The Islamist beheadings: How long before the head count in the west is like the picture?

Two days ago, in the town of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine on the outskirts of Paris, a 47-year old French teacher of the humanities, Samuel Paty, was decapitated in the street by an Islamist for having dared show his pupils cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed as part of a course on freedom of expression. It is no exaggeration to say that France is in a state of shock. Mass demonstrations are planned, the usual flowers and candles are being brandished, politicians are expressing outrage, and teachers are carrying placards declaring ‘Je suis enseignant’ in solidarity. We have seen it all before with Charlie Hebdo, except that this time it seems that teachers are on the front line. 

The politicians’ expressions of outrage are welcome so far as they go. Macron has declared that Samuel Paty died in defence of freedom of expression, and that the values of the Republic are under threat. Blanquet, the Minister of Education, has declared that all teachers should be able to show their pupils these cartoons. But whether any teachers will choose to risk their lives doing so in class is another matter. Whether Macron and the French Republic will review its support for continued mass immigration and open borders, along with the dream of a multicultural society, is also another matter. 

Five years ago, Western leaders including Cameron converged on Paris to pronounce ‘Je suis Charlie’ in solidarity with the murdered cartoonists, and then scuttled home to redouble their efforts to stifle free speech and criticism of ‘multiculturalism’ by declaring anyone who causes offence to protected minorities a ‘hate’ criminal, and anyone who offends Muslims an ‘Islamophobe’. No-one in the media dared publish the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, not only for fear of being murdered, but also for committing a hate crime. So much for freedom of speech. 

Yet one senses that this time something more is in the air, that people recognize there is more at stake. Only one teacher killed – so far – but the monstrous irony that he was teaching his pupils a course in freedom of expression cannot be lost even on the liberal at heart.  

In a powerful editorial in the Figaro this morning, Vincent Trémolet de Villers has voiced what millions of French must be thinking: ‘After the soldier, the Jew, the cartoonist, the journalist, the cop, the priest, the teacher is now the target of the barbarians. The goal is clear: make it impossible, by murder, to criticise Islam.’ He castigates the political class whose past response has been to ‘track down “hate speech” from the depths of a guilt-ridden France’, and ends: ‘Yesterday our country was struck in the heart. A teacher died of teaching freedom. When are we finally going to wake up?’

But it is philosopher and scourge of multiculturalism Pascal Bruckner who has caught the mood of readers with this suggestion as to how the nation should respond to the Islamists’ macabre warning to all teachers that they must ‘be silent or perish’. He has in mind something other than flowers, candles, and minutes of silence: ‘The whole nation must join in an act of daring: we must immediately reproduce on a massive scale all the caricatures of Charlie, display them on all our walls, and silence the murderers. They can kill one person,but they cannot kill us all.’

We shall see if the Figaro, France’s conservative standard, takes the lead on Mondaymorning.

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26 Comments on The Islamist beheadings: How long before the head count in the west is like the picture?

  1. Dear David.

    Fascism is now often used as a ‘generic’ catch-all slur against conservative policies that oppose the liberal-left but denotes distinctly a party formed by Benito Mussolini. Mussolini and his Fascists were tyrants but had none of the murderous race/class hatred of the Nazis and Stalinist communists who murdered millions of their own countrymen and political opponents. Apart from locking up his political opponents, Mussolini’s political doctrine can be seen thriving today where political opponents are not imprisoned but ‘harmlessly’ silenced.

  2. Dear David Ashton. Yes, and in post-war United States. The danger with such a policy is when coercion leads, through ‘mission creep’, to compulsion as in Nazi Germany. Before the dramatic exponential improvement in medical science after WWII, natural selection favouring the educated and financially secure worked reasonably well with the less endowed toiling away in factories, domestic service, or farms with many of their offspring dying before adulthood or of an early death. The welfare state and widening of the concept of medical care has provided conservation and propagation of those who would have dwindled naturally and so creating a whole new dilemma for society.

  3. Appeasement. NOW where has folks been horrified in hearing that word from sevenity odd years ago, leading up to the Second World WAR hmmm?
    Does that tell you something of US now, these days?

  4. It crosses my mind, when you invariably listen/ read the media, let along the government, running through ALL aspects of society as we know today, the so-called ethnic minorities hold a zillion and one jobs, that the British white Anglo Saxon USE to hold. Now WHAT does that tell you huh?
    As with the EU and the gross amount of Europhiles that hold positions of leverage in Britain, surely it is time somehow or rather, putting them, and the ethic minorities out of jobs THEY seem to think belongs to them! Biggest problem is, how the devil in those that Lord it over us, re: Boris and his cronies, to DO actually want you want eh? Answers on a postcard!

    • Hello Robert,

      I do not understand what you are actually asking at the end of your comment.

      But to respond to the first part of your comment, I say this:

      When examining who does what jobs, it is useful/essential to distinguish what is required to do the job-

      -in terms of type of raw technical talent, education/training, specific knowledge and know-how, motivation, self-sufficiency, communication skills, supervisory capacities, and conceptual thinking.

      The greater the skill/achievement levels required across these and other fields, the fewer the available persons suited to the job.

      The exception is when affirmative action is deployed in the neo-marxist pursuit of “equality” and “fairness”.

      Now, an effective economy maximises the allocation of high-skill persons to key high-paying jobs in business systems that are designed, funded and managed to produce high-value products/services that serve the needs of, and can be paid for within, the home country, and/or which can be sold at high margins to customers in other countries, thereby earning foreign cash or credits that can be used to buy foreign products/services that cannot be made at home.

      This leaves the matter of what to do with low-skill people.

      In much of the West, there are many jobs that not only require low-skilled people, they are jobs that the home-folk will not do because it is far more pleasant for them to use free money-

      -money that has been extracted by the government from high-skill wage earners and investors in the high-margin enterprises mentioned above.

      And so, governments import low-skill people from other precincts.

      Just that, many of these imported people also prefer to use the free money transferred to them from the high-level producers in their host country.

      Of course, what we see is that Western governments also import plenty of low-skill people just because the naive idealists and the marxist power-mongers demand that they do.

      This makes naive idealists feel very self-righteous at no material cost to themselves.

      And, it is a clear advantage to marxist power-mongering politicians to demand the entry of vast numbers of denizens who in future will vote for marxist-inspired governments that re-distribute to their non-productive voters wealth that they confiscate from high-producing folk.

      Perhaps this explanation does not provide an answer to your equation which I could discern.

      Please say.

      All best, Harry.

  5. Dear Harry.

    I endorse much of what you say especially the loss of our liberties caused by Muslim crime (aka ‘terrorism’) and asian/black crime which, due to the resolute unwillingness of politicians to acknowledge the root cause and P.C. now meaning something quite different to the police has lead to the indigenous populations suffering ever-increasing ‘security measures’ for their failures. The freedom-crushing security in every public place has curtailed the liberties we once took for granted 50 years ago before the infiltration of Marxists to gain power and is it any wonder that the English have become not only passive to unreasonable ‘authority’ but often its lackeys. France allows me – even as a non-resident – to own (mostly pistols and revolvers) and shoot them at a target range club. Twenty years ago it was a happy band and run by enthusiasts who could shoot their guns at the unattended stands and we could come and go as we pleased but, on joining, we all took a written test on the safe handling of firearms and were drilled in the practice of safety which we all observed. The custom was for members to occasionally contribute a bottle of scotch or pastis for those of us who stayed to the end of the session to share with others in a glass at the club counter before driving home – such happy times. A few years on and, bit-by-bit, ‘security’ crept in culminating now where a member must lodge his licence de tir at the counter for an electronic key to enter and a designated ‘official’ must be present at the stand. And, now, CCTV has been installed to monitor those at the stand. Gone is the club atmosphere and is now a cold activity of shooting at your target and going home. In the twenty years that I have been a member, no incident of crime, misconduct, accident, or any other reason to change has occurred. The ‘security’ imposed upon us is from a fearful government, or most likely, unaccountable and insulated bureaucrats in Brussels busily contriving new ways to rob us of liberty for their own policy failures.

    • Dear Derek,

      Yes, you provide graphic and telling images of the ever-increasing restrictions on our liberties and the driving out of personal responsibility-

      -and the associated ending of the simple pleasures of the companionship of fellows.

      To this, we have come.

      I wish you well Derek -Harry.

  6. Can the various Muslim groups living in the West, in aggregate, ever become nett contributors to Western Civ, its economy, and a peaceful civil order?

    Obviously not -refer to the texts of Islam and the utterances and non-utterances of Muslim spokespersons and figureheads.

    Can the various black groups living in the West, ever become nett contributors to Western Civ, its economy and a peaceful civil order?

    Erm, no -no evidence that that could ever eventuate.

    Why does the vast majority of Western “leaders” insist otherwise?

    Several reasons, all bound up with the impossible costs involved in saving Western Civ from Muslim groups and black groups, given the already large and fast-growing sizes of such groups and the scale of violence that is ever-threatening.

    No Exit.

    Just on-going talk, talk, talk -and the destruction of white lives, white livelihoods, and white freedoms.

  7. What I see in history, and in my living memory, is this:

    When the 0.01% of people with the intellectually most-able and practical/pragmatic minds cease their efforts to educate and otherwise lead the next 1.0 % who in turn cease to educate/lead the next 10%, and so on, a society, anywhere on the Open to Closed continuum, will fail.

    And under these conditions, the Open Society will fail faster than the Closed Tyranny.

    Reasons obvious.

  8. The deal is this:

    White Westerners must appease and then actually surrender all their wealth, including their freedoms, to Muslims.

    Otherwise, whites will die.

    This is clear.

    Meanwhile, blacks will continue with criminal/violent acts at rates that far, far exceed criminal and violence perpetrated by whites.

    Blacks must also be appeased, and have vast sums of money transferred to them.

    And Chinese agents are fast infiltrating the institutions of the West.

    That’s the deal.

    • You forgot our demographic replacement, engineered politically, deliberately and with dissent silenced by state violence.

      • It is the fate of democracies to be taken over by dark, anti-democratic forces from the inside and/or arriving from outside-

        -if the number of responsible citizens who spend their own time and own money actively fighting for the quality and security of the civil order falls below critical mass.

        This has been understood and noted since the earliest trials of democratic forms at Athens more than 2,500 years ago.

        We have also seen several benign monarchy-style orders fail when wide-spread affluence and ease were provided to the folk, and the pursuit of leisure and pleasure became the norm.

        And here we are today, fast falling into The Very Dark Abyss.

  9. Dear Harry.

    The working class in England has always been despised by the elites of the left and the right. The Fabianists and Bloomsbury socialists applauded Stalin’s ‘heroic’ efforts to make socialism work and turned a blind eye to the millions who were enslaved and murdered in his name. Up until 1940, they had to embrace the Nazis too due to the Ribbentrop/Molotov treaty and even admired their ‘social advances’ in eugenics. At least you knew where you stood with Tories – or you did – and even Attlee’s old Labour – before ‘educated’ Marxists took over – who at least declared love for their country and were prepared to die for it. All that ended in 1945 of course.

    • Dear Derek,

      Yes, true as you say.

      Meanwhile, I’m interested by the large-scale street protests now in Thailand.

      The plain folk there are criticising not only the Prime Minister but also the King -for which a person can go to prison for 15 years.

      And I hear that Thai prisons are not the pleasure-camps as provided on these shores.

      Some people got guts -even or especially in the face of inevitable defeat.

    • Eugenics: encouraging talented and creative people to have more children, discouraging people from conceiving children with severe hereditary disabities. Supported even after WW2 by people across the political and religious spectrum, from W S Churchill to J B S Haldane. See my articles in the Salisbury Review and Quarterly Review archives.

      Leftwing seduction by Marxism, Sovietism, Maoism, Castroism, Postmodernism, Wokism – a separate matter. Readers may care to join me in writing to “Philosophy Now” against its jejune Marx tribute and its Zizekbabble.

  10. Consider the massive scale of tax-payers’ money that is poured into Muslim and black groups.

    Then consider the utter neglect of white working-class boys -as described by Prof Matthew Goodwin in today’s Daily Mail.

    I ask you.

    • White English young people are not among the “protected” groups listed as follow-up of the “Equality” Act. Unlike BAME & LGBT+ groups it is illegal to specify direct aid exclusively to children whose ancestors were native to this northern island. And besides it is still Black “History” Month. Matthew Goodwin refers to white males “rebelling against the status quo” – they need guidance, education and discipline to turn this resistance into a constructive national movement. The EDL example of a gang of drunken yobs careering round the streets with a Sikh carrying the Israel flag will not meet the requirements.

  11. Over the years, my wife who is a French national, and I have discussions of what happened at the magazine, and yesterday’s barbaric beheading of course.
    My wife is inclined to say, condemnation of the Muslim ‘ways’ is/has, been thrown far to far into the Muslim court, as it were!
    In this I contest. For many years, Christianity has been ‘poked’ fun at, ridiculed in every possibly way. One could say, NOT all by Muslims either eh?
    Now, if you raise you head above the parapet in protest, you get told you are a racist, and much, much worse no?
    The media, bedwetter political parties, liberal lilly white do-gooder brigades, which includes the churches, can condemn until the cows come home but, it will not make one iota of difference. Why? Because the gates of Europe, thanks to THOSE lot mentioned, have been opened for many years now.

  12. As a story it will be rapidly dropped by the BBC, who are far keener to promote further societal atomisation through “Black History Month”, or as it might be more accurately known “poking blameless white people in the eye with a sharpened stick, month”.
    The people who are in charge of our country, and indeed most western countries, hate us, the indigenous folk.
    They hate us for belonging, they hate us for believing in something other then globalism, and corporatism. They have never relented in their long path to replace democracy with technocracy. They don’t even bother hiding their long term aims. As far as they are concerned Islamism is a useful distraction, as is global warming, and the Chinese created virus.

    • Dear Raven.

      I read the article on Klaus Schwab that makes for chilling reading. As stated, Fascism today bears no physical resemblance to the Fascism of the 1930s but has the same basic aim to regulate and enslave whole populations and, as Marxists claimed, to make ‘new man’. China, surely, can no longer be termed as a communist tyranny but has morphed into hard-line neo-fascism. The E.U. is Europe’s neo-Fascist project but recoils with fury at any such accusation. Given the indications of direction that America is pursuing, it too could become a fascist power and not of Donald Trumps making. The rubber truncheons and concentration camps of old Fascism are now redundant and obsolete with more subtle forms available to subdue or ‘cancel’ dissenters. However, the closing sentiment that the majority cannot be dominated forever by just 1% of the elites is not convincing and I’m reminded of Obrien’s promise to Winston Smith in the Ministry of Love: ‘Imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever’ and technology can provide an irrepressible boot.

      • Let us get our terms straight first of all.
        Pre-WW2 “fascism” was a general term for national movements in Europe that opposed both communism and global free trade. The violence before and after coming to power was wrong but minimal compared to contemporary communist violence.

  13. It’s time for the west to wake up and realise that Islam is not and never will be a benign influence and that there will always be an element who will murder to hurry along that which ‘moderate’ Islam desires – cultural domination. Nature abhors a vacuum and Marxist secularism is a vacuum waiting to be filled with Islam eager to fill it.

  14. France in a state of shock?

    Well, that’s public France.

    Privately, The Good French are saying how all very expected this sort of thing is, and are developing methods for protecting themselves in the near term, and putting in place a strategy for eliminating the underlying causes of the bigger catastrophe.

    They know it’ll be a long and hard job, but so’s everything worth living for.

    Just like in England eh.

    And all across the West.