Theodore Dalrymple; Europhobia

10th November 2016 2

As every foreign correspondent knows, taxi drivers are the font of all information – and of wisdom too. My driver from the airport to the centre of Paris was from Guinea and he was starting a business in Senegal: a chicken farm to supply a grocery and a restaurant that he wold also own. He showed me a picture on … [Read on]

Theodore Dalrymple; Who is my neighbour?

10th November 2016 3

There is a difference between fairness and justice, though many do not make the distinction. A just world (more or less) is perhaps possible; a fair world is not. I was recently in a car on my way to Sao Paulo airport. You have to leave a wide margin of time to get there because it can take three hours … [Read on]

Canada abandons Free Speech

9th November 2016 6

The Canadian legislature is to make it an criminal offence to discriminate against transgender people and other people of differing sexual orientation, such as lesbian, trans, questioning etc. The question has been raised among academics whether using  the pronouns ‘he’, ‘she’ etc if the person does not wish it is discriminatory under provincial law. Citizens are advised to keep the new pronouns – up to 27 categories … [Read on]

The Supreme Court; Whigs in Wigs

7th November 2016 7

Picture ( Hamburg Parliament delegate announces the end of the nation state) Just what authority do these superannuated pseudo-patricians on the Supreme Court think entitles them to subvert the will of the people? These Whigs in wigs are nothing but a sinecures metropolitan elite; conscienceless men who presume to set themselves up as guardians of the nation’s conscience. In the … [Read on]

Peter Mullen; Is the Catholic Truth Society now the Catholic Feelings Society?

25th October 2016 7

There is a certain irony about so called Liberal Catholics’ impatience with the liberal Pope Francis (Magazine 21 Oct). They complain that the Pope’s reform programme is “rapidly becoming overdue.” In the 19th century, John Henry Newman predicted that the emerging choice for Christians in Europe would be between “liberalism and its antidote Catholicism.”  He stressed repeatedly that liberalism is … [Read on]

Heathrow; The graveyard of the May administration?

25th October 2016 7

Mrs May’s decision to allow the building of a third runway at Heathrow may prove fatal to her administration. Her government is weak by constantly attempting to be all things to all men, and this decision shows how much she in thrall to powerful business lobbies. We do not want, as Boris Johnson put it so aptly today, ‘London to be ‘a city of planes’ just as New York is a city of … [Read on]

Sir Philip Green sans Knighthood?

20th October 2016 4

The House of Commons wants to strip Sir Philip Green of his knighthood because it alleges that he is a spiv. I am perfectly prepared to believe that he is a spiv, though I cannot claim to have followed his career closely. At the very least he seems to be a man given to vulgar show. A spiv is a … [Read on]

Inconvenient History; The Barbary Coast Muslim slave trade and the founding of the US Marine Corps

18th October 2016 9

Editors Note. There is a 30 second delay in the start of the video below – worth waiting for. Published on 4 Feb 2016 Ohio State University history Professor Robert Davis describes the White Slave Trade as minimized by most modern historians in his book Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast and Italy, 1500–1800 (Palgrave … [Read on]

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