On the Buses

7th June 2013 0

Public transport is the great theatre of the world, which is why I always take it (whenever I can) in preference to that frightful contraption, my motor car. You learn so much on public transport; in a car you just lose your temper. This morning at the bus stop, for example, there was an elderly man – three of four … [Read on]

Theodore Dalrymple on a generation who expect genius to descend on them without any effort on their part

2nd June 2013 0

Irritating though conversations on mobile phones may often be to those not involved in them, I nevertheless feel a compulsion sometimes to eavesdrop on them. They can be banal and boring, or they can be entertaining and illuminating. Oddly enough, people speak in public on their mobile phones as if they were surrounded by an invisible sound-proofed chamber. Ease of … [Read on]

Theodore Dalrymple wonders why the US authorities do not ship their codemned criminals to Belgium where that country’s doctors, skilled at euthansia, won’t make a botch of the executions.

1st June 2013 0

Just because an economy as a whole does not grow it does not mean that no activity whatever increases. For example, there are now 4000 professional tattooists in France whereas ten years ago there were only 400. And in neighbouring Belgium last year the number of cases of euthanasia grew by a healthy 27 per cent (no pun intended). It … [Read on]

Theodore Dalrymple is asked if he would like to be the head of the British medical profession, along with quarter of a million other doctors

14th May 2013 0

I was briefly flattered the other day to receive an e-mail from the General Medical Council asking me whether I could be its Chair (meaning Chairman). Then I realised that it was a circular, not an actual invitation to me personally: it had, presumably, been sent to everyone on its e-mailing list. What were the duties of the Chairman? The … [Read on]

Theodore Dalrymple on leaving the Veronese exhibition at the National Gallery, comes across a drugged young woman with dreadlocks collapsed in the portico….

11th May 2013 0

A well-known conclusion of political philosophy, as well as of the most elementary reflection upon life, is that not all human desiderata are compatible one with another. This is so because Mankind not only is capable of desiring, but always desires something and its opposite at the same time. We desire, for example, both security and excitement, both freedom and … [Read on]

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