***ARTICLE MISSING*** Back to Turkey’s Kurdish Killing Fields. President Erdogan takes a leaf from Stalin’s Book

14th October 2014 0

Turkey is now killing Kurds, surely the most depressing bit of news in a long time. Today 14/10/14 Turkish F-16 and F-4 warplanes bombed Kurdish PKK rebel targets near the Iraqi border. Meanwhile, in Europe, some good news as it was reported that many Jews are leaving Israel and returning to their lost city of Berlin. By leaving Israel, the … [Read on]

Borrow and Grow Rich

14th October 2014 0

A quarter of my council tax goes to pay the pensions of the former council tax workers, and thank goodness for it. Without such payments those pensioners would have no money to spend; and if they (and many others like them) had no money to spend, demand in the economy would decline catastrophically. It follows, then, that the solution to … [Read on]

Gipsy Summer in Bulgaria

13th October 2014 0

The bad news here in Sofia is that the recent Bulgarian elections have solved nothing. “Indecision, uncertainty and divisions still paralyse the political establishment” – would probably be the formula of words used by quality media. This means in plain English – it’s still a mess but the names of the mess-makers have changed. The centre-right party (GERB) won the … [Read on]

The Social Media, animals at the keyboard.

12th October 2014 0

Last week I met a pleasant lady who, though she had appeared a few times on television, could hardly be counted a public figure. Nevertheless, she had received many abusive messages on Facebook and Twitter as a result of her appearances, and one man had written to her thousands of times and threatened to kill her, telling her that he … [Read on]

***ARTICLE MISSING*** The BBC, a hiding place for witches?

8th October 2014 0

BBC R4 this morning had a news report about some children in the UK being savagely abused after being accused of witchcraft. These infant ‘witches’ are beaten, secluded, forced to drink strange, noxious substances, abandoned, and some sent back to Kinshasah where they live on the streets. The BBC said the perpetrators live in, ‘faith communities.’ They did not mention … [Read on]

Brown Bear eats his porridge

7th October 2014 0

Gordon Brown was never as detestable as Prime Minister as Anthony Blair because incompetence is less appalling than evil. Mr Brown may have been a flawed, even a very flawed, human being, but he was at least recognisably human. And he had one quality that moved me and in my opinion lent him great dignity: he never made political capital … [Read on]

Was Kafka troubled by his prostate?

7th October 2014 0

To adapt slightly the opening sentence of Kafka’s The Trial, someone must have been talking about me. I know this from all the advertisements and offers I receive unsolicited through the internet. Today came yet another offer of supposedly cheap burial insurance and then an e-mail suggesting that I should ‘Say hello to living confidently.’ At first sight, these two … [Read on]

***ARTICLE MISSING*** Re-writing history with the BBC

6th October 2014 0

Last week the BBC Trust ruled that during one of its children’s programmes in the BBC ‘Learning Zone,’ Florence Nightingale was shown racially discriminating against the travelling Afro-Caribbean cook Mary Seacole. Of mixed race, she called herself a ‘yellow woman,’ and set up cafes for soldiers on the battlefield. She was never a nurse but wrote an interesting book about … [Read on]

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