An Islamic Munich threatens Italy

23rd February 2015 0

I remember when the EU was the EEC and before that just “The Common Market.’ In those days of my youth it was supposed to be just that, a market for trade. Since then it has become a vast legislature, controlling what we buy, sell, eat, drink, and increasingly how we act and think. The Church of England Bishops see … [Read on]

A rare aboriginal family of British whites

22nd February 2015 0

On a visit to the main general hospital in Oxford today, 19/02/15, I saw something I hardly ever saw while I lived in London; a large white working class family. There was Ma, round-bellied from normal years of obesity and another infant on the way, and five small boys around her feet, all very jolly and having fun, rolling on … [Read on]

Gobbledygook from the Blob

20th February 2015 0

There is a new selection scandal brewing in education, as apparently some schools are still finding ways to cream off the cleverest children, who often happen to come from middle-class homes, i.e. the ones which have books. Dame Sally Coates, who turned around Burlington Danes Academy in Hammersmith and Fulham in West London, has demanded an independent review of school … [Read on]

The Church of Labour

19th February 2015 0

With his declaration that the bombing of Dresden, seventy years ago, was tragic and war is a terrible thing, even the one against the Nazis, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has led the way for his colleagues in Christ to get political, something we haven’t seen since the time of Mrs Thatcher. This week, a group of C of … [Read on]

Sexual choice in feminism’s 21st Century Harem

15th February 2015 1

I awoke today, 15th January 2015, to the sound of a feminist voice complaining via the BBC. It was the most common current complaint; some man had erred in his sexual behavior with a young girl, and the judge in passing sentence had not been harsh enough. Louise Pennington of the campaign group, Everyday Victim Blaming, was furious because Stuart … [Read on]

***END OF ARTICLE MISSING*The University of Oiks

12th February 2015 0

Posh-basing has escalated recently, dressed up as championing the cause of downtrodden working-class performers. The tabloids seem torn between hailing the achievements of actors Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch, and then telling us they only succeeded because they are privileged, not to mention the inverted snobbery of Labour MP Chris Bryant towards singer James Blunt. Actually hailing from a good … [Read on]

A Quiet Afternoon Sketching

9th February 2015 0

I went to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford yesterday for a lecture on the Euston Road school of painters. Sadly I was a month early, but they told me there was a free drawing class going on down in the cast room. As I’d just been in an art shop and had ready materials I decided to do that. Unfortunately … [Read on]

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