‘Bring out your Dead!’

23rd March 2020 15

Anger is growing at the number of people openly flouting government advice to socially distance, travel only when necessary, and stay at home if possible. Parks, beaches and streets are packed with people out enjoying the sunshine, as if it were a normal bank holiday weekend. Crowds of youngsters were having a great time at my local skateboard park. Until … [Read on]

Covid 19: Youth without the comfort of books

22nd March 2020 14

I have just made the mistake of switching on the radio and finding it tuned into Radio 4’s Any Answers, which consisted of a succession of ‘young people’ anguishing about being sent home from school, cut off from their friends (as if online social networking was not already their prime form of socialising), and deprived of the chance to take … [Read on]

Diary of the Chinese Pestilence

22nd March 2020 0

Day 8.            22nd March 2020             Mother’s Day 5,000 in the UK infected. 233 Dead. Andrew Marr has just said on his BBC 1 programme: ‘The virus isn’t trying to kill us. It is just trying to do what all living things do, reproduce.’ Is that the most relativist comment in the history of the BBC, the apogee of Liberalism?  Good … [Read on]

Journal of the Chinese Pestilence: ‘Racism will vanish once the old people are dead’

22nd March 2020 5

DAY 7           Saturday 21st March 2020 627 die in a single day in Italy, the biggest rise so far, where BC now means before Coronavirus.  UK  177 deaths were reported last night. Pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants have ‘closed indefinitely.’ Even Toni & Guy have put down their scissors. We used to hear about competitive international school league tables, now … [Read on]

A Journal of the Chinese Pest.

20th March 2020 6

‘Passing through Token-House Yard, Lothbury, of a sudden a casement violently opened just over my head and a woman gave three frightful skreetches, and then cry’d, Oh! Death, Death, Death! Which struck me with Horror and a Chilness, in my very Blood.’ Daniel Defoe, A Journal of the Plague Year, 1665. Day One. 16th March 2020 To London at the … [Read on]

Are the Chinese lying as usual ?

20th March 2020 1

The Chinese government, a permanent stranger to the truth, claims the Covid 19 epidemic is over. Does anyone believe this? Is the Chinese government, which began by lying about the outbreak, now lying again? Why are there so few cases in the rest of China compared with Wuhan? What is different about Wuhan? One explanation is that the authorities locked … [Read on]

Britain’s care homes wait for Covid 19

20th March 2020 12

Yesterday, I opened the store cupboard in the carehome where I work to see what remained.  ‘Only four toilet rolls left,’ I report to the other two women on duty. ‘Four toilet rolls for six disabled adults.’ They looked at me blankly. With only a line manager occassionally on site we are used to being left to deal with things ourselves, yet … [Read on]

Covid 19 explained

19th March 2020 7

Most dear, worried friends and colleagues. For those puzzled and fearful about what’s going on, I will explain the government’s policy in precise detail This policy is in two parts, so listen attentively: Part One: Manufacture a crisis Part Two: Mishandle it Subscribe to the quarterly print magazine Subscribe to the quarterly digital magazine

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