Are Poldark and Downton Abbey dangerous to Europe’s diversity health?

22nd June 2021 4

According to the Telegraph , popular television serials like The Crown and Poldark could be ‘scythed’ from European TV screens because Brussels regards them as a threat to European ‘cultural diversity’. Telegraph readers are, quite naturally, apoplectic. Well, it is a bit rich for the EU to complain about cultural imperialism since they have been busy deconstructing European civilization in … [Read on]

The Maggot in the Liberal Apple

20th June 2021 6

Can we escape the nightmare of egalitarian liberalism? First published in the Summer 2021 edition of The Salisbury Review Few pastimes are more perversely consoling in an age of civilisational collapse than taking refuge in that notable twentieth-century literary tradition, the depiction of dystopian worlds to come. George Orwell’s (1984) and Aldous Huxley’s (Brave New World) are the most celebrated of … [Read on]

G7 Exorcising the People’s’ Choice, Donald Trump.

14th June 2021 9

G7 was really about about exorcising the people’s choice, Donald Trump. With the nasty, low class Donald removed from the public gaze things will get back to normal. The climate change boondoggle can resume, the murderous clerics in Teheran can carry on building their nuclear bombs, and China will expand its network of concentration camps. Oh, and any taxes on … [Read on]

The Modern West. The Peter Pan who never grew up

9th June 2021 4

Since I am currently living with a friend in the Hungarian countryside, and I had to act the part of an undertaker in a comic-horror film being shot near Budapest, I found myself back in Budapest a few nights in early May staying with a hospitable actress and dancer. She had spent most of her life working in stage musicals, … [Read on]

Northern Ireland: Entry point for the EU trojan horse

8th June 2021 6

Having been a Brexiteer since the late 1960s, when Tony Benn, Peter Shore and Enoch Powell were laying down the patriotic case for opposition to entry into an embryonic country called Europe, I’m all too willing to see the dark hand of the Brussels Empire on any wheeze designed to bring about the destabilization and then disintegration of the United … [Read on]

The Dream of Rome

8th June 2021 7

As the rule of law collapses around us in the West with anonymous accusers behind curtains, the suppression of evidence, political stunt trials and rapacious lawyers, Leonardo Palma examines the Roman Lex, the basis of our civilisation.  A couple of years ago, I was working on my senior thesis at King’s College London. I should have been back in Rome for … [Read on]

Derek Chauvin: Justice and the perp walk

5th June 2021 10

In 1955, Rebecca West published her account of a trial, which she attended, of 31 men, accused of lynching a young black man, called Willie Earle, in Greenville, South Carolina. They had removed him from a gaol, and tortured and beaten him to death. He himself had been accused of killing a white taxi-driver and was awaiting trial. At the … [Read on]

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