BLM is a white middle class thing.

8th June 2020 25

“Blackness is a religion”, a girl screamed as hard as her lungs would allow. The surrounding crowd erupted, “Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter!” . So deep and meaty was the war-cry that the resurrection of Leonidas and his mighty three hundred was all but confirmed. Except, the citizenry attending this Black Lives Matter protest didn’t look all like the … [Read on]

Elderly and frail white lives don’t matter?

7th June 2020 15

The Evil Adviser, the Murderous Police and the Righteous Rioters The BBC, ITV, SKY and most of the newspapers roundly condemned Dominic Cummings and called for him to be sacked because he had – “perhaps,” according to the police –  committed a mild offence by going on an errand of mercy for the sake of his sick son. The media, in … [Read on]

White lives matter

7th June 2020 12

I confess I had some sympathy for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests – the peaceful ones – until I tuned into the evening phone-in on the radio and was subjected to a succession of young white liberals expressing their guilt at ‘white privilege’, their own unconscious racism and microaggressions, and the normally level-headed presenter, terrified of causing offence or committing … [Read on]

My kingdom, my kingdom for a pair of trainers.

5th June 2020 13

Notice the impoverished state of the rioters; their skeletal appearance due to lack of food… so poor they have been forced to come in large and expensive cars to prevent their skins, made frail by lack of essential vitamins in thier diet, from bruising… Subscribe to the quarterly print magazine Subscribe to the quarterly digital magazine


5th June 2020 42

Black people living in the United States – just as here at home – are seen for what they should always have been seen; equals; with equal opportunities, equal access to health care, to education, to employment, to the pursuit of leading a comfortable, content life in a modern civilized society. Our individual problems do not reflect the colour of … [Read on]

How Lyndon Johnson’s positive discrimination enslaved America’s blacks

3rd June 2020 6

“As one of my intellectual heroes, the great black American economist Thomas Sowell, has been pointing out for decades, the lives of American  blacks were improving in every single measurable way before President Lyndon Johnson decided to create The Great Society by introducing positive discrimination, forming government agencies to deal with “the black problem” and power-hosing billions of dollars at black communities. The result? In … [Read on]

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