M’Lords swallow the blue pill

17th September 2021 8

Legal cases rarely make for very exciting reading. The Court of Appeal’s decision today, that the High Court should not have made a declaration about the limited powers of comparatively young teenagers to consent to potentially drastic gender reassignment at the Tavistock Clinic, is no exception. Unless you suffer from serious insomnia, it is not recommended entertainment (if you are … [Read on]

History is more bunk than ever

10th September 2021 9

An eight-part drama about the Nuremberg Trials has started on Radio 4. Rhian Roberts, a BBC Commissioning Editor said it was, ‘Designed to present phenomenal moments of history in a compelling style so we can all continue to understand how our world was shaped by them.’ What we got was inexplicable; no Lord Shawcross, Britain’s lead prosecutor, whose opening speech, … [Read on]

Migration Watch Blog 27.8.21

10th September 2021 4

Read these terrifying figures posted by Migration Watch today (link ) consequent on the government’s active encouragement of mass immigration. When will Priti Patel resign? ‘Around six in ten (62%) of the nine million or so foreign-born population were born outside the EU; nearly four in ten (38%) were born in the EU, according to recent estimates Since 2001/2 the Eastern … [Read on]

Editorial (5th September 2021 Winter Edition)

6th September 2021 2

One morning in late October a large cruise ship flying the Panamanian flag anchors off Ramsgate. Customs, who have been watching her for some time as she made her way up the English Channel, send a cutter. Its crew report that the name of the ship is Windrush 2, with five thousand asylum seekers on board, all claiming asylum. Her … [Read on]

“Afghanistan — where empires go to die.”

5th September 2021 8

Extract in this week’s Salisbury Review..…….Instead we should concentrate on what must be to western eyes the incomprehensible philosophical differences between two groups of middle class, reasonably prosperous, young urban Afghan women who outwardly look the same but think so differently that they end up having nothing in common and would probably kill each other for their respective beliefs. Twenty … [Read on]

The show is not over until the fat lady stops singing due to diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

31st August 2021 6

My holiday on the south coast was rather dismal, not just for the expensive, poor-quality food and accommodation and the rain, but the sight of morbidly obese young women clad in floral leggings. It was like visiting Willendorf-on-Sea. A backside the size of Sussex is obviously no embarrassment anymore, even something to flaunt, and it seems that we are being … [Read on]

Afghanistan: Boris the weak and Biden the Senile

23rd August 2021 16

We hear from our political leaders that the British and Americans were taken by surprise by the advance of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the sudden and complete collapse of the Afghan forces, and by the Taliban’s surrounding of the airport at Kabul, where chaotic and tragic scenes are now unfolding. Apparently, our 20 years of first-hand involvement in the country … [Read on]

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