What it is like to live in Bulgaria

5th October 2014 2

Someone once told me that he did not object to socialism on ethical grounds. It was simply that it didn’t work. His remark hit home. Perhaps – I’ve since wondered – he’d been to Bulgaria to see the proof. Those in the West complaining about capitalism (which seems to be the pastime of wealthy North London thespians) should take a … [Read on]

Gabriel Hershman describes a Bulgarian housing estate

18th September 2014 0

A popular English-language memoir of communist-era Bulgaria (not written by me!) was called Street Without a Name*. The book was not a one-off account of a deprived family. This sums up the current living conditions of most Bulgarians who inhabit prefabricated, identikit socialist housing in the suburbs of Sofia and all Bulgarian cities. To repeat – most streets do not … [Read on]

Anti Semites Corner

14th September 2014 0

When I read about Islamic extremism my mind goes back to 25 years ago when, as a callow youth, I used to attend Speakers’ Corner almost every Sunday. (Yes, I know, I know, but not all of us enjoyed traditional Sunday lunch with all the trimmings!) I was attracted to a forum where people could express their view on an … [Read on]

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