The Law stood on its Head

18th December 2020 11

The Appeal Court has decided not to extend the sentences of the killers of P C Harper. Another court has refused to prevent an extra runway being built at Heathrow thus opening the way to doubling the traffic and pollution over London. Last year the Supreme Court tried to overturn the Brexit referendum. Meanwhile day after day immigrant appeal court … [Read on]

Editorial: Winter Edition Salisbury Review Magazine

17th December 2020 7

Twenty years ago you could pass freely in and out of the country with a paper passport. The police could be there to arrest you if you were wanted for a major crime, but as they had no means of knowing when you would leave, or by what means, it was possible to slip out under an assumed name, a … [Read on]

Help stop paying the BBC parasite class their grossly inflated salaries

17th December 2020 16

With a growing list of reasons not to fund the BBC, whether it was the cover up of Jimmy Saville’s crimes, highly partisan Brexit coverage whilst claiming impartiality, more recent revelations about Martin Bashir’s conduct or simply insufferably ruination of once adored national broadcaster through relentless left-wing propaganda there has never been a better time to stop paying the telly … [Read on]

Do you suffer from migratism ? Will there be clinics for it ?

11th December 2020 21

Six years ago, in a lovely part of Tuscany, there was some tension between my married friends, an English solicitor and his Albanian wife. She was obviously miffed about something but every time she started telling me about it he hoved into view. They united as a couple, against me, during a conversation about mushrooms. We’d picked some for tea … [Read on]

And though they found no cause of death in him, yet desired they Pilate that he should be slain. Acts 13:28 King James

7th December 2020 41

It’s not often that the police find themselves called in to deal with disputes within the church. Last month, however, they were. Ben John of Christian Concern, a traditionalist ginger group, issued a 15-minute video attacking the C of E’s 2020 initiative Living in Love and Faith (Living in Love and Faith), a substantial publication whose professed aim is to … [Read on]

Our Universities.The race to the bottom

29th November 2020 25

Until the 1950s, universities tended to be hot on students’ morals, if not excessively so on their scholarship. Little happened to the bone-idle or simply thick, especially if they were personable and good on the sports field or behind an oar; but woe betide the man or woman found illicitly sharing a room at night, or breaking some other moral … [Read on]

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