The liberal left has weakened us so much we are forced to take lessons from a dictator who launched a poisoned gas attack on Britain.

2nd July 2019 10

Nationalist strongman Vladimir Putin meets Lionel Barbour editor of the liberal globalist Financial Times. And as the venue is the heavily fortified palace of the Kremlin, Mr Barber is on his best behaviour: no interrupting or haranguing his host for his notorious breaches of the international rules-based order. ‘The liberal idea has become obsolete’ ran the subsequent FT headline, with … [Read on]

Trump raises America’s living standards, and the left hate him for it.

2nd July 2019 5

Why don’t they – I mean The Guardian, The Times, The Independent and the BBC – like Donald Trump? Rather, I mean why do they hate, detest, loathe and despise him so vehemently? There is only one reason for this: because Trump stands for everything they hate and he hates everything they stand for. Among the latter, we might mention welfarism, high taxes, regulations, constant … [Read on]

The left demands censorship of all white male writing ?

29th June 2019 16

It’s obvious; sexual identity is part of the fatal flaw of sexuality, at least according to Jean Paul Sartre. However, it maybe not so much sexual identity that’s part of the flaw but rather the genre and social structure imposed on it by the patriarchy, a.k.a white supremacy. No idea? Neither have I but its fun looking up the ‘Postmodern … [Read on]

They want to replace Mozart with rap in schools

27th June 2019 25

A national charity named ‘Youth Music’ has just published a report funded by Birmingham City University, calling on the government to ‘shake-up’ the music curriculum by teaching hip-hop and grime. While Youth Music kindly say they don’t want Stormzy to replace Mozart entirely, we all know there is finite room in the curriculum, and every addition means a subtraction somewhere. … [Read on]

For he is an Englishman?

24th June 2019 4

The spectacle of all five candidates for the Tory leadership pandering to an Imam who invited them to condemn ‘Islamophobic rhetoric’ in last week’s television debate was disgusting – and that was one’s reaction even before the Imam concerned was revealed to be an anti-Semitic bigot.  They were falling over themselves to demonstrate their respect for Islam, their appreciation of … [Read on]

Something of the night about Brexit?

21st June 2019 18

Picture -Berlin 1924 In der Volksküche by Otto Nagel | It’s the 30th of January, 1933, somewhere in a nice suburb of Berlin. I know that the other ladies, sharing tea and cakes with me are voting for Ernst Thalman, the handsome leader of the German communists. I am voting for Hitler. This is because Thalman’s party, which I once … [Read on]

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