Hong Kong. Where tear gas and rubber bullets failed, Covid 19 has succeeded.

9th March 2020 0

Hong Kong is now silent – Corona 19  has achieved what the Hong Kong police together with People’s Liberation Army massed on the border, could not.  Face masks have replaced masked vigilantes hurling Molotov cocktails. Weeks of rioting, blazing bonfires, thick tear gas and the screams of bloodied civilians are no more.   During the riots, 7,300 people were arrested and 2,600 injured. … [Read on]

Covid 19. Should we flee into the mountains?

9th March 2020 10

We now know the basics about Covid 19. If it behaves as it did in China, it will burn through the population in three months, vaccinating 80% as it goes. Unless it mutates, once you catch this strain of the virus you cannot be infected with it again. A greater proportion of older people with serious conditions will die, ordinary … [Read on]

Bring out your dead

9th March 2020 2

In church this morning, looking around at the frail and elderly in the congregation, who inevitably make up the majority, I wondered how many would survive the coronavirus epidemic soon to be upon us. Sadly, refraining from dipping their wafer in the communion wine (as advised by the Church of England) is unlikely to save them. Naturally, one wonders whether … [Read on]

Meghan: the woke princess and the pea under the bed

5th March 2020 16

Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry, an 1960’s American rhythm and blues singer, (Born 1932 – present) sings a beautiful love song entitled, ‘I don’t know why I love you but I do’ The song, on Youtube, is both touching and cheerful but that is not just what makes the video special. Clarence has an infectiously happy, friendly face, jolly and overflowing with … [Read on]

Third Heathrow Runway: Concreting over the countryside.

28th February 2020 12

The Telegraph is getting worked up about the vetoing of Heathrow expansion by the Court of Appeal. Why, they wonder, should a small number of climate activists get in the way of our national economic needs – in other words, the needs of globetrotting business executives and tourists? But it’s not only climate activists, along with anyone who attributes global … [Read on]

Out into the electoral wilderness: Labour pens a fresh suicide note

26th February 2020 6

In perhaps the most embarrassing display of virtue-signalling ever seen in the Palace of Westminster, five newly-elected Labour MPs waved transgender flags, made with marker pens on sheets of A4 lifted from the printer tray. Posting the video on Twitter, this woke quintet probably expected accolades, but apart from a few gender-fluidity fanatics like Owen Jones, the reaction was scathing. … [Read on]

Wham bam thank you Ma’am!

25th February 2020 7

I am sitting in a bar. Shiny copper spotlights adorn the ceiling, tan oak wood covers the floor, and the whole place is lit in a dark yellowish hue, giving it a swanky feel. I glance back and forth at the glass doors in front of me. Tiny bubbles rapidly rise to the top of my pint. A sign of … [Read on]

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