Theodore Dalrymple; Sacks of Gold in Brussels.

13th July 2016 1

If I were a novelist, I should take José Manuel Barroso as the model for my hero, or perhaps I should say my anti-hero. Only Stendhal, or perhaps Balzac, could do justice to his trajectory in life: from revolutionary Maoist student to Prime Minister of Portugal to chief apparatchik of the European Union to vice-president of Goldman-Sachs with special responsibility … [Read on]

Theodore Dalrymple. Multiple Personality Disorder; How many passports do you need ?

4th July 2016 1

The Canadian government, I see, is thinking of issuing sex-neutral identity cards, presumably on the grounds that some people have not yet chosen the sex they want to be. This, of course, is not going nearly far enough. Has the reactionary and highly oppressive Canadian government never heard of Multiple Personality Disorder, now called Dissociative Identity Disorder in the fifth … [Read on]

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