Brexin. Vote until you get it left

25th June 2016 0

Over a million and a half signatures have been gathered asking for the EU Referendum to be voted on again. Complainants say that the margin of the Leave side’s victory of less than 20% was too small in a turnout of 75% to properly represent public opinion. Solution: At birth everybody would be given a social security card containing a voting licence. Guidelines on how to vote would … [Read on]

Volunteer Web Developer

25th June 2016 0

The Salisbury Review is in urgent need of a web developer to assist our advertising. Pay nominal, political reward, immense.

Education,’The kids are alright… aren’t they?’

25th June 2016 3

On June 17th Tate Modern at Bankside, London, opened a new building to further transform Gilbert Scott’s power station. Its publicity says it  ‘dazzling new galleries, the return of subterranean Tanks,’ and most importantly, ‘welcoming public spaces.’ As opposed to those older galleries where the public were menaced and scorned if they tried to enter. [pullquote]Corruption in our art schools … [Read on]

Brexit; Independence Day. Still wondering how to vote?

22nd June 2016 0

[pullquote]Editor. Salisbury Review. Despite Brussels’ protestations that the EU Referendum is a once-only offer, without Britain the EU cannot survive. If Britain votes by a narrow margin to leave Brussels will be forced to ask us to reconsider.  The danger is that David (double-talk) Cameron will remain PM by offering to negotiate a ‘better’ deal.  There will be a leadership contest which, hopefully, Boris Johnson wins.[/pullquote] Boris Johnson’s speech … [Read on]

Brexit; Turkish Delight

22nd June 2016 1

Source;  Vote leave Take Control. David Cameron strongly supports Turkish accession. In 2010, Cameron said he was ‘angry’ at the slow pace of Turkish accession, that he was the ‘strongest possible advocate for EU membership’ for Turkey, and that ‘I want us to pave the road from Ankara to Brussels’ (Prime Minister’s Office, 27 July 2010, link). In 2014, he said that: ‘In … [Read on]

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