Boris Johnson’s Nemesis: Non EU Immigration.

3rd January 2020 7

When was the best day to bury bad news over the New Year ? Just after on New Year’s Day on BBC Today when most of us were asleep or hungover. A border force official was asked why there had been a six fold increase in illegal migrants crossing the Channel last year and why so few illegals were … [Read on]

Oh I do like to migrate to be beside the seaside

2nd January 2020 7

Oh, how the people took their revenge. Among the many MPs booted out at the recent general election was Stephen Lloyd, whose seat the Tories regained from the Lib Dems. Two years previously, Eastbourne was one of several losses for Theresa May’s mismanaged administration. Having alternated between orange and blue since the IRA assassination of Ian Gow, this Sussex town … [Read on]

Check your Black Privilege

1st January 2020 52

In Specsavers there was nothing to read except stuff about glasses, so I glanced over the walls with their brightly coloured posters. Perhaps my eyes needed testing but there seemed to be only young black faces up there and older couples; one white the other black or Asian. Black and brown faces outnumbered white by six to three, a strange … [Read on]

Is Boris the Cloaked Remainer?

1st January 2020 6

The affable wit of Bouncing Boris has worked its charm, and we now have a Conservative government with a strong mandate to get Britain out of the European Union, and soon. Or do we? Johnson’s deal-so-far is still a weak, booby-trappd version of May’s “surrender document”, with EU vetoes on all manner of things Britain is “allowed” to do after … [Read on]

I Cornbynistae

20th December 2019 8

Review. Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, or as it might be renamed: Poverty is Better for Women Than Marriage I first saw Measure for Measure aged seventeen at the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton. Much has changed since then; all the actors were white, women didn’t play male roles and all the seats were full. At this RSC production at the Barbican last … [Read on]

Skiing while Rome burns ?

20th December 2019 5

Right  this minute, about 850 students from Cardiff University are partying in the French ski resort of Tigne at a height of 2100 metres. (7000 feet).  They will be drinking alcohol hauled up mountain roads by trucks.  Tomorrow, in a somewhat hung over state, they will be run up and down mountains as high as 3450 metres. (11,300 feet) –  … [Read on]

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