China surveys the streets of New Jersey

6th May 2020 5

A fascinating story broke yesterday. US law enforcement has been using Chinese-made drones to enforce coronavirus lockdown. Worry soon spread that Beijing could spy on American citizens. You’d think a Trump administration, known for its anti-Beijing stance, would chuckle at the proposal of such an idea. Surveillance and espionage is Beijing’s forte. Xi Jinping’s eyes haunt the lives of millions … [Read on]

Digging with the right foot.

2nd May 2020 14

As a lockdown limbo lingers, there is talk, as our mild weather continues, of reopening public places in time for the May Bank Holiday next Friday during National Gardening Week. It begs the question: can garden centres now be considered essential? According to a report by The Sun earlier this week, an estimated £200 million worth of plants in the … [Read on]

Bring out the flags

2nd May 2020 14

We are to have a ‘stay in your front garden’ street party to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day on Friday, weather permitting of course. A nice idea given current circumstances and I am strangely enthused. Something different, but also an opportunity to escape from NHS fetish worship and celebrate instead two far greater ideals: (1) England, and (2) … [Read on]

Grooming Gangs: The Shameful Reality that Awaits after Covid-19

30th April 2020 41

When Sajid Javid commissioned a study on grooming gangs in 2018, many of us reclined back on our chairs and rejoiced – “finally!”. It felt like a stuffy prep school headmaster came in and shouted “f*ck it” during assembly. People not merely wanted but needed to understand the motivation behind these barbaric acts. But last week, Boris Johnson’s government deprived us … [Read on]

Will only a wealth tax of 86% above £60,000 save the NHS ?

26th April 2020 19

A whiff of unrest is emerging in Norwich. When the opportunity to escape state inflicted confinement presents itself, I take a brisk morning walk around the city’s quaint riverside pathways and underpasses. One morning I stumble across a rather curious bit of graffiti written in white chalk. “Tax the Rich Fund the NHS” it reads. Two minutes later, I encounter another, and … [Read on]

Feast of St Mark

25th April 2020 6

St Mark’s gospel was the first of the four to be written. Why do we think this? Because the whole of the gospel of Mark is reproduced in the gospel of Matthew and half of it in Luke. We know only a little about St Mark: that he was a companion of St Paul on one of the missionary journeys, … [Read on]

Is Bill Gates the Antichrist foretold?

25th April 2020 15

24 million Americans have lost their jobs in the last 4 weeks. The British chancellor is going to issue £180 billion (£180,000 million) of new government bonds to cover just a couple of months.  In comparison, after a great depression and two world wars, our national debt on an inflation-adjusted basis was £980 billion at the end of world war … [Read on]

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