Zooming toward the crematorium

3rd June 2020 3

At the end of last month, a Sky News report gave a stark insight into a profound sense of isolation our elders have been hit by during lockdown. A study showed that almost nine out of ten older people say their ‘social contact has reduced significantly during the pandemic’.  Another lady told the channel that, still being forced to stay … [Read on]

The Met crawls up the backside of the left

1st June 2020 14

On Saturday, a small number of harmless (if somewhat eccentric) protesters gathered at Speakers’ Corner. Under the Coronavirus Act and Guidelines demonstrations are not essential activities and are thus banned, so even at this symbolic site of British liberties, you cannot protest against lockdown, because of lockdown. One of us went to Hyde Park and observed the overzealous policing. Various … [Read on]

Hyde Park Corner gagged

30th May 2020 14

This afternoon at least three free speech demonstrators were arrested on Hyde Park Corner for allegedly breaking lockdown. One was Piers Corbyn, brother of the failed Soviet Dictator of England. (Piers does not share his tattered brother’s views). If he did he probably wouldn’t have been arrested. The main social media platforms instantly took down a great deal of the … [Read on]

They want Cummings out so Britain can return to the EU.

25th May 2020 25

‘How much has Cummings got on you, Boris Johnson?” Piers Morgan tweeted in one of his many rants demanding Dominic Cummings, the VoteLeave mastermind’s dismissal, ‘What does this lying hypocrite know that means you’re prepared to risk the public’s health and lives?’ Yet where was moaning Morgan’s anger over Stephen Kinnock’s brazen flouting of the same rules in taking a … [Read on]

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