The Language Police: Binary Toilets

30th May 2021 3

Chest Feeding, the N Word, trans ( why not vertical gender?), binary toilets: The woke editor that sits on my shoulder as I write.  I must admit, at times, to feeling smug. After all I write frequently about many aspects of our changing world, nearly always with disapproval. I have guffawed at political correctness and taken many opportunities to take a … [Read on]

Covid Enquiry: Government puts out lawyers’ trough

12th May 2021 8

The Bloody Sunday Enquiry cost £68 million in lawyers fees. It went on for 12 years. The Covid 19 enquiry will go on for years, cost more, and by the time it is published, will be less relevant than an enquiry into the average temperature of bathwater in people’s homes. Sir Humphrey was a strong advocate of official enquiries. They … [Read on]

Labour: The Nasty Party

8th May 2021 17

‘Abuse victims should shut their mouths for the good of diversity.’ Anyone remember when Muslim Labour MP, Naz Shah retweeted and ‘liked’ a tweet about girls being raped and groomed by Pakistani grooming gangs?Voters do. Anyone remember when Keir Starmer, Lord Adonis and hundreds of Labour MP’s spent three years using every trick possible trying to overturn Brexit? (A vote … [Read on]

Hull University rejects the laws of physics

22nd April 2021 9

In another bout of the relentless virtue signalling around all things woke, Nos Universitatis Hullensis has declared neutrality in the war against carbon, sort of. In fact, our most recent update from the vice-chancellor declares: ‘our goal to become a carbon-neutral campus by 2027’. There are no physicists or mathematicians at Hull, both subjects having long ago been dispensed with … [Read on]

‘A coalition of minorities that collectively form a majority’

16th April 2021 4

“..The ranks of this new ruling class are refreshed by immigrant academics who come to understand themselves in the way progressivism understands them: as minorities who can also act victim-like if they want—a precious endowment in the cultural academic market. Intersectionality awaits to welcome them and give them a warm hug. They can be treated on principle as black-adjacent. To … [Read on]

Hull University thinks white man’s spelling is elitist and should be abandoned. What about air traffic controllers, pilots and surgeons ?

16th April 2021 12

I have an admission to make. I lecher. This makes me a lecherer after which I was a senior lecherer. What’s more, I lecher at the University of Hull where they made me a Proffesor. So I guess I could not of dun beter. My university, not usually in the headlines for anything, has forced itself there, becoming a national … [Read on]

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