Why are we continuing to imprison our population at the say so of virological water diviners ?

6th April 2021 5

Would the ‘COVID pandemic’ have occurred if we had never identified the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its insipid variants? Our response to danger developed within limits of the five evolved senses, so it would be surprising if the illumination of a microscopic world didn’t somewhat impair our social behaviour.  Whereas the ability to match particular symptoms to particular enemies may be … [Read on]

Smashing the statues of multiculturalism

2nd April 2021 16

The government’s review of racial disparities has caused a predictable backlash among proponents of the white privilege black victimhood orthodoxy that has now assumed cult status in this country. All institutions, public and private, pay homage at its shrine and do its bidding. Question the orthodoxy and you reveal yourself to be a white supremacist racist, whose livelihood is instantly … [Read on]

The Revolution devours its Children

29th March 2021 8

In a manner reminiscent of the denunciation culture of the Soviet Union,when children denounced their parents, mothers their sons and fathers their wives, a senior policeman, interviewed on BBC Radio 4 today, urged parents to take their son to the nearest police station if they thought he had committed a sexual crime. In addition all those who had been victims … [Read on]

Professor John Vincent.’ An early case of cancellation

27th March 2021 4

Extract from his TIMES Obituary 27th March 2021 ‘Mrs Thatcher is the point at which all snobberies meet, intellectual snobbery, social snobbery, the snobbery about scientists among those educated in the arts, the snobbery of the metropolis about the provincial, the snobbery of the south about the north, and the snobbery of men about career women.’ Comment by the Editor … [Read on]

Teachers led by Cowards

27th March 2021 15

The events at Batley Grammar School in Yorkshire, where the showing of a cartoon of the prophet Muhammed during an RE lesson has resulted in angry demonstrations outside the school, a teacher in hiding, and a grovelling apology from the headmaster, are as depressing as they are predictable. The reaction from local Muslims hardly needs comment. It is the cowardly … [Read on]

On madness

23rd March 2021 3

‘You don’t have to be mad to work here…etc.’ It wasn’t very funny the first time round when this adage began appearing on office walls a few decades ago. But it did demonstrate the casual attitude to madness, something very few people actually encounter red in tooth and claw unless they have sufferers in their family or work professionally with … [Read on]

Damn the Union!

23rd March 2021 12

Daniel Hannan has struck a chord with Telegraph readers this weekend by suggesting that we should embrace the Scots, promote ‘Britishness’, and ‘leave the SNP to fall apart’ instead of the Union. He reminds us of how much the Scots – that ‘hardy and intrepid race of men’ – have contributed to our country, helping to make the UK ‘the … [Read on]

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