David Cameron – political Wonga man

6th October 2014 0

Mr Cameron is Focus Group Man made flesh. This is not altogether surprising since his only known employment, other than politician, was in public relations. He appears not to know what to think until he has consulted a variety of gauges of public opinion, and then he announces his own opinion as if from deep conviction. First came his commitment … [Read on]

Re-writing history with the BBC

6th October 2014 0

Last week the BBC Trust ruled that during one of its children’s programmes in the BBC ‘Learning Zone,’ Florence Nightingale was shown racially discriminating against the travelling Afro-Caribbean cook Mary Seacole. Of mixed race, she called herself a ‘yellow woman,’ and set up cafes for soldiers on the battlefield. She was never a nurse but wrote an interesting book about … [Read on]

What it is like to live in Bulgaria

5th October 2014 2

Someone once told me that he did not object to socialism on ethical grounds. It was simply that it didn’t work. His remark hit home. Perhaps – I’ve since wondered – he’d been to Bulgaria to see the proof. Those in the West complaining about capitalism (which seems to be the pastime of wealthy North London thespians) should take a … [Read on]

Gabriel Hershman describes a Bulgarian housing estate

18th September 2014 0

A popular English-language memoir of communist-era Bulgaria (not written by me!) was called Street Without a Name*. The book was not a one-off account of a deprived family. This sums up the current living conditions of most Bulgarians who inhabit prefabricated, identikit socialist housing in the suburbs of Sofia and all Bulgarian cities. To repeat – most streets do not … [Read on]

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