Archbishop Pokemon of Lambeth.

3rd August 2016 5

Is there no wheeze the Church of England won’t try, no stunt it will decline, no straw it won’t clutch at to halt the precipitous and catastrophic decline in its congregations? Sunday attendance has halved since 1970. Of course, these shocking figures are relentlessly massaged by the boys and girls in C. of. E. PR and Marketing PLC. The “overall” … [Read on]

Mark Griffith; Retail is Detail

2nd August 2016 2

One of the shabby charms of the post-communist East Bloc in the 1990s was the slapdash enthusiasm with which citizens of the newly freed ex-Soviet satellites took to private enterprise. In Russia itself, violent business oligarchs from a class of communist apparatchiks with secret-police connections grabbed the limelight, helping a few of state socialism’s bureaucrat-criminals become startlingly wealthy. However, Russia’s … [Read on]

Instant Jihadism; The MacMartyrs

1st August 2016 2

An article in Le Monde draws attention to the intellectual nullity of the ideas behind the terrorist attacks in France. It is now as if a whole society is being held to ransom or dominated by its worst and most stupid members. This is in stark contrast to the intelligence that is expended on trying to understand the stupid. To … [Read on]

Peter Mullen; Mother Theresa Mark II

1st August 2016 1

Our saintly new prime minster has promised to end slavery and trafficking not only in Britain but she has set up a fund – personally to be paid for by the taxpayer – to combat this evil in “the developing nations.” But this will be only the start of her plan to abolish everywhere all those things which are “not … [Read on]

This Love Will Tear Us Apart – How the EU Resurrected Nazism

27th July 2016 3

Today, a left-wing friend remembered me saying something six years ago. That I’d warned him the European Union was reviving xenophobic nationalism across the Continent. I had, my leftie friend said thoughtfully, called that one correctly. Along with other better-qualified people like Bernard Connolly, I was already prophesying this back in the 1990s. I recall late in that decade struggling … [Read on]

Why Nice ? What if they get the bomb ?

17th July 2016 1

 ‘Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain: a promise binding on Him in truth’ (Qur’an 9:111) Robert Spencer The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam

Theresa May; The referendum that never was.

16th July 2016 2

In one of the first acts in her political career last Friday Theresa May met Nicola Sturgeon to devise a way in which, some are beginning to think, both Scotland and England can stay in the EU; Scotland without having another referendum on Scottish Independence, England without a parliamentary debate or a second referendum. Although Mrs May intends to keep the … [Read on]

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