Trump’s Tic: Saying it outloud.

18th July 2019 17

The chorus of outrage grows surrounding Trump’s latest tweets, which suggested that four of his most outspoken critics – all Democratic congresswomen, all women ‘of colour’, and all excepting one born in America – hate America and should ‘go back home’. The four are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is of Puerto Rican descent; Rashida Tlaib, whose parents are Palestinian immigrants; Ilhan … [Read on]

A Christian in the illiberal Lion’s Den

18th July 2019 4

Felix Ngole, a Christian who believes homosexuality to be wrong, was expelled from his social work course at the University of Sheffield for quoting on the net, in his private capacity as a Christian youth leader, the Bible’s teaching on the subject. Over the course of three stressful years, he lost his first appeal to the courts, but was successful … [Read on]

An Ethnic Minority we really do want

18th July 2019 12

I find to my surprise that I am being drawn to Jeremy Hunt in the Tory leadership contest – and even more to his Chinese wife, Lucia. Of course, he has no leadership qualities whatever, no Churchillian spirit or vision, but Hunt’s lack of self-assurance is quite endearing, as is his naïve willingness to answer the questions that are put … [Read on]

Should Enid Blyton be no-platformed ?

11th July 2019 22

Yesterday, I started reading Five Go to Smuggler’s Top, the Enid Blyton classic, to my youngest. He’s not a keen reader and I thought an undemanding ‘Famous Five’ adventure might help him get the bug, as it has done millions of children before him, and as it did for me as a child. I tried out four or five story … [Read on]

The Creeping War on Christian Civilisation

11th July 2019 18

There is a creeping war against everything that symbolises Christianity: attacks on mountain summit crosses, on sacred statues by the wayside, on churches and recently also on cemeteries. That is the conclusion of a comprehensive report by PI-News a German press agency which has gathered its information from scores of Catholic and Protestant churches, their priests and pastors. Many hundreds … [Read on]

Snobs and Proles: Waterstones and Wetherspoon’s

8th July 2019 11

The ‘classless society’ espoused by Tony Blair is a meritocratic fallacy. In my local high street two national chains stand facing each other: Waterstone and Wetherspoon. One sells books and the other sells beer, but there is also a stark contrast in clientele. Wetherspoon provides a cheap and cheerful drinking and dining venue for thrifty commoners; Waterstone aims at readers … [Read on]

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