it easier for the poor children to spell (I predict that it will make no difference), but something far more sinister is happening in English: more sinister because it is not an identifiable institution that is at work, but a shadowy social force that is difficult to combat. … [Read on]

Jane Kelly; Did Queen Victoria wear a Burka?

3rd February 2016 0

But it doesn’t matter what how bad the crimes committed, if they involve migrants or Islam the BBC are as evasive as a Victorian aunt on the matter of copulation. Yesterday BBC Woman’s Hour, which purports to represent the interests of women, invited on Nafisa Bakka, who runs the ‘Amaliah’ website which encourages women to dress modestly. It shows lots … [Read on]

Equalities; The King Herod Solution

2nd February 2016 0

Awful, terrible news! I noticed a small item in last week’s British Medical Journal that once again revealed the cruel and callous nature of patriarchy. Under the headline Fall in Death Rate we learn that ‘Between 2009 and 2015 deaths from leukaemia in children have fallen by 38 per cent in boys and 20 per cent in girls.’ That was … [Read on]

REFERENDUM WATCH: The Great Referendum Scam

30th January 2016 0

David Cameron is readying himself for his smoke and mirrors ‘showdown’ with the EU this month, boldly demanding trivial and inconsequential concessions for the UK in a heroic gladiatorial contest that has all the authenticity of a choreographed wrestling match. He will return in anticipatory triumph, all Chamberlainesque, waving a symbolically white piece of paper and declaring that ‘there will … [Read on]

REFERENDUM WATCH: Britain closer to the heart of Europe? More likely to its knees.

14th January 2016 1

2016 is being hyped-up to become a momentous year in British political history, as we head for a decisive ‘Leave’ or ‘Remain’ referendum vote that will settle once and for all the matter of the UK’s membership of the European Union. This, it is solemnly pronounced, is surely the most important constitutional event for a generation with massive ramifications for … [Read on]

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