The child brothel that is liberal Britain

8th September 2015 2

Reluctant as they are to refer to ethnicity, BBC news had to show us the faces of the latest Muslim men sentenced for child-rape. Six Asians from Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes and Bradford, who groomed two schoolgirls for sex between 2006 and 2012 were jailed this week, 7/9/15 for between three and nineteen and a half years.The Old Bailey … [Read on]

All louts together. Rolling in the cultural gutter with the BBC

8th September 2015 0

Isn’t it strange, unexpected and tragic, that the BBC, that great institution which got us through the war and once fearlessly introduced its listeners to high culture has been one of the chief agencies for British decline. Of course no one in 1922 when the BBC was born would have guessed that this elegant child of Lord Reith, which he … [Read on]

Le Nozze di Figaro

8th September 2015 0

It’s easy to feel up to one’s ears in politics, so well described by Eliot as “endless palaver.” Better to think about Mozart and particularly the miracle that is Figaro. It nearly didn’t get composed at all, for Beaumarchais’ play on which it is based was banned. Mozart told Lorenzo da Ponte that he had no hope of getting the … [Read on]

All men are guilty of rape but white men are more guilty than others

3rd September 2015 0

BBC Woman’s Hour (Wednesday 2.9.15) excelled itself for soft-pedalling and pusillanimity, with an attempted discussion about the sexual grooming of young girls, although it was insisted of course that this problem also involves boys. Invited onto the programme were Cass Harrison, Barnardo’s Deputy Director of Policy no less, and Sophie Humphreys who is, most worryingly, an ‘independent advisor to the … [Read on]

By the waters of human depravity

31st August 2015 0

By the waters of human depravity I sat down and took it’s pressure – in lbs per square inch. We often forget – or at least, I often forget – on just how many ordinary, decent people the comfort of our lives depends. I was reminded of this the other day when a man from the water company called to check the quality … [Read on]

Cooking Britain’s Criminal Statistics

30th August 2015 0

A friend of mine, David Fraser, who is writing a book about our criminal justice system soon to be published, recently pointed out to me a startling, but by no means unusual, discrepancy in the statistics provided by the Orwellianly-renamed Ministry of Justice. In the Criminal Justice Statistics Quarterly for March 2014, one table tells us that in the year … [Read on]

Britain’s gull women, mobbing and pecking males

22nd August 2015 0

On Wednesday 19th August, 2015, BBC Woman’s Hour offered emergency support to beleaguered British girls. The theme of the feature, advertised on their web page was, ‘Teaching girls and young women to stand up for themselves – Natasha Devon, the founder of Self-Esteem Team, and confidence coach, Annette Du Bois, reveal some of the practical ways to teach young women … [Read on]

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