The Silence of the Prime Minister

15th June 2020 13

In the cellars of Kronborg Castle in Denmark (Hamlet’s castle), there broods the statue of Holger Danske, a mythical Viking figure who will awaken from his slumbers if Denmark is ever threatened. A similar figure is said to exist in England in the form of Weyland Smith, who will arise from his hidden forge with his magical sword if the … [Read on]

‘A snippet of the reality we could have.’ The Guardian

15th June 2020 27

Black Lives Matter and other protestors have created their own police free mini-state in the US. Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, formerly six blocks in the central district of Seattle is now the site of a new socialist Utopia. After nine days of nightly protests and rioting, the East District police quietly boarded up their precinct and left, ceding control to … [Read on]

Editorial Summer Edition The Salisbury Review

14th June 2020 3

In 2012 members of the Rochdale grooming gang were sentenced to be stripped of their British citizenship and deported after they finished their jail terms for raping and pimping young white girls.  That was eight years ago. Three of them who have dual UK Pakistani nationality and lost their appeals against deportation are still here and living back in the … [Read on]

Drinking from bone china while London burns

12th June 2020 62

The Conservative Party and many who vote for them, sit around at home in the Shires or their bungalows in suburbia drinking tea, chatting and saying ‘How awful.’ ‘ Did you see what happened in Bristol and London?’ But they do nothing. When will they realise what is happening and the danger that our country is in? When will the … [Read on]

That Cotton Picking Guardian!

12th June 2020 10

The Manchester Guardian  on the liberator of America’s slaves Abraham Lincoln. “It was an evil day both for America and the world when he was chosen President of the United States” Manchester Guardian, 10th October 1862 On news of his assassination, the Guardian described Lincoln’s Proclamation of Emancipation – the act that declared “all persons held as slaves are, and henceforward shall be free.” as abhorrent … [Read on]

A National Psychosis

12th June 2020 3

The veneration of George Floyd shows how rapidly a supposedly rational and civilised society can degenerate into mass hysteria. As a mental health expert at a London university, I have studied social phenomena and mental health throughout my career, but I never expected to see my country in such danger from a collective psychosis. When reason and feeling for fellow … [Read on]

Race grifters and Poverty Pimps

11th June 2020 15

When looking back on the last twenty years of the United Kingdom’s political history, one can see the rise of a new political doctrine entering the western world. This new force can only be described as the ‘new puritans’. We have seen the rise of this ideology since that of the 1960s, which didn’t become truly evident until Salman Rushdie’s … [Read on]

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