Dover Patrol: Giving away your country for free.

14th August 2020 20

In Dover with a camera man to follow the illegal immigrants. The action started even before we arrived. We had taken a detour to Romney Marsh to pick up a local woman who runs a small local coastal defence group tracking all the beach landings, as well as an ex-Home Office official.  Immediately, we saw coast guard trucks and police … [Read on]

BAME is racist. I’m just British.

11th August 2020 22

Growing up, I was always labelled ‘half-caste’. These days that’s seen as offensive, with supposed connotations of impurity along the lines of a muggle-blood from Harry Potter. After that, ‘mixed-race’ became the in-term, this too suggests that one doesn’t belong to a race but is a mixture of multiple. ‘Coloured’ was the all-encompassing word for non-whites, which once it became … [Read on]

Lebanon: Who lit a cigarette near the ammonium nitrite ?

10th August 2020 0

On Wednesday August 4th a large amount of ammonium nitrite fertilizer exploded in Beirut near the centre of the city, killing around a hundred people and wounding thousands. In a warehouse in the harbour area about three thousand tons of the material blew up, comparable to the two largest ever man-made (non-nuclear) explosions, 1917 at Oppau in Germany and at … [Read on]

Carl Benjamin (Sargon) Deport the Rochdale Three.

6th August 2020 10

With millions of followers online, Sargon (Carl Benjamin) asks why, despite three Rochdale Rapists being sentenced in 2012 to be deported, and calls by the Home Secretary and the local MP for this to be done; immigration, police and local officials still refuse to deport them.

Chiswick Takes the Knee

5th August 2020 17

Robert Oulds and Niall McCrae are joint authors of this blog and Moralitis: a Cultural Virus (Bruges Group, 2020).  On a sunny Saturday morning, the queue outside Waitrose on the main thoroughfare in Chiswick basked in a glow of self-satisfaction. Dozens of casually-dressed, trendy urbanites displayed their social justice credentials by ‘taking the knee’, a ritual show of support for … [Read on]

Was Bilbo Baggins Transgender ?

5th August 2020 10

When I heard that people were burning J K Rowling’s books I was delighted and wondered if and where I could join in. At last, I thought, the people of Britain had come to their senses and seen through this derivative, convoluted and pagan nonsense, but then… apparently the books were being burned in protest against her. Now I was … [Read on]

Sheffield Cathedral tries to achieve zero congregation status.

31st July 2020 13

Sheffield Cathedral is to get rid of its choir because, as Deputy Dean Canon Peter Farrow complains, it does not engage with “Sheffield’s mixed urban community.” But the cathedral’s worshippers will not be left comfortless, for new singing groups will be brought in to make “significant change for engagement, inclusion and diversity.” Well, Canon Farrow and his fellow musical-spiritual iconoclasts … [Read on]

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