Megan should have seen me

17th March 2021 22

I wish Meghan had come to see me. I would have known just what to do. People see their GPs about mental health problems all the time, it’s something I manage almost every week (and recently most days). I could have easily squeezed her in to my Monday clinic, or even done an initial assessment over the phone. If someone … [Read on]

The Pope and the Princess

12th March 2021 19

On the 7th of March Pope Francis, an 84 year old man, arrived in Iraq, one of the most dangerous spots on earth. A country where religious wars have brought death to millions, where to step outside your door might mean your family may never see you again, where amid fantastic wealth, tens of thousands live on the breadline. This … [Read on]

Clearing racist beastliness from our art galleries

7th March 2021 13

I felt guilty giving up my £73 a year Art Fund membership, not only does it allow entry to exhibitions at half price, but helps the funding of the arts which are now in trouble. The independent charity raises funds to buy art works for the nation and awards grants to artists. Many small galleries are now threatened with closure, … [Read on]

Is British Airways our jailor?

7th March 2021 2

Last week, British Airways debarred me from a flight from London to Rome. They were not sure my purpose provided a good enough reason to leave the island. I am a sea captain. This week, a friend of mine flew to Warsaw from Johannesburg (via Amsterdam), then on to Italy, (via Frankfurt). Once airborne on the last leg of this … [Read on]

Britain’s finances in hands of a hedge fund manager

28th February 2021 8

Has Sunak lost his Midas Touch?The Tories’ golden boy is finally losing his lustre, and not before time. Having charmed us with his assured manner, his slick presentational skills, and his winning smile; and having risen to the occasion of the pandemic with lavish funding of emergency relief; Rishi Sunak is, judging by Treasury leaks, about to mess things up … [Read on]

The BBC sees Britain through a forest of strutting jackboots

28th February 2021 16

In my Midlands comprehensive school in the 1970s, the boys in the 6th form were all planning to be Labour voters like their fathers and grandfathers. I’d joined the Labour Party aged 15 and we regarded the NF as uncouth ‘skin-heads,’ the sort you avoided at all costs. In London Professor Lez Henry had more to fear. ‘Us black yoof, … [Read on]

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