Selling our birth right for Covid 19

27th March 2020 17

The Prime Minister’s daily press conferences on the Wuhan virus have become populated by reporters with about as much diversity of thought as a Momentum rally, who are filled with a new self-righteousness and superiority over ‘stupid people’ who go to the park or get on the tube to go to work. When asking their question, they are almost salivating … [Read on]

Diary of the Chinese Pestilence

27th March 2020 2

Day 12.   The Bat’s Answer.   Thursday March 26th 465 deaths in the UK, 28 since yesterday. Spain, deaths 738, looks like a massive Auto De Fe  of  white hooded figures moving in lines through the silent streets looking for people to remove from their homes. Boris (Covid 19 positive) has inadvertently launched a radical socialist programme: half a million have applied … [Read on]

Royal Covid: Prince Charles takes the high road

26th March 2020 9

The news that Prince Charles has tested positively, and thankfully has only minor symptoms, must have prompted much amusement. How on earth would his valet help him on with his jacket from two metres away? How would he cope self-isolating with only a handful of servants to assist? Who would do the shopping? How would he decide which of his … [Read on]

Diary of the Chinese Pestilence

26th March 2020 0

DAY 11   Of the Royal Pest.                            Wednesday    March 25th 2020 Parliament closes tonight. I made my final walk into town. Describing a strange and lonely sojourn through an unknown land.   10am. Our little, local hardware shop is closed, all the colourful boxes of Spring plants for sale put away. Walk for about half a mile without seeing any person … [Read on]

Diary of the Chinese Pestilence

25th March 2020 0

Day 10              Of the Pangolin’s Reply.             Tuesday.  March 24th 2020 ‘Stay at home and save lives,’ said Boris, issuing a 329-page document almost a page for each of the recent dead, with 87 clauses, ordering us all to stay at home.   The police, public health officials and immigration officers have been ordered to enforce these new rules and detain … [Read on]

Covid 19: Licking the toilet seat.

25th March 2020 2

Everyone wants to be loved.  Some want to be famous. In an age of social media, individuals can now make money and become famous and ‘loved’  by being both weird and downright nasty. Prior to Covid 19, we had ‘Lizzo’ – a black super-obese rapper who is ‘an advocate for body positivity and self-love.’  In reality this mean twerking her … [Read on]

Samuel Pepys on the Great Plague

24th March 2020 1

Sam Pepys In the Great Plague in London 1665 found  solace, “Up by 4 o’clock and walked to Greenwich, – – – where something put my last night’s dream into my head, which I think is the best that ever was dreamt, which was that I had my Lady Castlemayne [the King’s mistress, or one of them] in my armes … [Read on]

Journal of the Chinese Pestilence

24th March 2020 0

Day 9       Of the Oriental Visitation or the Ruin of the Abundance of People. Monday 23rd March 2020 All new jury trials have been abandoned and ‘emergency powers’ are going through Parliament; a hastily written document of 300 pages, which will clear the Commons in one day after a hasty debate, giving as David Davis MP put it, ‘Incredible reach.’ … [Read on]

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